Chapter 4513: Shocked Gazes (Teaser)

Chapter 4513: Shocked Gazes

The disciples of the Locksoul immediately rushed up to Hun Lei in the next moment to assist him.

While Hun Lei might have betrayed them, he was also the only pillar of support for them over here. If something were to happen here, the rest of them would surely be goners too.

“I’m fine. Stabilize Hun Yong’s cultivation first!” Hun Lei said.

“Senior Hun Lei, Senior Hun Yong’s injuries are simply too severe. His cultivation has already been completely crushed, such that we can’t restore his cultivation even with treasures anymore,” a disciple of the Locksoul Sect replied.

“Completely crushed? What do you mean by that?” Hun Lei asked with a darkened expression.

“That fellow was simply too vicious. He crushed Senior Hun Yong’s cultivation through and through, destroying his entire dantian. There’s no...

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