Chapter 4541: Battling the Sculpture (Teaser)

Chapter 4541: Battling the Sculpture

Yin Zhuanghong’s current cultivation had already reached rank one Utmost Exalted level. 

While it was still nowhere up to par with her younger sister, considering her cultivation back then, the rate at which she was growing was nothing short of terrifying.

Chu Feng first greeted Han Xiu and the others before turning his gaze to Yin Zhuanghong, saying, “You sure grew fast. Looks like you have been faring well as the Cloudsky Immortal Sect!”

“So says the real monster here,” Yin Zhuanghong replied.

“Oh? Who are you talking about?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“Hah, you’re asking the obvious.”

Yin Zhuanghong shot Chu Feng a disdainful look, but a smile had slowly crept onto her usually wintry face. It was a faint smile, but it was deeply entrancing.

All of the men present felt as if they had just taken a shot to their heart.

It wasn’t just because of how beautiful Yin Zhuanghong’s smile but how rare she revealed...

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