Chapter 4544: Who Doesn’t Have Connections? (Teaser)

Chapter 4544: Who Doesn’t Have Connections?

While this city was prepared by Lu Wantong in order to trap those from the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan, he didn’t go so far as to do it blatantly. At the very least, the guards securing this city were all hidden in the shadows.

The ones guarding the entrance were still from the clan members of the Ten Thousand Provinces Ancient Clan, such that it appeared that the city belonged to them if one were to just look at it from the surface.

Due to this, Chu Feng and Gu Yang were able to enter the city unimpeded.

After entering the city, Gu Yang continued leading the way for Chu Feng until they finally stopped before a residence. 

“Young friend Chu Feng, Lingxi and Mingyuan are inside the residence. I won’t be following you in,” Gu Yang said before taking his leave.

Chu Feng was able to peer inside the residence directly without much problem, and he could see Gu Mingyuan...

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