Chapter 4509: Who Is It?

Chapter 4509: Who Is It?

Soon, a junior of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa was sent into the forbidden cultivation ground to inform Hun Yong of the change in situation.

Hun Yong was skeptical to hear that Hun Lei had betrayed them, feeling that there was something deeper behind this, but when he heard that he would be able to receive twice the reward by killing the Moon Immortal, he decided to carry out the orders he was given.

So, he first pinned the crime of stealing everyone’s bloodline powers onto the Moon Immortal before secretly using the treasure the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master has given him in order to breach the barrier sealing off the Divine Cavern and Demon Cavern.

The only problem was that breaking open the barrier was no easy feat at all, and it would require quite some time.

“This is bad.”

At the same time, Chu Feng sensed what Hun Yong was up to. 

He had no idea why Hun Yong would suddenly change his course of actions, but he was certain that the latter’s movements would be to the detriment of the Moon Immortal. He had to stop Hun Yong from entering the Divine Cavern.

However, it just so happened that the formation core that Chu Feng was in control of didn’t have the authority to manage the barrier that was sealing off the Divine Cavern, meaning that he would have to do it himself.

But if Chu Feng were to leave right now, the Moon Immortal would be unable to withstand the pressure that the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master was exerting on her through the formation.

By then, the Moon Immortal would be forced to stop her assimilation of the Conquerstar Immortal Grass.

But soon enough, Chu Feng found a solution to the situation.

He would construct a new formation in order to control the formation core in his place and fuse everyone’s bloodline powers into it, thus allowing him to continue warding off the pressure from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master even when he was no longer in the area.

With such a thought in mind, he quickly began constructing the new formation.

However, right when he finished up the formation, he stumbled upon yet another problem.

Ultimately, using a formation in place of him to control the formation core had its own detriments too. It was unable to control the energy of the bloodline powers as efficiently as Chu Feng could.

As such, the energy of the bloodline powers would expend exceptionally quickly, such that he wouldn’t be able to sustain the formation in the long term.

But by the current looks of it, Hun Yong was already on the verge of breaking open the barrier to the Divine Cavern, so Chu Feng had no choice but to extract his bloodline power as well and fuse it into the formation.

Such an act wouldn’t damage his foundation, but his bloodline power would be significantly weakened in the short-term, affecting his ability to use the Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and other means.

However, there was no choice but for him to do so.

He quickly infused his bloodline powers into the formation, and by the end of it, his face was already as pale as a sheet of paper, and cold sweat was dripping down his body.

He had overexerted himself and needed to rest right away, but there was no time for that now. So, he quickly consumed a few recovery pills before rushing over to the entrance of the Divine Cavern.

It was just that Chu Feng didn’t realize that right after he left, the copper cauldron that harnessed the power of assimilation shuddered a little, and the lid wavered a little too.


The crowd before the Divine Cavern mostly had their bloodline powers extracted from them, putting them in a weakened state. Some of those with stronger cultivation were still able to stand on their feet, but most people were either lying on the floor helplessly or completely fainted over.

In fact, there were even some who might never wake up ever again.

Oblivious to the truth, they directed their rage toward the Moon Immortal.

Those who still had strength lent their aid to Hun Yong to help him tear down the formation. Those who didn’t have strength left simply cursed at the Moon Immortal while glaring at the Divine Cavern hatefully.

Countless vile terms were used on the Moon Immortal.

“Shut your mouths! If I were to hear anyone insult them once more, I’ll rip their mouths apart!”

All of a sudden, a furious bellow sounded in the sky, causing everyone to jolt in fear. Even Hun Yong was no exception.

Hearing that the person was speaking on behalf of the two burglars inside the Divine Cavern, the crowd immediately thought that the accomplice of the burglars had arrived.

But when they turned around to take a look, their fear receded and their rage intensified. This was because the person who had just shouted out was no other than Chu Feng.

A weakling who wasn’t even a match for a rank four Utmost Exalted level was actually threatening them?

“You are the accomplices of those two burglars? Hah, that means that you’re also responsible for stealing our bloodline powers. Since that’s the case, you deserve to die too!”

A disciple from the Locksoul Sect charged forward and made his move. He was the same rank four Utmost Exalted level disciple who attacked Chu Feng earlier on.

He was also weakened due to having his bloodline powers extracted, so he didn’t tap into his martial power for this attack. Instead, he charged toward Chu Feng with his physical body, aiming to ram the latter down.

From the murderous intent he was emanating, his goal was not just to teach Chu Feng a lesson but to claim his life.


But barely after he came close to Chu Feng, he suddenly froze in place.

When everyone got a clearer view of the situation, their eyes widened in shock.

Chu Feng’s hand, like the talons of an eagle, had grappled the neck of the rank four Utmost Exalted level disciple tightly.

“You should have never provoked me in the first place.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng tightened his grip, and the neck of the rank four Utmost Exalted level disciple was snapped into two. Following that, Chu Feng tossed the latter aside casually with a flick of his wrist.

When he crashed down onto the floor, the crowd all gasped in shock.

The rank four Utmost Exalted level disciple had already breathed his last.

“You bastard, I’ll tear you apart!”

Furious howls suddenly sounded from all around. They were from the other disciples of the Locksoul Sect.

They couldn’t remain idle after seeing how their fellow sect member had been killed right before their eyes.

But before they could make their moves, Chu Feng suddenly exerted his oppressive might down on them, knocking all of them over.

“Rank five Utmost Exalted level?”

Sensing Chu Feng’s aura, everyone immediately realized why Chu Feng was able to defeat the rank four Utmost Exalted level disciple of the Locksoul Sect so easily.

“That fellow has actually been hiding his strength all this while!”

After sensing Chu Feng’s cultivation, the crowd, who had been berating Chu Feng all this while, hurriedly zipped up their mouths. They were afraid that they would be the next one to be killed if they were to continue yapping their mouths off.

Chu Feng’s prowess had indeed scared most of the crowd, but there was one person who stood unfazed, and he was no other than the genius of the Locksoul Sect, Hun Yong.

“You are really seeking death!”

Hun Yong stopped what he was doing and turned around to face Chu Feng. Killing intent could be seen boiling in his eyes.

The crowd was more than delighted to see how Hun Yong had turned against Chu Feng. They might not be a match for Chu Feng, but given Hun Yong’s prowess, he was surely able to deal with Chu Feng easily.

After all, Hun Yong was a rank seven Utmost Exalted level cultivator!


But in the next instant, a flash of lightning streaked across the sky.

By the time everyone realized what was going on, there was not a single person around who could remain calm anymore. Even Shengguang Jin’an couldn’t conceal the shock on his face.

The lightning had originated from Chu Feng. 

In a flash, Chu Feng rushed right toward Hun Yong and pierced through the latter’s dantian with his hand.

Rank eight Utmost Exalted level, that was the aura that everyone was feeling from Chu Feng at this very moment.

“That fellow… I-is he a monster?!”

Everyone trembled in such great fear that they couldn’t even remain coherent in their words anymore.

They saw the Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead and the Lightning Armor he was donning, as well as a Divine Power that should have never appeared on someone who had the Heavenly Bloodline!

It was these three powers that had raised Chu Feng’s cultivation all the way up to rank eight Utmost Exalted level!

This was a feat that even prodigies like Hun Yong and Hun Lei were unable to accomplish. In fact, they had never heard of a junior that had been able to do all of this despite only being in Utmost Exalted level.

An ominous feeling gushed into the hearts of the crowd.

“Just who in the world is this fellow?”

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