Chapter 4531 - Grasping The Hero’s Sword (Teaser)

Chapter 4531 - Grasping The Hero’s Sword

“Lord City Master, you… you agreed to it? The previous condition was already…”

“If it’s doubled, wouldn’t our Ancestral Martial Dragon City…?”

The elders of the Ancestral Martial Dragon City were all on the verge of crying.

The demand raised by them was already very harsh. 

That was the reason why Long Daozhi had been thinking over things and not accepting it the entire time.

Yet now, they actually demanded for double. That would simply be equivalent to hollowing out their entire Ancestral Martial Dragon City’s accumulated wealth of multiple generations.

Yet, Long Daozhi actually accepted the offer.

“Right now, the issue is no longer about returning to the Dragon Clan. Instead, this matter now concerns young friend Chu Feng’s life. After all, that Dian Kuang is Lord Long Yinfeng’s benefactor,” said Long Daozhi.

The Ancestral Martial Dragon City and the Flying Feather Heavenly Sect actually had no prior conflicts. Furthermore, in terms of their strength, the two powers were actually on par.

But, the reason why they requested for the Flying Feather Heavenly Sect to come here was precisely so that they could...

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