Chapter 4514: Sent Running In Fear

Chapter 4514: Sent Running In Fear

“Chu Feng?!”

“Big brother Chu Feng?!”

Su Mei and Su Rou noticed Chu Feng at the same moment as the Moon Immortal.

Compared to the shock of the Moon Immortal, Su Mei and Su Rou felt their emotions pouring out like a torrent.

Su Rou was still able to retain her composure, responding with just a smile, but Su Mei had leaped up in excitement, cheering and shouting ecstatically, fully portraying the emotions she was feeling at the moment.

“It really is big brother Chu Feng! Hahaha! I told you, there’s no way I would feel wrongly! There’s no way I would mistake his aura for anyone else!” Su Mei exclaimed in excitement.

A slight smile also formed on the moon Immortal’s face as well. She could tell that Chu Feng was here to save them.

“Chu Feng, you’re courting death!!!”

On the other hand, seeing the enemy who had inflicted grievous harm to his junior standing before him once more, Hun Lei was stunned for a brief moment before his rage came erupting out of him.


But before Hun Lei could make a move, Chu Feng had already flitted right in front of him, with a loud ‘pu!’, Chu Feng’s sword had already plunged into Hun Lei’s dantian.


Hun Lei stared at Chu Feng in disbelief.

To his shock, Chu Feng’s cultivation had also reached rank nine Utmost Exalted level, just like him!

But it was just a moment ago that Chu Feng was still stuck at rank eight Utmost Exalted level even after using all of his means. It was precisely because Chu Feng was unable to match him that he fled in a fluster earlier, mistakenly escaping into the dangerous Demon Cavern.

So why would his cultivation rise all of a sudden?

“I won’t be giving you any chance this time around!” Chu Feng said as he swung his sword furiously.


Fresh blood splattered all around the place, and just like that, Hun Lei was severed into two parts from head down.

He had lost not just his cultivation but his life too!

Seeing that Hun Lei had fallen, the other disciples of the Locksoul Sect didn’t dare to dilly-dally at all. They quickly turned around to take flight too.

“I could have spared you all, but not anymore. None of you will be getting out of here alive today. If there’s life after death, make sure to get into your head that there are some people whom you simply can’t touch in this world!” 

As Chu Feng said those words, his silhouette suddenly vanished from everyone’s sight.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

A few metallic gleams flashed across the air, and sword rays ravaged the surroundings.

There was not a single scream of anguish, but all of the disciples of the Locksoul Sect had already died. Even though their auras still lingered in the area, their lives had already come to an end from the moment that the sword rays sliced across their necks.

The crowd looked at Chu Feng in utter horror.

They simply couldn’t understand how Chu Feng was still alive after entering the Demon Cavern. Not only so, his cultivation even rose!

It was the same Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Divine Power that he was using, but his cultivation was no longer at rank eight but at rank nine Utmost Exalted level!

That went to show that his real cultivation had risen up to rank six Utmost Exalted level, and that he had managed to make a breakthrough.

They couldn’t understand just how Chu Feng could make a breakthrough in a place as dangerous as the Demon Cavern.

It wasn’t just the crowd within the forbidden cultivation ground who was intimidated by the means that Chu Feng had displayed; those outside were also frightened as well.

And this rang especially true for the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master.

The Villa Master had already found out everything that was happening within the cavern by now.

“Villa Master, what do we do now? How should we curb those demonesses?”

The elders had also noticed what was happening, and they were feeling panicked at the moment.

“There’s no way to curb them anymore. Let’s go. We need to pack our belongings and leave this place as quickly as possible!” the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master said.

“Leave this place? Are we doing to abandon the Conquerstar Mountain Villa?”

“Lord Villa Master, are those demonesses really that frightening? Aren’t their cultivation still quite weak? Even if they manage to assimilate the Conquerstar Immortal Grass, surely we can’t be utterly helpless against them, right?”

A lot of elders voiced their skepticism toward the decision made by the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master.

“You don’t get it, she’s not just any cultivator! If she were to assimilate the energy within the Conquerstar Immortal Grass, her cultivation would surely grow by an unbelievable extent! Given her personality, she would surely exact vengeance on us for what we did. Our Conquerstar Mountain Villa will vanish completely from the face of the world!” the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master said.

The frightened look on the face of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master told the elders that the situation was far more dire than what they were imagining.

So, they quickly got to action, escaping from this villa before the Moon Immortal came.


Meanwhile, outside the Divine Cavern, the crowd didn’t know that the entire Conquerstar Mountain Villa was already preparing to evacuate from the area.

Chu Feng stared at the Moon Immortal, and the Moon Immortal looked back at him.

Neither side said a word, and the crowd didn’t dare to butt in either. A weird atmosphere drifted within the Divine Cavern.

“Are you all still waiting here to watch a commotion?”

A voice suddenly shattered this slightly bizarre atmosphere.

It was Shengguang Jin’an.

Hearing those words, the crowd came back to their senses and quickly fled the scene.

Those who were more daring bade their farewell to Chu Feng whereas the more timid ones turned tail and fled.

In just a few moments, the only ones left in the area were Chu Feng and the Moon Immortal.

“So you were really the one helping me. How did you manage to grow so quickly?” the Moon Immortal finally spoke up.

There was a complicated look in her eyes as she looked at Chu Feng.

The latter was still a weakling when they parted from one another. Back then, never had she expected that a day would come when she would be saved by Chu Feng.

“I did manage to grow a bit. I was lucky,” Chu Feng replied with a smile. “Elder, are Lil Rou and Lil Mei still doing well?”

“They’re fine. However, there is still something that I need to do. Can you wait for a moment? I’ll let you all reminisce with one another later on,” the Moon Immortal said.

“Please go ahead,” Chu Feng replied.

He knew what the Moon Immortal was going to do.

The Moon Immortal sat down on the ground once more and began to assimilate the energy of the Conquerstar Immortal Grass again.

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