Chapter 4504: What Are You Playing At

Chapter 4504: What Are You Playing At

As a rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivator, Hun Lei was indeed very strong. Nevertheless, Chu Feng was still able to catch up with him as long as he made haste.

With his superior skills in spirit formation, he was able to conceal himself well, such that Hun Lei was oblivious that someone was following him.

After Hun Lei left the area, he circled around the mountain range before diving into the ground. The dirt in the ground overturned swiftly, and everything that stood in his path would swiftly be dug aside.

Hun Lei didn’t keep heading forth either. He would stop from time to time to glance at his sleeves before scanning his surroundings. Then, he would readjust his direction before heading forth once more.

It would appear that he was looking for something, and he was relying on something he had hidden in his sleeves to guide his way.

Eventually, he finally arrived at his destination.

Deep beneath the ground, there was actually an underground palace. There was a plaque that wrote ‘Forbidden Grounds of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’, which made it clear that this place belonged to the Conquerstar Mountain Villa.

However, it gave off an extremely ancient scent that indicated that the underground palace was built a very long time ago, possibly by the founder of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa.

The materials that were used to construct the underground palace were incredibly resilient, allowing it to withstand the trial of time. There was also a protective formation embedded around the palace, making it difficult for intruders to enter the premises.

Even Chu Feng would have to take quite a bit of effort in order to sneak in.

However, Hun Lei walked up to the entrance of the underground palace, took out a key, and easily opened the gates.

“The Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master has indeed been telling the truth!”

Hun Lei mumbled to himself with a smile when he saw the opening gates before finally making his way in.

Chu Feng was initially still a little confused as to where Hun Lei got that key from, but Hun Lei’s mutterings immediately clarified the situation for him. It would appear that Hun Lei had quite an extraordinary relationship with the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master.

Most likely, the tool that led Hun Lei here and the key that opened the gates were all given to him by the Villa Master.

“Just what is the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master and the Locksoul Sect playing at?” Chu Feng thought with a deep frown.

The Conquerstar Mountain Villa seemed to be ushering everyone into their forbidden cultivation ground to apprehend the burglars, but for some reason, the Villa Master seemed to be pulling some strings from the shadows.

Considering the fact that Hun Lei and Hun Yong were indeed the ones most likely to apprehend the burglars, it was understandable that the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master might pin his hopes on them and give them some special leeway around.

But if that was the case, wouldn’t it be fine just to bring Hun Yong and Hun Lei in? There was no need to recruit so many of them here.

Chu Feng could vaguely catch the scent of a deeper ploy over here, but it was still too early to say for sure what it was.

For the time being, he chose to follow Hun Lei quietly to see what was going on.

It was fortunate that Hun Lei was very confident in himself, such that he was oblivious to the fact that someone had been trailing him silently all this while.

Chu Feng followed Hun Lei’s movements closely.

The structure of the underground palace was very simple. One could head straight in without being impeded by any obstacles. It didn’t take them long to arrive at the innermost area of the underground palace.

There was a shimmering bundle of light there, reminiscent of a tiny moon. It was a formation, or to be more exact, a formation core that allowed one to manipulate the energy within a formation.

Upon seeing this, Chu Feng was able to swiftly connect a few dots together.

Based on what he had heard, the energies sealing the Divine Cavern and the Demon cavern were linked to one another. If his guess was not wrong, this was the formation core that was currently sealing off the entrances to the Divine Cavern and Demon Cavern.

Hun Lei walked up to the formation core and took out an item hidden in his sleeves.

It was a spherical token that somehow resembled a key.

He put the token into the formation core, and in the next instant, numerous rays of light burst forth from the formation core and began revolving around it.

If one were to take a closer look, one would notice that there was an image hidden amidst every ray of light. Some of these images were still whereas the others were moving.

In one of these images, Chu Feng could see Hun Yong, Shengguang JIn’an, Song Yun, and the others. It was the entrances of the Divine Cavern and Demon Cavern.

This made Chu Feng realize that these images were projections of reality that were ongoing at the very moment. Most likely, the formation had the ability to create a projection of any sight that was within its range.

So, Chu Feng began taking a closer look at the revolving lights, and all of a sudden, his face stiffened.

He found what he was looking for.

There were two familiar figures in one of these rays of light—Su Rou and Su Mei.

The two of them didn’t look too different from how they did when they last parted. Su Rou still looked as entrancingly sexy as she did back then, as Su Mei was still as sweet and adorable as ever.

Thinking about it, it had been quite some time since they had last met, but Chu Feng’s heart still pounded upon seeing them once more.

These were the two women whom he had grown up and braved through life and death situations together with. These were the two women whom he loved deeply.

Su Rou and Su Mei were currently standing in the depths of a cavern, and they had similar expressions on their faces—cold and wary.

But… this shouldn’t have been the case.

The two of them had different characters, such that it was impossible for them to show identical emotions on their faces.

However, Chu Feng wasn’t surprised by this situation. He knew that the one in control of Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies at this moment was another person, the Moon Immortal.

“It’s really them! Elder Moon Immortal, you have really gotten careless this time around!”

Seeing the familiar figures in the formation, Chu Feng felt a lot of emotions racing through his heart. At the same time, he couldn’t help but feel deeply worried too.

There was a spirit formation around the Moon Immortal that trapped her in place. 

The rumors were indeed true. The Moon Immortal was the burglar, and the formation of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa had managed to trap her.

However, as the image was just a projection, Chu Feng was unable to clearly sense the Moon Immortal’s current cultivation. At the very least, it was still a blessing to see that Su Rou and Su Mei were still unharmed even though they were trapped in the formation.

While Chu Feng was assessing the condition of the Moon Immortal, Hun Lei also managed to find the image of the Moon Immortal too.

“These two ladies look much more beautiful than they did in the painting. What a pity.”

Hun Lei shook his head at Su Rou and Su Mei before he flicked his wrist and took out an object from his Cosmos Sack.

It was a small copper cauldron that was only around the size of his palm, but there were runes inscribed all around it.

“This is bad…”

The copper cauldron had yet to be opened, but Chu Feng knew that the situation was not good just by seeing the runes flowing on top of it.

As a world spiritist, he could tell that the runes carried the power of assimilation.

Was Hun Lei planning to assimilate Su Rou and Su Mei to their deaths?

But didn’t the Conquerstar Mountain Villa announce to the world their intention to capture Su Rou and Su Mei alive? 

Just what in the world were they playing at?!

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