Chapter 4517: Intermittent Happiness

Chapter 4517: Intermittent Happiness

“Alright, Chu Feng. You need not feel too sad about this. Big sister Moon Immortal really treats us quite well,” Su Rou told Chu Feng.

“Yeah, big sister Moon Immortal has been really nice to us!” Su Mei also nodded in agreement as well.

Hearing how these two lasses were calling the Moon Immortal so intimately, paying careful heed to her feelings, Chu Feng could tell that they sincerely cared a lot for one another.


The formation around the Divine Cavern suddenly dissipated.



Following that, cracks began appearing on the walls and ceiling of the Divine Cavern, and it spread extremely quickly. In the blink of an eye, it had already filled every nook and cranny in here, such that fragments were starting to fall from the ceiling.

The Divine Cavern began shaking loosely, and it looked like it would collapse inward at any moment.

“The rumors are actually true… This place is going to collapse soon!”

Knowing that the situation was not right, Chu Feng quickly grabbed Su Rou and Su Mei and dashed out from the Divine Cavern.

When they finally got out, they realized that the damage wasn’t just limited to the Divine Cavern. The entire mountain range had cracks all over it, and a cloud of dirt in the distance showed that the mountain range had already started to collapse inward.

The rumors were indeed true! Once the Conquerstar Immortal Grass and Conquerstar Demon Flower were taken away from the mountain range, the entire place would disappear.

Without waiting for the mountain range to collapse entirely, Chu Feng quickly left the area with Su Mei and Su Rou. He harbored no special feeling toward this place anywhere, so its existence or lack of it meant nothing to him at all.

What was bizarre, though, was that Chu Feng didn’t see anyone in the vicinity as he made his way out. The crowd that had come to lend their aid was nowhere to be seen, and even those from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

It was only when Chu Feng finally walked out from the forbidden cultivation ground did he finally understand the reason behind that.

The entire Conquerstar Mountain Villa had been destroyed. Clouds of dust drifted amidst collapsed buildings here and there. There was nothing but ruins left in the wake of the previous grandeur of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa.

There weren’t too many casualties in this incident, but it was still shocking to see a lineage that had been passed down through generations was no longer existent anymore.

Without a doubt, this was the doing of the Moon Immortal.

The crowd from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa might have escaped, but the fury of the Moon Immortal remained unabated. So, she chose to destroy the Conquerstar Mountain Villa so as to vent her anger.

However, Chu Feng wasn’t too concerned about this. 

What his mind was preoccupied with right now was just to find a beautiful area where he could spend his time together with Su Rou and Su Mei before they parted at daylight. They didn’t have much time left together, so he was planning on cherishing every second they had together.

Even if he couldn’t do what he wanted to do, he wanted to make the time they spent together fruitful.

In the end, they stopped by the side of a lake.

There was nothing special about this lake other than its clear water, but the grass field around it was a little unique. 

The grass here was not green but pink, and even though there was not a single flower to be seen here, there was still a slight refreshing aroma lingering in the area.

In the midst of such a beautiful grass field, Chu Feng used his spirit power to construct a luxurious palace.

Just like that, together with Su Rou and Su Mei, they lay down on the grass field. They enjoyed the slight breeze coming from the lake together, watched the orange sun set by the horizon together, and relished in the most natural beauty of the world together.

Chu Feng was in a really good mood at the moment, but it wasn’t just because of the beautiful surroundings he was in.

There were plenty of beautiful sights one could see within the vast world of cultivators, such that there was hardly anything that could awe Chu Feng anymore. What that gave rise to his good mood were the people accompanying him—Su Rou and Su Mei.

When a cloak of darkness cast over the sky, revealing clusters of twinkling stars, the sight was even more breathtaking.

The three of them spent the night chatting happily with one another.

However, the ones who kept asking questions was Su Mei and Su Rou, and the one to keep answering was Chu Feng. The two of them were simply too curious to know what Chu Feng had gone through for his cultivation to grow so swiftly.

So, Chu Feng simply kept talking and talking. It was just that he had gone through far too much, such that even ten days wouldn’t have been enough for him to finish his story.

In the end, Chu Feng gave up on sharing his story, and instead, he began reminiscing the previous times he had spent together with Su Rou and Su Mei.

As the three of them talked about the days they had spent together in the Azure Dragon School, blissful smiles crept onto their faces.

The three of them might have been very weak then, but the memories that they had made together were more precious than anything else. Those were the days that they had spent the most time together.

Time ticked fast, especially during joyous reunions.

Before the three of them could fully relish in their reunions, darkness had already begun receding from the skyline, and a flicker of light had begun appearing from the eastern horizon.

Looking as the sun slowly rose, Chu Feng’s joyous mood slowly dampened. His words became fewer and fewer, and he embraced Su Rou and Su Mei tightly.

Su Rou and Su Mei didn’t probe into Chu Feng’s abrupt silence either, choosing to quietly hug him back.

They knew that the time they had together was limited.

When the sun finally rose up once more, the Moon Immortal would take the two of them away with her. They just wanted to enjoy the final bit of time they had together quietly.

In the end, the sun still rose over the sky once more.

“Lil Rou, Lil Mei, if I were to cover the sky right now and plunge it into darkness right now, do you think that Elder Moon Immortal would allow you to accompany me for a little longer?” Chu Feng pointed to the sky as he asked.

He wasn’t just joking around. The current him already possessed the prowess to plunge the sky into darkness.


Those words made Su Rou and Su Mei chuckle a little.

Su Mei turned to Chu Feng and laughed, “Chu Feng, do you think our big sister Moon Immortal is a fool? She will see through your deception right away!”

Su Rou and Su Mei had confidence in Chu Feng’s strength, but they knew that there was no way he could deceive the Moon Immortal.

Chu Feng knew this very well too. He was just asking for the sake of it.

“Hai, I really wonder when we can meet one another again,” Chu Feng said with a deep sigh.

“It’ll be thirty years at most.”

Su Rou and Su Mei spoke in unison. Their voices were slightly different from one another, but the tones they spoke in were the exact same.

Chu Feng quickly released the duo in his embrace and stood back up, greeting, “Elder Moon Immortal.”

Chu Feng’s attitude suddenly turned a little respectful.

He knew that the person standing before him was no longer Su Rou and Su Mei anymore but the Moon Immortal.

Indeed, as Su Rou and Su Mei stood back up, the gazes they directed toward Chu Feng no longer carried tenderness and adoration anymore.

“Chu Feng, I owe you, Lil Rou and Lil Mei. However, you can be assured that I, the Moon Immortal, am a person who repays her debt,” the Moon Immortal told Chu Feng.

“Elder Moon Immortal, are you planning to leave right away? May I know where you are heading to?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m not too sure either, but I reckon that I’ll be leaving the Nine Souls Galaxy,” the Moon Immortal replied.

“Elder Moon Immortal, there’s a matter which I would like to consult you on,” Chu Feng said.

“Feel free to speak,” the Moon Immortal said.

“Do you know a way to assimilate the Conquerstar Demon Flower?” Chu Feng asked.

“The Conquerstar Demon Flower?”

Hearing those three words, the gaze of the Moon Immortal immediately turned grave.

“Chu Feng, you mustn’t set your eyes on the Conquerstar Demon Flower!”

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