Chapter 4565: Breaking the Formation! (Teaser)

Chapter 4565: Breaking the Formation!

After Chu Feng entered the mouth of the ice dragon, he found himself transported into another new world.

It was yet another massive world filled with dark void. Due to its emptiness, Chu Feng was able to immediately spot the presence of the spirit formation gate at the opposite end of the world.

Chu Feng’s instincts told him that he could leave this world as long as he could reach the spirit formation gate.

Was this the ‘danger’ the ice dragon was speaking of?

Chu Feng felt that there was more to it than he wasn’t seeing at the moment, but he was unable to figure out just what was amiss.

Since that was the case, he could only try diving into it straight on.

So, he took a step forward, and he immediately sensed mystical energy appearing in the midst of the world.

At the same time, a deep voice sounded within this space.

“Rank six Utmost Exalted level!”

This voice didn’t...

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