Chapter 4559: The Strongest Expert in the Galaxy (Teaser)

Chapter 4559: The Strongest Expert in the Galaxy


The black-robed man looked at Yin Buyu coldly as an even greater amount of black aura poured out from his body.

The hand morphed out of black aura had released Yin Buyu’s neck, but the black aura had formed dozens of sharp claws that encircled him tightly.

From the looks of it, if Yin Buyu were to dare move recklessly, he would be immediately torn to pieces.

“D-don’t kill me, I am the young master of the Yin Clan Manor! My father and the other elders are all here, and they’re right outside! If you don’t believe me, you can take a look for yourself!

“If any harm were to befall me, my father and the other elders will definitely not let you off!”

Yin Buyu was completely panicked. The previous oppressive posture he took...

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