Chapter 4558: Black-robed Young Man (Teaser)

Chapter 4558: Black-robed Young Man

“Little benefactor, the Storm Combat Dragon Ring is known to be the place where the Rampaging Storm Clan cultivated at.”

Long Xiaoxiao quickly explained the background of the Storm Combat Dragon Ring to Chu Feng.

The previous ruler of the Storm Realm was the famous Rampaging Storm Clan, and the Storm Combat Dragon Ring was a relic left behind by them.

Those who knew about the Rampaging Storm Clan would know how callous they were even to their own clan members. As long as one’s talents didn’t meet the mark, one would be killed right away.

Similarly, the training that the Rampaging Storm Clan imposed on their juniors was equally callous too. It was at an intensity unimaginable to most cultivators, such that it was worthy of being dubbed...

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