Chapter 4519: Paying a Visit to the Locksoul Sect

Chapter 4519: Paying a Visit to the Locksoul Sect

It didn’t take long for the events at the Conquerstar Mountain Valley to spread far and wide. 

When the world learned that there was a prodigy named Chu Feng had killed the prodigious Hun Lei and Hun Yong, everyone was shocked. There were many people who cast doubt on the veracity of the rumors.

How could a rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivator possibly kill the rank eight Utmost Exalted level Hun Lei?

In any case, this matter had raised a huge uproar in the Nine Souls Galaxy.

When the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect learned of this matter, he immediately gathered a group of top-notch experts within the sect and marched off to the Conquerstar Mountain Villa.

It was just that when they arrived at the Conquerstar Mountain Villa and saw the ruins left in the wake of the Moon Immortal’s rampage, the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect, despite having sworn to avenge his two disciples, panicked.

To attempt to exact vengeance on someone who had the power to bring down even the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, weren’t they just courting death?

Realizing that there was something more to the matter, the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect immediately called his elites to retreat back to the Locksoul Sect.

And when they finally returned, they found two young and beautiful women sitting at the great entrance of the Locksoul Sect.

Upon noticing the return of the elites of the Locksoul Sect, one of these women stood up and remarked, “You’re finally back. What a relief! I was still wondering what I should do if you had escaped.”

“Who are you?” the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect asked solemnly.

He was in a very bad mood at the moment, but his instincts told him that these two women were no ordinary figures. So, despite being taunted at the doorstep of his sect, he suppressed his anger and didn’t blow his top.

“Lord Sectmaster, i-it’s them! They are the ones who were with Chu Feng back then!” a disciple at the very back of the troops of elites stepped forward and exclaimed.

He was also present at the forbidden cultivation ground of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa back then, and he witnessed most of the matters with his own eyes. However, due to his cowardice, he fled right before Hun Lei and the others entered the Divine Cavern, and that, in turn, made him the sole survivor of the group of disciples.

He immediately recognized the two women to be the ones who had been at Chu Feng’s side back at the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, Song Yun and Song Xue’er.

These two women had been at the entrance of the Divine Cavern too, but they suddenly vanished at some point in time. Who could have thought that they would have come here?

“The two of you know Chu Feng?” the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect asked with setting rage.

“We do. What about it?” Song Yun replied leisurely.

“Tell me where Chu Feng is, or else I’ll let you know what it means to be in living hell!” 

As the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect spoke, he released the oppressive might within his body and formed an invisible cage around the area, sealing all paths of escape.

But despite sensing the oppressive might of the Locksoul Sect’s sectmaster, Song Xue’er simply shot a disdainful glance at the sectmaster before turning her eyes to the disciple who had pointed out her identity.

“You were present back at the forbidden cultivation ground of the Conquerstar Mountain Valley too, weren’t you?” Song Xue’er asked him.

“Yes, I was there too! I saw the two of you hanging out with Chu Feng with my own eyes. It’s clear that you’re related to one another, so don’t even try to deny that!”  

Perhaps it was because there were plenty of experts around to back him up, he still shouted with great gusto despite his cowardice.

However, Song Xue’er paid no heed to his words, asking instead, “It’s a relief to hear that you’re still here. I said that day that anyone who dares to bully my little sister will die a tragic death. Do you still remember that?”

Those words only served to further stir the fury of the crowd from the Locksoul Sect.

“Conceited woman!”

All of a sudden, a powerful oppressive might warped into the form of a sharp claw and darted straight toward Song Xue’er.

A Supreme Elder of the Locksoul Sect had made his move!


Yet, just as the oppressive might was about to hit Song Xue’er, it suddenly rebounded, as if it had struck an invisible wall.


Seeing this sight, the crowd from the Locksoul Sect widened their eyes in astonishment.

One must know that the Supreme Elder was extremely powerful. He was a rank one Martial Exalted level cultivator, making him an expert second only to the sectmaster himself!

According to what the earlier disciple had said, Song Xue’er should have been a mere rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator, so how could she deflect the oppressive might of this Supreme Elder?


It was at this moment Song Xue’er’s lips curled up into a cold smile.

It was a smile so chilling that even the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect felt his heart shudder a little.

Despite being the head of the Locksoul Sect, the strongest expert here, he actually instinctively took a step back!

It was a reflex stemming from the feelings of panic and terror he felt inside.

He couldn’t explain why he was feeling in such a way, but there was just something about Song Xue’er that made him feel deeply unnerved.

“Nasty lass, let me see what you’re capable of!” 

The Supreme Elder from before made a move once more. This time, he whipped out a spear and pierced it toward Song Xue’er with a swift charge.


But before the Supreme Elder could even get close to Song Xue’er, he suddenly froze in midair.

“This lass!!!”

It was then that everyone sensed Song Xue’er’s oppressive might.

She wasn’t a rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator at all.

Far from that, she was a rank two Martial Exalted level cultivator!

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