Chapter 4517: Intermittent Happiness (Teaser)

Chapter 4517: Intermittent Happiness

“Alright, Chu Feng. You need not feel too sad about this. Big sister Moon Immortal really treats us quite well,” Su Rou told Chu Feng.

“Yeah, big sister Moon Immortal has been really nice to us!” Su Mei also nodded in agreement as well.

Hearing how these two lasses were calling the Moon Immortal so intimately, paying careful heed to her feelings, Chu Feng could tell that they sincerely cared a lot for one another.


The formation around the Divine Cavern suddenly dissipated.



Following that, cracks began appearing on the walls and ceiling of the Divine Cavern, and it spread extremely quickly. In the blink of an eye, it had already filled every nook and cranny in here, such that fragments were starting to fall from the ceiling.

The Divine Cavern began shaking loosely, and it looked...

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