Chapter 4548: I’ll Make a Choice on Your Behalf (Teaser)

Chapter 4548: I’ll Make a Choice on Your Behalf

While Gu Mingyuan, Chu Lingxi, and the crowd from the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan were astonished by Chu Feng’s relationship with the four behemoths, Lu Wantong and the others were completely horrified.

They would have never thought that Chu Feng would have such a frightening background too.

How could a person possibly be so well-connected as to have the four behemoths stand up for him at the same time?

One must know that other than the Holy Light Clan, there should have been no one else who had the influence to move all of these four behemoths simultaneously!

This was no junior from a trashy Starfield that they were dealing with here; he was actually the demon himself!

“Gu Yang, didn’t you say that he comes from the lowly Chu Heavenly Clan and has no background whatsoever to speak of?”

Lu Wantong looked at Gu Yang with eyes so sharp that it looked as if he wanted to tear the latter into shreds. Had it not been for Gu Yang’s words, he would have never landed in such an awkward position!


Gu Yang also didn’t expect things to turn out like this either....

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