Chapter 4561: Wufeishijiedenger (Teaser)

Chapter 4561: Wufeishijiedenger

Boom boom boom!

Chu Feng and the others disappeared after entering the spirit formation gates, but none of them appeared on the dueling ring.

That being said, it was not as if all was calm on the dueling ring.

Loud rumbling began sounding in the massive dueling ring, and everything shook violently. It wasn’t just a mere earthquake, for even the sky was trembling too.

The runes all over the dueling ring began to emanate light as they began to rotate around its surface. It was apparent that the dueling ring formed a huge formation by itself.

With the activation of the formation, some changes began occurring on the dueling ring. Large trees began sprouting out from the ground, and the dirt rose into a mountain within moments. Waterfalls formed, and rivers began to flow.

It was just a moment ago that the dueling ring was a simple flat ground paved out of blue-colored stones inscribed with runes, but what stood right before everyone’s eyes this very instant was a massive land filled with all sorts of terrains.

There were deserts, forests, mountains,...

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