Chapter 4565: Breaking the Formation!

Chapter 4565: Breaking the Formation!

After Chu Feng entered the mouth of the ice dragon, he found himself transported into another new world.

It was yet another massive world filled with dark void. Due to its emptiness, Chu Feng was able to immediately spot the presence of the spirit formation gate at the opposite end of the world.

Chu Feng’s instincts told him that he could leave this world as long as he could reach the spirit formation gate.

Was this the ‘danger’ the ice dragon was speaking of?

Chu Feng felt that there was more to it than he wasn’t seeing at the moment, but he was unable to figure out just what was amiss.

Since that was the case, he could only try diving into it straight on.

So, he took a step forward, and he immediately sensed mystical energy appearing in the midst of the world.

At the same time, a deep voice sounded within this space.

“Rank six Utmost Exalted level!”

This voice didn’t belong to the ice dragon from before. 

However, Chu Feng didn’t have any time to ponder over the voice as massive changes were occurring to the empty space around him. 

A white aura had begun suffusing this world. It morphed into a terrifying squall that swiftly engulfed the area around Chu Feng.

The tempest was filled with rain droplets which, paired with the terrifying wind force behind the squall, felt like metal fragments bombarding into Chu Feng’s body, causing him to wince a little in pain.

However, that wasn’t the scariest thing yet. 

Great hurricanes had risen from beneath Chu Feng to pierce through the top of the world. With just a quick look around, Chu Feng could spot countless of them around him.

The force commanded by the hurricane was completely off charts. Even with Chu Feng’s current cultivation, if he were to fall into any of their grasps, he would be immediately torn into shreds.

And to make things worse, these hurricanes were still moving around the place. From time to time, they would interweave with one another to form a massive wall that sealed off an area.

“I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to clear this trial,” Chu Feng sighed helplessly as he watched these changes unfolding before his eyes.

The ice dragon was right. This place was indeed nothing short of treacherous.

In the face of this disastrous situation, the first thing Chu Feng did was to turn to the Divine Deer within him for help.

With the overwhelming prowess the Divine Deer possessed, as long as she was willing to help him, Chu Feng would surely be able to clear this trial easily.

But as luck would have it, the Divine Deer refused to respond.

As a result, Chu Feng had no choice but to rely on himself.

It was too dangerous for him to move around recklessly, so he decided to attempt to use his spirit power to try out his surroundings first. Through his tests, he realized that the terrifying force of the hurricanes allowed them to swiftly drag in anything that was within a thousand meters from it.

However, the hurricanes that filled this world was simply too numerous that the distance that stood between each hurricane wasn’t even a thousand meters. 

There was no way for Chu Feng to slip through the hurricanes.

“No, there must be a way out.”

However, Chu Feng didn’t give up just yet. He activated his Heaven’s Eye and continued observing his surroundings.

If he could be beaten down in the face of adversity so easily, he would have never managed to come this far.

It was fortunate that Heaven’s Eye didn’t let Chu Feng down. He managed to notice something amiss that he could work on.

So, he began setting up a spirit formation to try it out.

The results proved his conjecture. It was possible for the hurricanes to change.

Typically speaking, given that the hurricanes could devour everything that was within a thousand meters radius, it was impossible for anyone to pass through the area.

However, through the discernment of his Heaven’s Eye, he noticed that there were times where the hurricane would weaken, resulting in the dangerous radius to reduce down to five hundred meters.

This would create a path which Chu Feng could slip through.

The only issue was that the strength of the hurricanes changed over time, but one thing that was fortunate was that the fluctuations in the hurricanes’ strength weren’t completely unpredictable.

As long as he could figure out the pattern, he would be able to devise a possible road for him to reach the end goal.

So, he began to study the hurricanes before him intently.

It was a grueling and monotonous process. It took almost twenty hours before Chu Feng finally managed to figure out a pattern in the hurricanes.

And this would prove to be the key to Chu Feng’s escape.

However, out of safety precaution, he first used his spirit power to create a clone to check if the escape route he had devised based on the analyzed pattern would work.

In the end, the clone managed to pass through the cluster of hurricanes smoothly.

Seeing that it was indeed feasible, Chu Feng unhesitatingly dived into action himself.

“Damn it, why did it end up like this?”

But things didn’t proceed as smoothly for the real Chu Feng.

Barely after passing through two hurricanes, he noticed that there was a change in the wind pattern that caused the suction force of the hurricane to grow even stronger.

This unexpected change in the hurricane sealed off Chu Feng’s escape path, leaving him with no choice but to continue charging forth.

And that wasn’t all.

What that really affected Chu Feng was that whenever he got close to the hurricanes, he would hear certain voices which made him feel vexed, and his consciousness would blur a little. 

He tried to use his both martial power and spirit power to block off the voices, but it was to no avail.

Any other ordinary cultivator in his place would have already gone insane from the voices by now. It was only due to Chu Feng’s strong will that he was able to keep his sanity together.

Nevertheless, he wouldn’t be able to last too long against the voices at this rate.

If he allowed his attention to wander even for an instant, he could very well end up being swept within the hurricane.

Knowing that he couldn’t afford to stay here for too long, Chu Feng tried to hasten his speed, but it was to no avail. The pathways through the hurricanes were constantly opening and closing due to the fluctuations, so he still needed to wait from time to time for certain pathways to open. As a result, there was only so much faster than he could travel.

At this rate, Chu Feng might really succumb to the voices coming from the hurricane. The moment that he lost control of himself, he would be swiftly swept away by the hurricanes and lose his life.

“Interesting. These darned voices are trying to ruin me, huh? Do your best then! Let’s see who will ruin each other first then!”

A streak of viciousness flashed across Chu Feng’s eyes as he came to a halt. Not only so, but he crossed his legs and sat down on the spot. He quickly formed a series of hand seals and focused his attention to channel his cultivation

Chu Feng was trying to breach the voices. As long as he succeeded, the voices wouldn’t be able to pose a problem to them.

But how could this possibly be an easy feat?

The voices had the power to confound one’s consciousness.

If Chu Feg wanted to breach it, he would have to face it head-on, which meant that he would have to face the full brunt of the power of the voices.

Faced with the power of the voices, a tight knit formed on Chu Feng’s forehead. Cold sweat seeped down his face, and his body trembled uncontrollably. 

He was undergoing unimaginable torture that no ordinary human could possibly withstand.

Chu Feng gritted his teeth in fury.

In order to maintain his composure, he even bit his own tongue and used his own martial power to attack his own soul. He was inflicting pain on himself in order to pull himself together.

It was fortunate that the clash didn’t last for too long before the knit on Chu Feng’s forehead finally smoothened out. He quickly rose back to his feet, and his lips curled up into a relieved smile.

He had successfully breached the voices.

The voices that were twisting his consciousness earlier were no longer any hindrance to him anymore. On the contrary, they were delivering some kind of message to him.

It was just that Chu Feng was unable to figure out what the message meant.

However, when he finally turned his sights back to the cluster of hurricanes before him, he thought about the pathway that he had just taken, and his eyes lit up in excitement.

“I see!”

Realization finally came to Chu Feng.

When he put the message coming from the voices together with the unique pathway to maneuver through the hurricanes, he realized that it formed the formula of a martial skill.


As soon as Chu Feng figured this out, the cluster of hurricanes around began to dissipate into an aura, which then seeped right into his head.

In the blink of an eye, the secrets concerning this space were all revealed to him.

It was a complete martial skill.

There was no need for him to learn the martial skill at all because he had already fully mastered it.

Rank six Exalted Taboo Martial Skill, Exalted Taboo Wind Dragon Roar!

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