Chapter 4560: Entering the Stone Doors (Teaser)

Chapter 4560: Entering the Stone Doors

The massive dueling ring in the midst of the snowfield was made out of a blue-colored stone, and it spanned the size of a mini island itself.

The surface of the dueling was filled with complicated runes that seemed to form a massive formation. Aside from that, there was also another layer of formation that prevented those outside to leap into the dueling ring directly.

If one wanted to enter the dueling ring, one had to pass through the stone doors.

There were over a hundred stone doors leading into the dueling ring all around. They were all around several hundred meters in height and squarish in shape. There was nothing special about the pillars beside the doors, but right above the stone doors, there was a crystal that harnessed seven-colored light within it.

At the very center of the stone doors were spirit formation gates. It was apparent that passing through these spirit formation gates would bring one to the dueling...

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