Chapter 4505: Death

Chapter 4505: Death

Hun Lei didn’t open the lid of the cauldron that harnessed the power of assimilation right away. Instead, he took a look at it before placing it down on the ground.

Following that, he sat down on the ground. He reached for his Cosmos Sack and took out another golden bowl.

There was something extraordinary about this golden bowl. There were complicated runes inscribed all over it too.

It was a treasure that even Chu Feng was unable to see through.

Hun Lei sat before the copper cauldron while holding the golden bowl in his hand, but he didn’t do anything at all. He was simply staring at the image of the Divine Cavern and Demon Cavern.

Chu Feng noticed that his gaze was fixed on Hun Yong.

Sensing that something was amiss, Chu Feng also turned his attention over to Hun Yong as well.

Hun Yong wasn’t doing anything much at the moment, and the look of anticipation on his face seemed to hint that he was waiting for something.

Then, Hun Yong moved. 

His movements were very slight. He reached into his sleeves to take out a seal that was hidden within it.


As soon as Hun Yong made that move, pained looks appeared on the faces of everyone outside the Divine Cavern, including Song Yun, Song Xue’er, and Shengguang Jin’an.

There were some, including Song Yun and Song Xue’er, who seemed a little less affected by the pain. They quickly reacted and escaped from the area as quickly as they could.

As they had run out of the projection, Chu Feng was unable to tell what their current circumstances were. Nevertheless, they should be safe now that they were no longer in Hun Yong’s vicinity anymore.

The others, however, were not as lucky. 

They were all clutching onto their heads and screaming in anguish.

Even the cultivators who were flying in the air earlier had plummeted to the ground. They wanted to escape too, but they didn’t have the strength to do so. They could only lie collapsed on the ground, screaming in agony.

“This is Hun Yong’s doing?” Chu Feng thought to himself.

Hun Yong had also fallen to the ground, clutching his head while screaming in pain just like the others, but Chu Feng could clearly tell that Hun Yong was putting on an act here.

That would mean that Hun Yong was unaffected by the peculiar state that had afflicted everyone else, indicating that he was indeed the perpetrator who had caused the current situation.

It was in order to avoid revealing himself that he was putting on an act along with the others at the moment.

“This aura…”

It was then that Chu Feng noticed that a layer of energies had begun revolving around the golden bowl in Hun Lei’s grasp. It was growing larger and larger, forming a beautiful myriad of seven colors.

Chu Feng’s gaze changed upon seeing this.

He could sense that the energies of seven colors were bloodline powers. It was the bloodline powers that had come from many different cultivators.

Chu Feng was certain that these were the bloodline powers of the cultivators outside the Divine Cavern and Demon Cavern at the moment.

It was no wonder why they would be in such great pain. It turned out that their bloodline powers were being extracted at this very moment!

“It’s indeed Hun Yong and Hun Lei’s doing! Is this the reason why they allowed the other cultivators to enter the premises too? They were planning to extract their bloodline powers forcefully?” 

Chu Feng had already roughly managed to make sense of the current situation.

Hun Yong was currently using a treasure to extract the bloodline powers of the crowd and channel it toward Hun Lei.

“These fools came in here hoping to get a slice of the pie without lifting a finger. Hah! Don’t worry, all of you will be doing your work too! It’s just a pity that a few fellows managed to get away.” 

Hun Lei laughed gleefully as he looked at the growing energies of bloodline powers gathering inside the golden bowl.

His words further affirmed Chu Feng’s guess.

They were indeed planning on making use of everyone here to turn them into nutrients.

Hun Lei didn’t make a move right away. He waited for the bloodline powers to grow to a certain level before he finally made his move.


Forming a series of hand seals, the bloodline powers rose from the golden bowl and suffused Hun Lei.

Following that, Hun Lei began to fuse the bloodline powers into the formation.

As it turned out, Hun Lei was intending to use the bloodline powers of the cultivators present in order to take control of the formation.


Soon, Hun Lei let loose a pained groan.

Even though he had managed to gather the bloodline powers of the crowd here, he still had to pay a heavy price in order to take control of the formation core.

It was no wonder why the Conquerstar Mountain Villa had recruited Hun Lei’s help instead of getting one of their juniors to do the job.

Even with everyone’s bloodline powers fueling him, Hun Lei still had to overexert himself in order to gain control over the formation. Those without sufficient cultivation would have surely blown up and died by now.

Thus, Hun Lei’s strength as a rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivator was of vital importance in order to get the job done.

While Hun Lei was in great pain at the moment, a smile still broke out on his face when he felt himself slowly gaming control of the formation.

“Those two ladies in there, I heard that you are rare cultivation treasures. I hope that you won’t let me down!”

A sinister smile formed on Hun Lei’s pained face as he looked at the projection of Su Mei and Su Rou.


But barely after he said those words, the smile on his face suddenly froze in place. A spurt of blood spat out from his mouth.

When he turned around to take a look, he saw that his dantian had already been pierced by a sword.

“It’s you?”

Hun Lei turned around to take a look, and his face warped in disbelief.

The person who had just made a move to pierce his dantian was no other than Chu Feng.

“W-who… in the world are you?” Hun Lei asked in astonishment.

He was really shaken up on the inside.

It was not just because Chu Feng had caught him off guard and assaulted him, but that there was a Divine Character Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor around him at the moment.

If that was all, Hun Lei might not have been so shocked.

But there were four Sacred Beasts harnessed within Chu Feng’s body at this very moment.

That was a Divine Power! 

Hun Lei was certain that he couldn’t have been mistaken about that.

It was already unbelievable for an Utmost Exalted level cultivator to be able to grasp two Heavenly Bloodline abilities, but to think that he would actually be able to harness a Divine Power too.

Without a doubt, Chu Feng was no ordinary individual.

On the other hand, faced with the horrified Hun Lei, Chu Feng didn’t say a word at all. He simply sneered coldly as he slowly twisted the sword he had plunged into Hun Lei.


Hun Lei let loose a bone-chilling shriek of agony. It was far worse than the groans he made when he attempted to take control of the formation.

After all, it was his dantian that Chu Feng had impaled here.

Chu Feng was destroying the cultivation that he had taken nearly a century to accumulate, inflicting pain not just on his body but his heart too.

“Let me off! I’m begging you, please spare me!” Hun Lei cried out with a desperate edge in his voice.

He was really frightened at this very moment because even though he had completely no idea what Chu Feng’s motive was, he could clearly sense Chu Feng’s killing intent.

If things were to go on at this rate, he could very well lose his life here!

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