Chapter 4513: Shocked Gazes

Chapter 4513: Shocked Gazes

The disciples of the Locksoul immediately rushed up to Hun Lei in the next moment to assist him.

While Hun Lei might have betrayed them, he was also the only pillar of support for them over here. If something were to happen here, the rest of them would surely be goners too.

“I’m fine. Stabilize Hun Yong’s cultivation first!” Hun Lei said.

“Senior Hun Lei, Senior Hun Yong’s injuries are simply too severe. His cultivation has already been completely crushed, such that we can’t restore his cultivation even with treasures anymore,” a disciple of the Locksoul Sect replied.

“Completely crushed? What do you mean by that?” Hun Lei asked with a darkened expression.

“That fellow was simply too vicious. He crushed Senior Hun Yong’s cultivation through and through, destroying his entire dantian. There’s no way to treat him anymore. I fear that it’ll be hard for Senior Hun Yong to cultivate ever again!” the disciples of the Locksoul Sect exclaimed.

“That bastard! Where are those two women? Bring them here!” Hun Lei bellowed furiously.

By those two women, he was referring to Song Yun and Song Xue’er.

“They have already escaped. We couldn’t find them anywhere. However, Senior Hun Lei, it seems like that fellow from before is in cahoots with those two burglars. We can exact vengeance on him by counting his debt on those two burglars!” the disciples of the Locksoul Sect said.

Hearing those words, a vicious glint flashed across Hun Lei’s eyes.

He had indeed heard from Chu Feng earlier that those two women inside the Divine Cavern were Chu Feng’s wives. Compared to dealing with Song Yun and Song Xue’er, it would be a far better vengeance on Chu Feng to torture his wives instead.

Hun Lei quickly sat down to recuperate from his injuries, and once his condition had stabilized, he began making his way into the Divine Cavern.

Understanding Hun Lei’s intention, the rest of them also quickly followed too.

Even though Hun Lei didn’t have any treasures that allowed him to control the formation anymore, he still managed to proceed ahead smoothly with the help of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master.

Soon, they arrived at where Su Rou and Su Mei were at.

“Wow, they are really as beautiful as they were depicted on the paintings!”

In the moment that the crowd set their eyes on Su Rou and Su Mei, they were drawn to the beauty they possessed.

Su Rou and Su Mei were ravishing beauties in their own rights, and despite some similarities they shared in their appearances, they had vastly different dispositions from one another.

Su Rou was sexy and tantalizing.

Su Mei was sweet and adorable.

Their appearances were already more than enough to capture any men in this world, and years of cultivating with the Moon Immortal had granted them a transcendental aura that ordinary people lacked.

To the crowd, it felt as if they were looking at fairies who had descended from a higher world. There were simply too few women like them in the world.

“Demonesses, you dare to wreak havoc in the Conquerstar Mountain Villa! I’ll take your life today!”

Such furious shouts sounded from the disciples of the Locksoul Sect.

They couldn’t capture Chu Feng to even things out with him, so they could only direct their fury toward Su Rou and Su Mei. 

However, what they didn’t know was that the two people they were seeing at the moment was really one entity, and that was the Moon Immortal.

The Moon Immortal paid no heed to the crowd before her.

It was not that she didn’t notice them; on the contrary, she had sensed them approaching all this while.

The others were still within her means to deal with, but Hun Lei would indeed pose some threat to her in her current state.

The Moon Immortal knew that it was pointless to argue with these people, so she focused her effort entirely on assimilating the Conquerstar Immortal Grass. As long as she could fully assimilate it, she would be able to turn the tables around.

Putting aside these small fries before her, even the entire Conquerstar Mountain Villa would be crushed under the rage!

“What arrogant demonesses! Let’s see how high and mighty you can get!”

Seeing how Su Rou and Su Mei paid no heed to them, turning their heads away after shooting them a glance, they felt deeply insulted. So, they began to charge ahead to attack them.

However, there was a powerful barrier surrounding Su Rou and Su Mei at the moment, rendering their efforts futile.

Left with no choice, they eventually turned their sights to Hun Lei.

However, Hun Lei knew very well that the formation was also way beyond his means to deal with at the moment, but he didn’t lose his cool. Instead, he shouted out loud, “Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and open up this formation so that I can kill these two demonesses!”

Needless to say, those words were directed toward the Villa Master.

Had it been anywhere else, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master might not have been able to hear his words. However, this Divine Cavern was the place where the formation was the strongest, so it was almost certain that the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master would be able to sense and hear whatever they were doing and saying through the formation.

In fact, it was the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master who told him this himself.


As expected, as soon as those words were spoken, some changes immediately occurred within the formation.

The pressure that had been suppressing the Moon Immortal all this while suddenly vanished, and instead, it began to tear down the barrier trapping the Moon Immortal.

“This feeling… Damn it!” 

Sensing the changes in the formation, the Moon Immortal fell into a state of panic.

It was with the abrupt help of an outsider earlier that she was still able to withstand the attacks from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master, but now that the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master was no longer directing his aggression toward the Moon Immortal anymore, the help of the outsider was rendered useless.

Even though the Moon Immortal managed to wrestle over some control over the formation, she was still unable to overpower the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master. After all, the true overseer of the formation was the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master.

In just a few moments, the barrier was already on the verge of bursting apart.

A tight knit formed on the Moon Immortal’s forehead. She couldn’t retain her composure anymore.

If Hun Lei and the others were to barge in at this crucial moment, she wasn’t confident that she would be able to stand her ground.

“Look, those two demonesses are panicking! Haha, to think that they would feel such emotions too!”

“Don’t worry, you have much to suffer for later on!”

“Hey hey, don’t kill them right away. We’re going to make them suffer a fate worse than death!”

“Yeah, what a pity it would be to waste their good looks, don’t you think so?”

The disciples of the Locksoul Sect cheered in glee, and some of them even had licentious smiles on their faces.

Most of them agreed with that course of action. They would first vent themselves against those two demonesses before slowly torturing them.

After all, they had already learned that those two beauties were Chu Feng’s wives, and there was no more cruel revenge than to humiliate him in such a manner.


A figure suddenly swooped right in at this moment, slaughtering his way through the hordes of Locksoul Sect’s disciples.


The disciples who were speaking all sorts of dirty talks toward Su Mei and Su Rou earlier collapsed onto the floor with anguished cries.

Blood splattered all over the place, staining the entire area crimson.

As it turned out, someone had leaped into their midst, and with each slash of his blade, he tore through the fleshes of the Locksoul Sect’s disciples.

By the time the crowd finally regained their senses, those disciples were already reduced to a mishmash of flesh and blood.

More importantly, the most important place that symbolized their manhood had been chopped into pieces.

“T-this is?!?!”

When the crowd finally got a good look at the face of the intruder who had entered their midst, their faces immediately warped in shock.

Even the Moon Immortal had risen to her feet from the sheer astonishment of what she saw!

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