Chapter 4507: A Familiar Scent

Chapter 4507: A Familiar Scent

It was a rather risky move to ask Hun Lei and Hun Yong for help, but the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master didn’t have much choice. It was a race for time over here. If the Moon Immortal managed to fully assimilate the Conquerstar Immortal Grass, it would really be a huge tragedy.

So, in order to hasten things up, he told the two of them about the records left behind by the ancestors of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa.

These records detailed that in order to control the formation core located beneath the mountain range, on top of having a junior with powerful cultivation, they would need the bloodline powers of other juniors in order to increase the chances of success as well.

So as to ensure Hun Lei and Hun Yong’s success, he decided to concoct a ploy. 

Naturally, it went without saying that he wouldn’t sacrifice the juniors of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa if he had any way around it. 

So, he chose to frame the Moon Immortal for stealing the Conquerstar Immortal Grass and sent out a declaration to recruit the help of the strongest juniors in the Nine Souls Galaxy to help him to apprehend the Moon Immortal.

His true purpose, of course, was just to lure them here to use their bloodline powers for the formation core.

The test at the entrance mainly served to filter out those whose bloodline power was beneath a certain mark so as to maximize the chances of success.

The initial intention of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master was to kill all of these people after extracting their bloodline powers so that they could frame everything on the Moon Immortal later on. 

Yet, who could have thought that an impediment to their plan would appear—Shengguang Jin’an!

Shengguang Jin’an was simply too interested in the burglars, such that no matter how the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master tried to talk him out of it, he simply insisted on entering the forbidden cultivation ground to meet the burglars for himself.

No matter what, Shengguang Jin’an was still a member of the Holy Light Clan. The Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master dared not to offend the Holy Light Clan, so naturally, he couldn’t allow Shengguang Jin’an to die here.

Otherwise, if the Holy Light Clan were to look into it and uncover the truth behind it, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa might really be eradicated from the face of the world.

That was the reason why they ended up putting up a show together with Hun Yong and Hun Lei in the end.

So far, this scheme was only known by the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master, elders, Hun Yong, and Hun Lei. Not even the other disciples of the Locksoul Sect were aware of this matter.

All of the juniors lying out there, with the exception of Hun Yong, were all having their bloodline power forcefully extracted, and this was including the disciples from Locksoul Sect.

Looking at it from this perspective, Hun Yong and Hun Lei sure were vicious. For their own benefit, they had no qualms betraying their seniors and juniors, extracting their bloodline powers in order to activate the formation core.

The agreement they made with the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master was that they would use the bloodline powers from the crowd in order to activate the formation core.

Meanwhile, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master would control the formation from the outside to assimilate the Moon Immortal.

As long as everything proceeded smoothly, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master would give them what he promised them.

As for the minor details regarding how the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master came to meet the Moon Immortal and such, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master didn’t say a thing, and Hun Lei couldn’t be bothered to ask about it either.

“To think that the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master dares to fool my people!”

After learning about everything that had happened, Chu Feng had already sentenced the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master to death in his heart.

That man had to die, by hook or by crook!

“Brother, I already told you everything I know. The one who deceived your wives is the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master! You should look for him if you want to exact vengeance; I’m no more than a person following orders!

“If I had known that they were your wives, I would have never dared to lay a single finger on them. Besides, I haven’t done anything at all. So, I beg you to let me off!”

Hun Lei began pleading for mercy once more after explaining the entire story.

However, faced with such a Hun Lei, Chu Feng simply sneered coldly before gesturing to the copper cauldron that harnessed the power of assimilation, saying, “Open it.”

Without any hesitation, Hun Lei immediately opened the copper cauldron.

Flickering flames reminiscent of wild beasts raged within the copper cauldron.

Chu Feng had already figured out Hun Lei’s intention. 

He was intending to channel the power of assimilation of the copper cauldron into the formation through the formation core once he took control of it. Through that, he would then devour the energies of the Moon Immortal and the Conquerstar Immortal Grass for himself.

“Hun Lei, there’s some sense in what you said. However, it just so happens that I have a small quirk—I won’t allow anyone to lay their hands on my loved ones.

“I won’t forgive it even if it was just a thought, and it looks like you were going to make a move soon had I not stopped you in time. You should have prepared yourself for death when you tried to take another person’s life. If you want to blame anyone for this, blame your own greed!” 

After saying those words, Chu Feng grabbed Hun Lei by his head. Turning a blind eye to his desperate cries and pleas for mercy, he threw Hun Lei into the copper cauldron.


The copper cauldron might be miniature in size, but it harnessed a world inside of it. If one were to release the flame inside, it could easily wipe away an entire mountain range by itself.

As such, it didn’t take long for Hun Lei’s voice to gradually fade into quietness after being tossed into the copper cauldron. 

Chu Feng placed the lid over the copper cauldron before finally reaching for the golden bowl.

Over at the Divine Cavern, Hun Yong was still oblivious to the fact that something had already happened to Hun Lei. He was still lying on the ground, feigning pain as he used the treasure in his hand to steal the bloodline powers of the crowd discreetly.

It was only till the energies of the bloodline powers had reached a peak, such that he was unable to extract anything more from the crowd, did he finally give it a rest.

As such, the energies of bloodline powers that had gathered inside the golden bowl grew to an incredibly concentrated level.

“Elder Moon Immortal, the Conquerstar Immortal Grass must have been quite important to your cultivation, right? Since that’s the case, allow me to lend you a hand then!”

Chu Feng quickly formed a series of hand seals to use the bloodline powers of the crowd in order to take control of the formation core. He had already remembered the sequence required to activate the formation core from observing Hun Lei’s actions earlier on.

Furthermore, as a skilled world spiritist himself, Chu Feng was much more proficient when it came to dealing with formations.

In just a few moments, he was able to gain control over the formation core. 

It was then that he realized that the formation core he was controlling at the moment wasn’t the main formation core of the formation.

To put it in other words, he was only able to gain a portion of the power of the entire formation after taking control of this formation core. As a result, he was still unable to communicate with the Moon Immortal through it.

Nevertheless, he was still able to use the formation core to lend the Moon Immortal a helping hand.

This formation core could be used to suppress the Moon Immortal, but similarly, it could be used to support her as well. All of it depended on the will of the person controlling the formation core.

While it would seem like the Moon Immortal was doing fine within the formation at the moment, in truth, tremendous pressure was being exerted on her at the moment, which was why she didn’t care to make any bold moves.

Chu Feng could alleviate the pressure heaped on the Moon Immortal through the formation core he controlled, thus allowing her to move more freely.

“Hm? What’s going on?”

Inside the Divine Cavern, the Moon Immortal could sense the pressure that had been gushing at her from all directions a moment ago was slowly receding.

She thought that this might still have been another ploy from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master, so she continued to assess her surroundings with a wary frown, waiting for the latter’s next move.

However, nothing happened at all even after waiting for a while. 

“Big sister Moon Immortal, I have a weird feeling.”

“I feel it too.”

Two voices suddenly sounded in the ear of the Moon Immortal. They were from Su Rou and Su Mei.

Su Rou, Su Mei, and the Moon Immortal were linked together with one another. On top of sharing the rights to control their bodies and being able to communicate with one another freely, they were also able to feel what each other were feeling.

“Lil Rou, Lil Mei, what do you mean by weird feeling?” the Moon Immortal asked.

“I seem to sense Chu Feng’s aura,” Su Rou asked uncertainly.

Her words immediately sparked Su Mei’s excitement, and she exclaimed, “Woah, big sister, you felt it too? I also sensed big brother Chu Feng’s aura! Could he be the one helping us at the moment?”

“Lil Mei, you felt it too?” Su Rou exclaimed in astonishment.

“Yeah, I felt it too. There’s no mistake about it, that’s definitely big brother Chu Feng’s aura!” Su Mei replied excitedly.

On the other hand, however, the Moon Immortal shook her head and sighed, “Are the two of you hallucinating from excessive yearning and exhaustion? How could he possibly be here?”

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