Chapter 4508: It Can’t Be Chu Feng

Chapter 4508: It Can’t Be Chu Feng

“If it really is a hallucination, it can’t be that both me and my elder sister are feeling the same thing simultaneously. Big sister Moon Immortal, are you really unable to sense it?” Su Mei asked.

“Let’s find a way to get out of here first. I know that you miss your big brother Chu Feng, but just give me 30 more years. If I’m still unable to find what I need in 30 more years, I’ll let you find your big brother Chu Feng,” the Moon Immortal said.

“Big sister Moon Immortal, that’s not what we mean. We are just…” Su Rou and Su Mei thought that the Moon Immortal was misunderstanding what they meant, so they quickly tried to explain themselves.

However, the Moon Immortal simply smiled gently and said, “Lil Rou, Lil Mei, there’s no need to get nervous. I’m not saying those words out of anger. That’s my true intention.

“I know the pain of yearning for someone. I’m at fault for wilfully separating you from Chu Feng over my own selfish intention. Besides, I’m slowly losing track of him. Initially, I was convinced that he was alive, just that he’s at a place where it’s hard for me to find, but right now, I’m already not sure whether he’s still alive anymore…

“I can’t continue living on like this. It’s one thing to waste my time, but I can’t afford to waste yours too. So, I decided to cap it at 30 years instead. Just give me another 30 more years, and if I still can’t find anything by then, I’ll give up on it.”

“Big sister Moon Immortal…”

Su Rou and Su Mei still wanted to say something about this, but barely after they opened their mouths, the Moon Immortal had already interjected.

“It’s alright, Lil Rou, Lil Mei. This matter is decided. I was the one who forcefully took your bodies back then, so I should be the one to decide when I return it back to you.”

The Moon Immortal suddenly took a more forceful stance.

“In any case, what we have to do now is to assimilate the Conquerstar Immortal Grass. As long as we can fully assimilate its energy, I’ll be able to raise my cultivation greatly, and this formation will no longer be able to trap me anymore.

“The Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master actually has the galls to deceive me. I’ll make him pay the price for it and erase the entire Conquerstar Mountain Villa from the face of this world!”

At this moment, Su Rou and Su Mei’s faces hardened in anger as a vicious glint flashed across their eyes.

This was a reflection of how the Moon Immortal was feeling.

She was a person who would do what she said, so she quickly sat down and began forming a few hand seals to assimilate the Conquerstar Immortal Grass that she had swallowed.

Meanwhile, while Chu Feng was unable to communicate with the Moon Immortal, he was able to see her movements. Furthermore, the connection the Conquerstar Immortal Grass had a profound connection with the formation. 

As such, Chu Feng was able to easily figure out what the Moon Immortal was trying to do.


“This feeling?”

But all of a sudden, Chu Feng felt another surge of energy crushing down toward the Moon Immortal.

While this energy was insufficient to take down the Moon Immortal, it could impede the Moon Immortal from assimilating the Conquerstar Immortal Grass.

“That bastard Villa Master! If I were to ever get out of here, I’ll make you pay the price for your actions!”

The Moon Immortal could sense the sudden surge of energy too, and the rage on her face grew even greater than before.

She knew that the one interfering with her was no other than the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master.

“This aura… Could it be?!”

But soon, a complicated look surfaced on the face of the Moon Immortal. The surge of energy coming at her had vanished, and at the same time, she sensed a different yet familiar aura—Chu Feng’s aura.

In truth, when Su Rou and Su Mei mentioned that they had sensed Chu Feng’s aura, the Moon Immortal also sensed it as well.

It was just that the aura was too faint, and Su Rou and Su Mei had been pining for him for a very long time. Considering that the Moon Immortal was sharing their bodies, it wasn’t impossible for her to have felt wrongly.

But in this very moment, she could feel Chu Feng’s aura growing stronger and stronger by the moment, and it was infused within the formation. In fact, she could vaguely sense that the onslaught from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master was curbed by no other than Chu Feng’s presence.

“Lil Rou, Lil Mei, do you feel it too? It seems like the aura of your big brother Chu Feng is getting clearer and clearer,” the Moon Immortal asked the two sisters.

“Yes, we can feel it. It’s definitely him! Big sister Moon Immortal, do you feel it too? Could big brother Chu Feng have come here to help us because he knew that we were in trouble?”

Hearing the Moon Immortal affirming what they were sensing, Su Mei couldn’t help but feel deeply agitated.

The Moon Immortal, however, didn’t respond to that question. She wasn’t that certain anymore.

Instead, it was the rational Su Rou who spoke up then, “Lil Mei, it can’t be Chu Feng. Even though Chu Feng’s talent is above yours and mine, there’s no way he could have grown so quickly as to be able to tamper with this formation too.”

Those words made Su Mei fall silent.

Indeed. Even if Chu Feng was incredibly talented, there was a limit to how much he could grow within this period of time.

Back when they last parted, the Moon Immortal’s prowess was far above that of Chu Feng’s. During this period of time, the Moon Immortal had been growing at a rapid pace  far beyond their imagination too.

In their view, the Moon Immortal was a deity whereas they, including Chu Feng, were just mortals.

Even if Chu Feng had been trying his best to run ahead, there was no way he could keep up with the Moon Immortal’s footsteps.

If even the Moon Immortal was having such great trouble dealing with this formation, how could Chu Feng possibly have the ability to help the Moon Immortal?

Sensing Su Mei’s disappointment, the Moon Immortal sighed deeply and said, “Lil Rou, Lil Mei, let’s not think about this for the time being. Let’s focus our efforts on assimilating the Conquerstar Immortal Grass. As long as we grasp control of the situation, we’ll able to uncover the truth for ourselves.”

“You’re right, big sister Moon Immortal. You should focus on assimilating the Cnquerstar Immortal Grass then,” the two sisters replied in unison.

The Moon Immortal wasn’t certain why there would be such changes in the formation, but if one thing was for sure, this situation was advantageous to her. She had to make use of this opportunity to turn the tables around.


“That bastard!”

At the same time, in a grand palace inside the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, a furious roar sounded.

“What the hell is Hun Lei doing? Instead of using the treasure I have given him to assimilate the Moon Immortal, he’s using the power of the formation to go against me instead? Is he out of his mind?!?!” 

It was the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master.

There was also a formation within this grand palace, and it served as one of the formation cores of the formation inside the forbidden cultivation ground.

It was through this formation core that he was able to trap and suppress the Moon Immortal inside the forbidden cultivation ground.

However, he realized that instead of helping him, Hun Lei was discreetly helping the Moon Immortal out. This made him feel incredibly frustrated.

“Lord Villa Master, could it be that Hun Lei has betrayed us? But this doesn’t make sense! What does he have to earn from this? He isn’t acquainted with the Moon Immortal as far as I know!” 

The elders of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa were gathered inside the grand palace as well, and they were pacing around in frustration. They were unable to make sense out of why Hun Lei would turn against htem too.

Meanwhile, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master was contemplating over the situation before finally issuing an order, “Send someone in to inform Hun Yong that the situation has changed, and he’s to open the barrier right away and enter the Divine Cavern. As long as he’s able to kill the Moon Immortal, I’ll pay him twice the reward!”

“But Lord Villa Master, if we were to kill the Moon Immortal, we wouldn’t be able to use her energy to induce a transformation in the Conquerstar Immortal Grass!” an elder of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa exclaimed in response.

They were aware that they had to assimilate the Moon Immortal alive in order to fuse her into the Conquerstar Immortal Grass properly. If the Moon Immortal were to be killed, the plans that they had meticulously put in place would be ruined!

“The situation has already gone too awry for us. Hun Lei has been impeding me with the formation core, which means that it’s likely that the Moon Immortal has already started to assimilate the Conquerstar Immortal Grass. If she were to succeed, her cultivation would surely grow by leaps and bounds. By then, our entire Counquerstar Mountain Villa would be dead meat!” the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master said grimly.

“Lord Villa Master, I’ll have it done right away!”

Hearing those words, the leaders of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa immediately rushed out without any hesitation to send their juniors over to inform Hun Yong of the new situation.

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