Chapter 4556: The Phenomenon of the Gambling Formation

Chapter 4556: The Phenomenon of the Gambling Formation

“Cough cough!”

It was then that a series of light coughs sounded from not too far away.

Despite the commotion going on all around, those light coughs sounded loudly in everyone’s ears. It was an intentional gesture by the person in order to gather everyone’s attention.

Someone who dared to do such a thing in this setting was definitely of notable standing, so everyone quickly turned their gazes over.

They found themselves faced with a young man who looked reminiscent of a scholar. Contemplative looks flashed across the faces all around and people began whispering to one another.

The token on the young man’s waist revealed his identity as a member of a Holy Light Clan too, and he happened to be a person whom Chu Feng recognized too.

It was the person whom he had met back at the Nine Soul Galaxy’s Conquerstar Mountain Villa, Shengguang Jin’an. 

Back then, Shengguang Jin’an left quite a favorable impression with Chu Feng.

However, through the discussions of the crowd around, Chu Feng realized that Shengguang Jin’an was still a little known figure in the current Holy Light Galaxy. At the very least, most people present didn’t recognize him.

“Young master Yu, I think that it might not be appropriate for you to clash hands with brother Chu Feng right now. Would it do for you to postpone it to another date?” Shengguang Jin’an told Shengguang Yu.

Even the crowd felt nervous on Shengguang Jin’an’s behalf when he said those words.

It was common knowledge amongst the populace that Shengguang Yu was arrogant not just to outsiders but within the Holy Light Clan too. There were even several occasions where he had assaulted a clan member.

Shengguang Yu was the kind of person who wouldn’t allow anyone to oppose him.

As such, it was unthinkable for an unknown figure like Shengguang Jin’an to actually attempt to intervene in Shengguang Yu’s affairs, especially while the latter was burning in rage… 

The crowd didn’t think that this was going to end well for Shengguang Jin’an.

However, a shocking sight happened. 

“What’s not appropriate about this?”

Instead of lashing out at Shengguang Jin’an, Shengguang Yu replied with a cold but at least composed tone.

“The tournament is going to begin very soon. It won’t be fair to Chu Feng if you hurt him and affect his results. If you really wish to have a duel with him, you can do so after the tournament concludes,” Shengguang Jin’an said.

“Very well. Chu Feng, I’ll spare you this once since Brother Jin’an has spoken up on your behalf. Whether you are trash or not, I’ll verify it once the tournament is over!” Shengguang Yu said.

Those words surprised the crowd.

They didn’t think that Shengguang Yu would go so far as to listen to Shengguang Jin’an. 

In an instant, everyone’s perception of Shengguang Jin’an changed greatly. They began to assess the scholarly young man intently, as if trying to find out just what was different about him.

“Chu Feng, you should place your bet.”

It was then that Daoist Niantian’s voice sounded once more, urging Chu Feng to hurry up.

So, Chu Feng walked into the Niantian Gambling Formation with his 10,000 droplets of purple light.


In the moment that Chu Feng stepped in, a brilliant radiance exploded from within the Niantian Gambling Formation. Eighteen streaks of purple light burst forth like majestic dragons, dancing around Chu Feng exuberantly.

At the same time, a massive avatar appeared in the sky. It was a silhouette of Chu Feng.

Both Chu Feng’s silhouettes and the eighteen streaks of purple light covered huge swathes of the sky, such that everyone could see their existences clearly.

“How could this be? What is that?”

Everyone broke out in discussion as they looked at the massive Chu Feng’s silhouette and the dancing streaks of purple light above.

Even Chu Feng was a little taken aback by the situation before him.

“My gosh. Could this be… the phenomenon of the Niantian Gambling Formation that Daoist Niantian mentioned before?”

A person amongst the crowd exclaimed.

Everyone immediately turned their attention toward Daoist Niantian in search of an answer.

“It’s indeed a phenomenon,” Daoist Niantian affirmed the judgment.


It immediately brought the excitement pulsating in the air to a new high.

While Chu Feng hadn’t really shown his worth to the crowd yet, the fact that he could induce a phenomenon just by stepping into the Niantian Gambling Formation was enough to show that he was no ordinary existence.

“Little benefactor, you’re too formidable!” Long Xiaoxiao shouted at Chu Feng as she hopped around the place, unable to suppress her excitement.

Yu Lie and the others also looked at Chu Feng in admiration too. They had known that Chu Feng was formidable all along, but the latter had really brought them great surprise together.

They had long heard of this phenomenon before.

According to Daoist Niantian, the Niantian Gambling Formation wasn’t intended just for gambling. More than that, it was a formation that assessed one’s talent.

If a sufficiently powerful cultivator were to step into the Niantian Gambling Formation, it would induce a phenomenon.

It was just that this requirement was extremely high. 

Countless prodigies and experts, be it young or old, had stepped into the formation, and this included the current strongest expert in the Holy Light Galaxy, the Holy Light Clan’s Clan Chief, Shengguang Xuanye. 

However, none of them had managed to induce the phenomenon, such that there were even a few people who had asked Daoist Niantian if the phenomenon really existed.

All along, Daoist Niantian would simply respond with a light smile, not bothering to explain at all.

But today, the phenomenon really appeared.

And it was Chu Feng who had induced it.

This made everyone notice that perhaps, in terms of talent, there was really no one in the Holy Light Galaxy who was able to hold a candle to him.

“Why did the phenomenon occur?”

But in contrast to the cheering crowds, Elder Gongsun of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect had a tight frown on his forehead.

“Elder, the fact that Chu Feng was able to induce the phenomenon shows that his talents are incomparable. Why do you look so downcast?” 

Someone from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect asked Elder Gongsun.

“I really don’t know whether it’s good for young friend Chu Feng to be showing his edge right now,” Elder Gongsun remarked as he turned his sights to Shengguang Yu.

A few other people from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect also followed suit, and they realized that Shenggguang Yu had his fists clenched tightly.

Shengguang Yu was furious, to the point where veins were popping up on his temples. His eyes were filled not only with envy and fury, but chilling murderous intent too.

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