Chapter 4532 - Long Daozhi’s Cultivation (Teaser)

Chapter 4532 - Long Daozhi’s Cultivation

“That’s right. Just earlier, our Ancestral Martial Dragon City practically gave away all that our ancestors had accumulated to the Flying Feather Heavenly Sect.

“But, that was not purely so that we can return to the Dragon Clan. More than that, it was for your sake.

“If it wasn’t to save you, not to mention using all the wealth and resources we’ve accumulated, we would not necessarily agree to give them even half of it,” Long Ning spoke very emotionally.

“Thus, that Flying Feather Heavenly Sect is still here, correct?” asked Chu Feng.

“That’s right, they’re still here. I beg you, you must not provoke them again.

“If you are to do that, you will not only cause our Ancestral Martial Dragon Sect to forfeit our wealth and resources to them, we might even have to forfeit our lives.

“Chu Feng, I truly do not wish to blame you. But… but…

“Those are the wealth and resources slowly accumulated by our Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s ancestors!!!

“Because of you, my father had given all of our clan’s accumulated wealth to them. My father had become...

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