Chapter 4520: A Frightening Monster

Chapter 4520: A Frightening Monster

As a rank two Martial Exalted level cultivator, it was no wonder why she was able to block that elder’s oppressive might.

The elites of the Locksoul Sect were flustered to realize that the enemy they had looked down upon was actually far stronger than them.

Even though they had two prodigious talents, Hun Lei and Hun Yong, they knew that the overall prowess of the Locksoul Sect was actually nothing impressive at all.

Even their sectmaster, the strongest one of them all, was only a rank two Martial Exalted level cultivator. 

But that didn’t mean that he was equal to Song Xue’er. Their sectmaster was an old monster who had cultivated for more than ten thousand years whereas Song Xue’er was obviously still a junior!

For a junior to actually possess such cultivation, that was an extremely formidable feat within the Nine Souls Galaxy!

In order to advance one’s cultivation that quickly, talent was not just sufficient. More than that, one had to have sufficient resources as well, which necessitated the backing of a formidable power.

To put it in other words, the Locksoul Sect had offended someone whom they couldn’t afford to offend.

“Miss, there seem to be some misunderstandings between us,” the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect said.

He was no longer using the domineering tone as he did before, and he had retracted his previous killing intent as well. Through his gentle tone, it was made obvious that he was trying his best to reconcile with Song Xue’er and Song Yun.

And in response to that, all Song Xue’er had for him was a faint, unreadable smile.

She raised her hand, aimed it toward the Supreme Elder that was frozen in midair, and suddenly closed it tight.


The neck of the Supreme Elder was snapped by Song Xue’er just like that.

The Supreme Elder, despite being only second to the sectmaster, didn’t even have the time to scream before he breathed his last in Song Xue’er’s hands.

With a fling of her wrist, Song Xue’er flung the Supreme Elder’s corpse aside disdainfully.

“Like I have said, I’ll make sure that anyone who dares to bully my little sister will die a tragic death.”

Song Xue’er turned her gaze back to the elites of the Locksoul Sect. Her expression was nonchalant, and yet, it made everyone flinch in fright.

“Miss, if my disciples have offended you, I’ll apologize to you here. However, that is their own wrongdoing, and they have already died for their mistakes. I beseech you not to implicate the rest of our Locksoul Sect into this.

“The other elders and disciples are all innocent. They have never done anything to offend you!” the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect tried desperately to placate Song Xue’er.

He didn’t even dare to think about avenging the Supreme Elder at this point. 

“I’ll have to disagree with that. It’s the lack of discipline within the sect that leads its disciples to err. It goes without saying that you’ll have to take responsibility for their wrongdoings too.”

As Song Xue’er said those words, a silver streak flashed across the sky, and a silver sword materialized in her grasp.


Song Xue’er charged right into the elites of the Locksoul Sect with her silver sword. Her movements were so fast that one could barely see a silver streak dancing all around the air.

As if fragile scarecrows, the elites of the Locksoul Sect were swiftly sliced into pieces.

Fresh blood flew all over the air and rained down on the land. Blood-curdling cries sounded ceaselessly for a long time to come.

“Damn it!”

Seeing how Song Xue’er was refusing to back down at all, the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect was left with no choice but to join the fray. He took out his weapon and began fighting with her.

At the start, he didn’t exert his full strength, choosing to only fend against Song Xue’er so as to stop her rampage.

However, he soon realized that despite Song Xue’er’s young age, her fighting prowess was not to be scoffed at.

If he didn’t use his full strength, he wouldn’t be a match for Song Xue’er at all. Left with no choice, he began to go all out.

But soon enough, he realized that even when he had gone all out, he was still not a match for Song Xue’er at all. It didn’t take long for Song Xue’er’s sword to land squarely on him.

It was not a fatal strike, but it caused his blood to flow nonstop.

And this was just the start. Again and again, Song Xue’er’s sword continued to strike down on the Locksoul Sect’s sectmaster.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes… ten strikes… a hundred strikes… 

In the blink of an eye, the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect was already completely covered in injuries. Blood covered his entire body.

But when the crowd turned to look at Song Xue’er again, she was still standing around leisurely with a smile on her lips. It was a sweet smile, but in the eyes of the frightened elites of the Locksoul Sect, it looked no different from the sneer of the demon. It made them tremble on the spot.

They knew that they were goners.

If even their Lord Sectmaster wasn’t a match for the lass, who could possibly stop her anymore?

“Hold it right there!”

It was then that a shout suddenly sounded.

And turning their sights over, the eyes of the despaired crowd of the Locksoul Sect suddenly lit up, as if they had seen a ray of hope.

A Supreme Elder of the Locksoul Sect had made his move too. He was weaker than the sectmaster, but he was still a rank one Martial Exalted level cultivator.

The target he went for wasn’t Song Xue’er but Song Yun. He pressed the dagger in his hand tightly against Song Yun’s neck, threatening to take her life.

The crowd knew that Song Xue’er and Song Yun had close ties with one another, and that Song Xue’er was going on a rampage here due to them having dared to hurt Song Yun.

So, if they were to capture Song Yun, there was a good chance that Song Xue’er would be forced to back down out of consideration of her safety.

Perhaps, they might just be able to escape with their lives today!

“I’ll kill her if you don’t stop!” the Supreme Elder of the Locksoul Sect shouted furiously.

Yet, contrary to what everyone thought, after seeing her younger sister being held hostage, Song Xue’er suddenly burst into laughter.


Her laughter was abrupt and jarring that it left the crowd not knowing what to do.

“I was just playing around to scare you a bit. I wasn’t intending to massacre your Locksoul Sect. But… it seems like you have done a good job cornering yourselves,” Song Xue’er said.

“Cut the nonsense and retract your oppressive might!” the Supreme Elder roared at Song Xue’er.


All of a sudden, a resounding explosion sounded.

It was the rumble of thunder.

Dark clouds began to settle into the clear sky swiftly. Before long, heavy rain had started to pour down amidst crackling lightning.

In this darkened world, the only source of light was the occasional bolts of lightning that fell from time to time.

“Lord Supreme Elder!”

When everyone looked at the Supreme Elder once more, their faces warped in shock. They noticed that the eyes of Song Yun, who was being held hostage, had turned blood-red.

It looked exceptionally glaring and eerie within this dark atmosphere.


A sinister smile broke out on Song Yun’s face.

The elites of the Locksoul Sect immediately felt their goosebumps rising all over their bodies as they flinched from the sight.

In the moment that Song Yun smiled, they saw a row of blood-red fangs in her mouth!

Even though her appearance hadn’t changed by much, the blood-red eyes and fangs were more than enough to reveal her identity as a monster!

And the words that came out of Song Yun’s mouth right after pushed the elites of the Locksoul Sect a step closer toward the abyss of despair.

“Is it finally time for a slaughter?” Song Yun asked excitedly.

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