Chapter 4518: A Bizarre Disappearance

Chapter 4518: A Bizarre Disappearance

“Chu Feng, you mustn’t set your eyes on the Conquerstar Demon Flower! That item is completely different from the Conquerstar Immortal Grass. If the Conquerstar Immortal Grass is a tonic that could help people, the Conquerstar Demon Flower would be a malevolent tool that harms others!”

The Moon Immortal spoke with an extremely grave tone.

“Malevolent tool? Elder, are you serious about this? Is the Conquerstar Demon Flower really that terrifying of an entity? Is its power really unusable to a cultivator?” Chu Feng asked.

He wasn’t willing to give up just like that. After all, he had seen just what kind of wonders the Conquerstar Immortal Grass could do.

“Chu Feng, listen to my advice, and don’t touch the Conquerstar Demon Flower. Due to my unique bloodline power, I can sense things that you aren’t able to. The Conquerstar Demon Flower mustn’t be used for cultivation purposes!” the Moon Immortal warned Chu Feng strictly with a frown.

Those words made Chu Feng’s face darken by a fair bit. With a deep sigh, he remarked, “If that’s really the case, I fear that it’s already too late.”

“Too late? Chu Feng, what do you mean by that? Don’t tell me that you have touched the Conquerstar Demon Flower?” the Moon Immortal asked.


Chu Feng nodded in response before telling the Moon Immortal everything that had happened.

“Sit down,” the Moon Immortal instructed.

Chu Feng sat down as the Moon Immortal commanded him to, but he still couldn’t help but ask, “Elder, what are you planning to do?”

Instead of responding to Chu Feng’s question, the Moon Immortal placed her hands together and formed a series of peculiar hand seals.


A blinding glow radiated from the Moon Immortal’s body once more as a unique aura emanated from her. This aura made her look like a divine figure from heaven, ravishing yet untouchable like a fairy.

But soon after, the aura that she emanated began forming an orderly structure, constructing a massive formation that spanned over ten thousand meters in diameter.

Before this divine formation, the pink grass field and the clear lake which Chu Feng had relished earlier suddenly appeared like nothing at all.

This wasn’t a spirit formation but a bloodline formation. It was a unique bloodline formation that only the Moon Immortal could use.

“We must extract the Conquerstar Demon Flower. Chu Feng, I’ll be channeling the power of my formation into your body to extract the flower, so cooperate with me!”

The Moon Immortal immediately got to action right after and channeled the power of the formation into Chu Feng’s body.

On the other hand, after knowing how dangerous the Conquerstar Demon Flower was, Chu Feng immediately cooperated with the Moon Immortal and tried to push the Conquerstar Demon Flower out of his body too.

But very soon, Chu Feng got a firsthand taste as to just how formidable the Conquerstar Demon Flower was.

It was as if it had rooted itself to Chu Feng’s soul, such that getting rid of it was an arduous task. If the Moon Immortal were to use just a bit more strength, Chu Feng would immediately feel excruciating pain stabbing into him.

Under such circumstances, the Moon Immortal had no choice but to proceed carefully, and Chu Feng did everything he could to cooperate with her.

However, it was still no easy feat at all.

Soon, the sky which had barely lit up darkened once more to give way to the starry night.

A day was about to go by soon, but the Conquerstar Demon Flower inside Chu Feng’s soul still wasn’t budging at all.

While the Conquerstar Demon Flower had moved a little under the Moon Immortal and Chu Feng’s relentlessly hard work, it was a very minimal movement.

At this rate, even if years were to pass, they still wouldn’t be able to remove the Conquerstar Demon Flower from Chu Feng’s body.

“This smell…?”

It was at this moment that a bizarre scent suddenly tickled Chu Feng’s nose.

Chu Feng’s attention was initially attracted to the Conquerstar Demon Flower, but despite so, this scent still immediately caught his attention.

It was a very bizarre scent, such that Chu Feng found himself unable to describe exactly what it was. It wasn’t fragrant; in contrast, it was extremely faint, nearly imperceptible even, but there was just something about that really drew Chu Feng in.

However, when Chu Feng tried to focus his attention on it, it seemed to suddenly disappear into thin air, as if it had never appeared before.

“Where did the Conquerstar Demon Flower go?”

Something even more baffling occurred in the next moment.

Just as Chu Feng turned his attention back to cooperate with the Moon Immortal to extract the Conquerstar Demon Flower out, he suddenly noticed that the flower had vanished from his body.

It was no longer there at all, disappearing just like the scent earlier.

This was simply too bewildering!

It was just a moment ago that he and the Moon Immortal were using all they could to tug at the Conquerstar Demon Flower but could only nudge it a little, so why would it vanish just like that?

Seeing this, the Moon Immortal slowly retracted her formation before turning to ask Chu Feng, “Chu Feng, what’s going on?”

“Elder, I was just about to ask you why the Conquerstar Demon Flower would suddenly disappear. Do you not know it too?” Chu Feng asked.

Instead of answering, the Moon Immortal fell into deep thought. Then, she asked anxiously, “Chu Feng, take a look at your dantian and check if there are any traces of the Conquerstar Demon Flower around.”

“I’ve already checked, it’s not around. There’s no way it could escape my notice if it’s still in my body. It’s really not around anymore,” Chu Feng replied.

He had taken a proper look within his body in the moment that he sensed the absence of the Conquerstar Demon Flower, and it wasn’t in his soul or his dantian at all

“That’s weird. Why would it vanish all of a sudden? Did the Conquerstar Demon Flower escape on its own accord?” the Moon Immortal muttered to herself.

“Can the Conquerstar Demon Flower really do that?” Chu Feng asked in astonishment.

He had examined the Conquerstar Demon Flower earlier, and despite the mysteries around it and the tremendous power it harnessed, he noticed that it didn’t possess sentience yet. Even if it posed danger, it should just be coming from its natural reflexes. 

Logically speaking, it should be impossible for a being that didn’t possess sentience to escape on its own accord.

“There’s such a possibility, but I’d say that the chances are very low. No matter what, it’s a good thing that it’s no longer in your body anymore,” the Moon Immortal said.

“Yes, you’re right.”

Chu Feng nodded in agreement, but he still couldn’t help but think that there was something really amiss here.

Following that, the two of them chatted for a short while before the Moon Immortal finally took her leave.

Watching as Su Rou and Su Mei left, Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel a little forlorn. He was delighted to have this short reunion, but it was always sorrowful to have to part in the end.

With a deep sigh, he quickly buried his emotions deep down and composed himself once more. Having walked a long journey thus far, he had already learned how to cope with the sorrow of parting.

There was no time for him to wallow in sadness. There were simply too many things that he had to do.

After the Moon Immortal left, Chu Feng quickly set off too. His destination was the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, where his clan members were.

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