Chapter 4563: Hidden Mystery

Chapter 4563: Hidden Mystery

Barely after the juniors stepped into the Storm Combat Dragon Ring, they had already come under the overwhelming offense of the fire dragon.

And based on Shengguang Xuanye’s remarks, it would seem like the juniors who had vanished had already lost their lives.

While they had known that the Storm Combat Dragon Ring was a treacherous place filled with dangers, they still felt a shiver running down their spines after learning just how frightening of a place it was. 

One must know that there were tens of millions of juniors from various powers that had entered the stone doors, but only 90,000 had managed to get into the dueling ring.

To put it in other words, before the trial even began, tens of millions of juniors had already lost their lives. 

And from the looks of it, the remaining 90,000 people could soon follow suit.

“The Rampaging Storm Clan is really a bunch of lunatics! Do they really need to go so far as to put their juniors through such a trial? They aren’t nurturing their juniors but slaughtering them!”

The crowd exclaimed in horror, and some of them even cursed the Rampaging Storm Clan. 

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others couldn’t help but fidget around in unease as they worried about the fate of their successors.


Meanwhile, Chu Feng and the others found themselves trapped on the dueling ring. 

There was a powerful barrier trapping them, limiting their movements inside the world. It was for that reason that they were unable to proceed any further.

Due to this, they could only wait in futility as the fire breath came at them.

Chu Feng didn’t panic. 

Instead, he sat down on the ground and closed his eyes, as if he was cultivating.


All of a sudden, a golden radiance shone from the barrier that was trapping Chu Feng.


Not too long later, a deafening howl sounded in the air, and terrifying flames swept across the surroundings.

But despite the frightening prowess of the flames, it dealt no harm to Chu Feng as it swept past him.

It was that golden radiance that had fended off the fire breath directed toward Chu Feng.

The golden radiance faded along with the departure of the fire breath, but the invisible barrier that was trapping Chu Feng was still there.

Chu Feng opened his eyes and looked at the horizon.

He could see a mass fire dragon coiling majestically in the sky. Its size was so massive that it seemed to form a world in itself. Before it, Chu Feng couldn’t even count as a mere speck of dust.

Facing this fire dragon in person, Chu Feng could vividly sense just how frightening it was. Its prowess was, in the truest sense, apocalyptic.

“It looks like it’ll continue on for quite a while. Will Long Xiaoxiao and the others be able to hold on?”

Chu Feng wondered worriedly as he looked at the fire dragon that was floating in the sky like a god.

He knew that it was likely that Long Xiaoxiao and the others were trapped by this invisible barrier like him, leaving them with no choice but to withstand the onslaught of the fire breath once every fifteen minutes.

While the fire breath was formidable, it didn’t harm the native lifeforms in this world. The only ones who were affected were the participants.

Given that they were trapped and unable to escape, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before they were devoured by the fire breath. However, there was actually a solution for this.

And this solution lay in the barrier that was trapping them.

From the moment that the barrier trapped them, the participants were also presented a test which they had to overcome using their own intelligence and cultivation-related knowledge.

As long as they could clear the test within fifteen minutes, the barrier would create a golden shell around them that would protect them from the fire breath.

On the other hand, if they failed to clear the test within the allocated time, they would be devoured by the fire breath.

This was also the reason why some of them survived the fire breath while the others lost their lives.

However, the golden shell would only protect them from a fire breath before dissipating into emptiness. A new test would then appear inside the barrier for the participant to solve.

In other words, they would have to continuously solve those problems in order to survive the onslaught of the fire breath.

However, the tests were growing progressively difficult. While they posed no problem to Chu Feng at all, he was worried that Long Xiaoxiao and the others might face difficulty in it.

If so, they would be put in a dangerous position.

Furthermore, it seemed like the aggression of the fire dragon would only continue on at this rate. While Chu Feng was solving the tests posed to him, he noticed some hidden clues inside the barrier.

The clues told him that if no one stopped the fire dragon, this trial would continue endlessly until every single participant who entered the dueling ring lost their lives.

In other words, if they continued like this, not even Chu Feng would walk out of here alive!

And in truth, Chu Feng had also found the way to stopping the fire dragon too.

He had to solve the mystery of the dueling ring. As long as the mystery was solved, the fire dragon would be stopped, and everyone would be saved.

However, this mystery was an advanced problem which even Chu Feng had no confidence in solving. To make it worse, there was a time limit to it too.

If he decided to challenge that mystery, he would have to solve it within fifteen minutes. If he couldn’t succeed within the time limit, he would be crushed to death by the barrier right away.

This was also the reason why Chu Feng hadn’t challenged the mystery yet.

However, given the current situation, Chu Feng was left with no other choice. If no one stopped the fire dragon, it was only a matter of time before all of them died.

“The Rampaging Storm Clan is truly as vicious as the rumors put them out to be. You are the ones who forced my hand. If I were to obtain your heritage, you shouldn’t blame me for taking them away with me!”

Based on Chu Feng’s previous experience, he knew that he would surely receive some sort of reward for stopping the fire dragon, and the reward was likely to be the martial skill of the Rampaging Storm Clan.

So, Chu Feng closed his eyes and began challenging the mystery of the dueling ring.


As soon as Chu Feng started the challenge, the barrier around him began to squirm around as it turned pitch-black. It looked almost as if the barrier had gobbled Chu Feng down whole!


Meanwhile, outside the dueling ring, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others were so anxious that their hearts were going to leap out of their chests.

The fire dragon had just released its fourth breath, leading to the extinguishing of over 8000 specks of light. To put it in other words, 8000 juniors had just lost their lives inside the dueling ring.

Going at this pace, it seemed like the fifth fire breath would being about tens of thousands of casualties. Perhaps, it might even be a complete wipeout!

And even if Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao were able to withstand the fifth fire breath, would they really be able to withstand the sixth?

“C-Chu Feng? Why did young friend Chu Feng vanished as well?”

All of a sudden, someone exclaimed in astonishment, and it caused a huge pandemonium to break out amongst the crowd.

That was because they saw Chu Feng’s seven-colored speck of light had vanished from the world!

“Could this mean to say that Chu Feng has lost his life?”

“That can’t be! He was still around earlier, so what in the world is going on?”

Those who were close to Chu Feng, including Chu Lingxi, Yin Zhuanghong, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, and many others, fell into complete panic.

“Lord Xuanye, what’s going on? Young friend Chu Feng was still safe when the flames ravaged the dueling ring earlier, so why would he vanish all of a sudden?”

The uncomprehending Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster asked Shengguang Xuanye.

“I’m not too sure about how the Storm Combat Dragon Ring works too, but I have heard of the dangers that lurk within. Anyone who dares to step in should be prepared for death,” Shengguang Xuanye said.

Those words made the hearts of countless turn cold in desolation.

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