Chapter 4503: Why Did You Lie?

Chapter 4503: Why Did You Lie?

“Miss, do you know me?” Chu Feng asked Song Xue’er.

“How could I possibly know someone like you? I’m just warning you to stay away from my little sister, or else I’ll make sure that you die a tragic death!” Song Xue’er lashed out at Chu Feng with a ferocious attitude.

“Big sister, big brother Chu Feng is a good person! I’m intending to betroth myself to him!” Song Yun struggled away from Song Xue’er’s grasp as she exclaimed.

“You silly lass, why are you so foolish! Look at what kind of person he is! Is he worthy of marrying you?” Song Xue’er turned to Song Yun and berated her, looking at her as if she was a fool.

However, Song Yun was a particularly obstinate person. She refused to listen to her elder sister’s words at all.

Song Xue’er was keen on pushing Chu Feng away out of her strong will to protect Song Yun, but in the end, her determination still lost out to Song Yun’s obstinacy. Left with no choice, she could only allow Chu Feng to travel along with them.

So, the three of them ventured deeper inward, and soon, they arrived at the depths of the forbidden cultivation ground.

There was a winding mountain range at the very depths of the forbidden cultivation ground. The tallest peak of the mountain range was tens of thousands of meters high, and it pierced into the clouds like a sharp sword. It was a magnificent sight.

The hordes of cultivators looked no more than insignificant ants before this mountain.

At the bottom of the mountain were two caverns with incredibly massive openings too, standing at a height of several thousand meters tall. 

These two caverns looked similar in sizes, but what lay within them seemed to be entirely different. 

It was impossible to see what was in the depths of the two caverns, but the one on the left emanated a golden glow and a heavenly aura, making it clear at a glimpse that it was a haven for cultivators. 

The one on the right, however, emanated a crimson glow that looked incredibly eerie. On top of that, there was a suction force around it that seemed to pull in any cultivator in its vicinity. It gave off an overwhelming scent of danger.

These two caverns were no other than the Divine Cavern and Demon Cavern, containing the Conquerstar Immortal Grass and Conquerstar Demon Flower respectively.

These two plants were nurtured in the Ancient Era, and they formed one singular entity together. If one of them was destroyed, the mountain range would wither. If both were destroyed, the mountain range would crumble.

Of course, these were rumors that Chu Feng learned from the discussions of those around him.

It made him realize that the dangers of procuring the Conquerstar Demon Flower didn’t just lie in the Demon Cavern itself. If he were to lay his hands on the Conquerstar Demon Flower, he would be incurring the wrath of the entire Conquerstar Mountain Villa.

That being said, Chu Feng wasn’t too worried about it. In any case, he was here to save Su Rou and Su Mei, so he had come here with the resolve that he could very well offend the Conquerstar Mountain Villa.

It was just that the two caverns were currently sealed with the power of a spirit formation, preventing anyone from entering them.

A commotion broke out amidst the crowd once more.

They knew that the spirit formation sealing off the entrances was the doing of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa in order to trap the burglars. Once the formation faded, the burglars would be freed.

Due to how large the opening was, there was no saying whether the Conquerstar Mountain Villa would really be able to capture the burglars when they escaped from the cavern. This was also the reason why the Conquerstar Mountain Villa had to bring all of them in.

While the crowd chatted about this amongst themselves, none of them actually felt too worried about this matter.

In truth, most of those gathered here were just intending to blend into the crowd and wait for the others to get the job done. In fact, some of them had come just to earn that single droplet of Conquerstar Dew. They had just chosen to tag along so as to not make it too obvious and offend the Conquerstar Mountain Villa.

That being said, there were some who were really intending to take the burglars down. Those from the Locksoul Sect were one example.

Chu Feng could tell that of the crowd, there were only three people who could really pose a threat to Su Rou, Su Mei, and the Moon Immortal. They were Hun Yong and Hun Lei from the Locksoul Sect, and Shengguang Jin’an from the Holy Light Clan.

While Chu Feng had a good impression of Shengguang Jin’an thus far, if he was aiming to take down Su Mei and Su Rou, he was indubitably an enemy.

Due to Shengguang Jin’an carrying some sort of treasure on him, Chu Feng was unable to clearly perceive his cultivation. Nevertheless, considering Shengguang Jin’an’s background, it would be wise to keep his guard around him.

As such, Chu Feng had been keeping an eye out for all three of them all this while.

For the time being, Shengguang Jin’an was still loitering around leisurely like an onlooker, not intending to make a move at all. He would approach groups of people from time to time to strike up a conversation with them. He was acting so casually that it was hard to believe that he was here to apprehend burglars.

Hun Lei and Hun Yong, on the other hand, were holding onto an item in each of their hands that Chu Feng couldn’t catch a clear look at. However, he noticed that the items in their hands were absorbing the energies in this area.

They seemed to be planning something.

All of a sudden, the aura in the items in their hands suddenly changed. Following that, Hun Yong and Hun Lei shot a glance at one another, and as if coming to a consensus, Hun Yong quickly turned around and left the area.

Seeing this situation, Chu Feng quickly turned around and left too.

“Big brother Chu Feng, where are you heading too?”

Song Yun had been keeping a close eye on Chu Feng. When she saw that Chu Feng was planning to head off, she wanted to tag along too.

She was quite smart about it too. She used a voice transmission so as to avoid alarming a certain third party around. However, as soon as she started moving, she was already caught by Song Xue’er.

“Aiyo, let me go! Big sister, you’re really hateful at times!” Song Yun grumbled unhappily as she tried to struggle free from Song Xue’er’s grasp.

“Are you out of your mind? Why do you keep sticking to that fellow as if you’re a sticky rice cake? Don’t you know that a woman should be demure?” Song Xue’er glared at Song Yun angrily.

She knew what kind of personality Song Yun had, and it was precisely due to that that she was feeling so frustrated with Song Yun at the moment. This was the first time Song Yun was acting so warmly to a person.

“You don’t get it. This is love! There are some people who will live their lives never knowing about it, but it’s a feeling that when you lock your eyes on him, you know instinctively that there’s no one other than him!” Song Yun replied.

“Pui! How can you say such shameless words? I’ll tell your mother about it, and let’s see how she deals with you later on!” Song Xue’er said.

Those words made Song Yun’s mouth open wide in shock. She quickly covered Song Xue’er’s mouth and exclaimed, “Shh, don’t talk nonsense! I told big brother Chu Feng that we’re sisters, and that my family members have all died. We only have each other left in the world.”

“Ah? Why are you telling such a lie?” Song Xue’er was shocked.

“Hahaha. I just wanted to make my background sound a little more pitiful so that he would treat me a little nicer,” Song Yun explained awkwardly.

“What? Just over this, you actually told him that your mother is dead? You are really out of your mind!!!” Song Xue’er exclaimed not in shock but in sheer horror.

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