Chapter 4502: Do I Know Her?

Chapter 4502: Do I Know Her?

The words spoken by Song Yun’s elder sister were extremely domineering, such that even Chu Feng could sense the hostility she was giving off.

It was clear that she meant what she said.

However, those words only brought about the laughter of the Locksoul Sect’s disciples.

“It turns out you have a backing, huh? No wonder you dare to act so arrogantly! But lass, it doesn’t seem like your backing is anything incredible. A mere rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator dares to say such big words… Do you really think that we have no one in our Locksoul Sect?!”

The disciples of the Locksoul Sect sneered at Song Yun’s elder sister.

They were able to get a grasp of the cultivation of Song Yun’s elder sister form the oppressive might she released earlier, and she was only at rank four Utmost Exalted level.


However, Song Yun’s elder sister stood unfazed to the mocking of those from the Locksoul Sect.

“I won’t be letting any of you all from the Locksoul Sect getting out of here alive today!” Song Yun’s elder sister said.

“What an arrogant lass! People might just think that we from the Locksoul Sect are pushovers if we don’t teach you a lesson here today!” the disciples of the Locksoul Sect bellowed in displeasure.

It looked like a battle was going to break out very soon.

“Isn’t it inappropriate for so many of you to make things difficult for two ladies? If you wish to seek vengeance, you should come for me instead.“ 

Chu Feng stood up and walked in front of Song Yun and her elder sister.

Even though his cultivation was still sealed at the moment, Chu Feng still didn’t hesitate to step forward.

And as he passed by Song Yun’s side, he shot a glance at Song Yun’s elder sister, curious to see just what kind of person she was.

Without a doubt, Song Yun’s elder sister was indeed an incredible beauty. An innocent face paired with an air of cold loftiness, she was the typical ‘cold beauty’.

But despite her good looks, there were no traces of similarity with Song Yun that Chu Feng could see on her, such that Chu Feng’s first reaction was… 

Are the two of them really sisters?

There was one thing about Song Yun’s elder sister that really took Chu Feng off guard though—her gaze.

When she looked at Chu Feng, it felt like she was looking at someone she knew. Yet. Chu Feng was certain that this was the first time he was seeing Song Yun’s elder sister.

“I must be thinking too much into it,” Chu Feng told himself.


All of a sudden, Chu Feng’s body was knocked to the side, as if a metal block had crashed heavily into him. He flew sideward for a long distance before crashing onto the ground.

“With this bit of capability, you still want to play the hero?”

After Chu Feng finally stood back up, he saw the disciples of the Locksoul Sect looking at him coldly. This was especially for the rank four Utmost Exalted level disciple, whose face revealed both his disdain and glee.

He seemed to be venting his frustration from having his earlier attack against Chu Feng blocked by Song Yun’s elder sister.

Even though Chu Feng was knocked back, he didn’t sustain any injuries from the attack. His cultivation might have been sealed, but his body was still one of a rank five Utmost Exalted level cultivator, and the one who attacked him was merely at rank four.

Instead of losing his temper, he looked at the rank four Utmost Exalted level disciple with a frosty smile that sent shivers down the spines of others.

“I have remembered your face,” Chu Feng told the disciple.

“A mere trash dares to threaten me? How laughable! You said that you remembered me? Very well, let me deepen your impression of me then. I shall make sure that you never forget me in your lifetime!”

The rank four Utmost Exalted level disciple prepared to make a move against Chu Feng once more.

Despite so, Chu Feng didn’t show any hint of fear at all. Theoretically speaking, as long as the other party didn’t raise his cultivation, the other party wouldn’t be able to hurt him at all.

Furthermore, Chu Feng could sense that the Conquerstar Soul Poison in his body had fully fused with his soul, resulting in his sealed cultivation slowly returning back to him.

Very soon, he would be back to his full power, and he would make the disciple of the Locksoul Sect pay for it.

Even if Hun Lei and Hun Yong got involved in this, Chu Feng had no intention to back down at all.

“Fellow brothers, please wait a moment.”

But just as they were about to make a move, the voice of a man suddenly sounded.

Turning in the direction where the voice sounded from, a commotion immediately broke out amidst the crowd. Even the disciples of the Locksoul Sect had halted what they were doing.

The person who had just spoken up was no other than the other esteemed guest of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa, the young master of the Holy Light clan, Shengguang Jin’an.

“As the saying goes, it’s better to make a friend than an enemy. It doesn’t seem like you all have too deep of a grudge, so may I ask that you give me a face and let this matter pass?” Shengguang Jin’an told the disciples from the Locksoul Sect.

“Since Brother Shengguang has already spoken up, it goes without saying that our Locksoul Sect should do at least this much for you!” 

Before the other disciples from the Locksoul Sect could say anything, a voice in the sky had already replied. It was the strongest disciple of the Locksoul Sect, Hun Lei!

“My gratitude to you, Brother Hun Lei.”

Shengguang Jin’an clasped his fist toward the sky, and Hun Lei also reciprocated the gesture too.

From the looks of it, it would seem that the Holy Light Clan still had some influence in the Nine Souls Galaxy. At the very least, sects and clans of the caliber of the Locksoul Sect didn’t seem willing to offend the Holy Light Clan.

So, the disciples of the Locksoul Sect eventually left the area. Nevertheless, it was still apparent to the crowd that most of them were unwilling to let things rest just like that.

In fact, they even shot Chu Feng a menacing look prior to leaving the area.

“Are you alright?” Shengguang Jin’an walked over to Chu Feng’s side and asked.

“I’m fine. Thanks for your help,” Chu Feng rose up back to his feet as he responded to Shengguang Jin’an’s question.

Shengguang Jin’an had a scholarly air around him that made it comfortable to be around him, and his earlier gesture of stepping in and helping them had won a good impression with Chu Feng.

It was not uncommon for people like Shengguang Jin’an, who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, to grow up haughty and domineering. They were brought up with the notion that they were superior to others, so they had no qualms oppressing those weaker than them. 

It was very rare for those of higher standing to really offer a helping hand to those weaker than them, especially if they had nothing to gain from it.

However, Shengguang Jin’an looked exceptionally earnest about it.

“It’s fine as long as you’re fine. There’s no need to thank me for that. 

“Even though your cultivation was beneath that of those from the Locksoul Sect, you still bravely stood forth to stand up for these two ladies. I’m impressed by the courage you have shown here. May I know how I should address you?” Shenggang Jin’an asked.

He didn’t put up a high and mighty posture at all, addressing Chu Feng as an equal.

“I am Chu Feng,” Chu Feng replied.

“So it’s Brother Chu Feng! Brother Chu Feng and the two ladies over here, if you don’t mind, shall we travel together?” Shengguang Jin’an asked.

It was apparent that he was intending on shielding Chu Feng, Song Yun, and her elder sister. The disciples of the Locksoul Sect didn’t seem to be willing to let this matter rest, but as long as Shengguang Jin’an was around, they wouldn’t dare to make a move on them.

Chu Feng’s cultivation had already begun to recover, and it wouldn’t take long for him to return back to his peak. Other than Hun Lei and Hun Yong, he wasn’t worried about dealing with any of the other disciples of the Locksoul Sect at all.

Nevertheless, he still found it hard to turn down the goodwill that Shengguang Jin’an was showing them.

“There’s no need for that.”

Yet, before Chu Feng could say a word, Song Yun had already rejected Shengguang Jin’an’s offer. The vibrance on her face had vanished, replaced with a frosty look instead.

It felt like she was trying to push Shengguang Jin’an away.

“Since that’s the case, Brother Chu Feng, I’ll be making a move first then.”

Shengguang Jin’an didn’t lose his temper either. Instead, he smiled at Chu Feng before leaving the area.

Right after Shengguang Jin’an left, Song Yun suddenly leaped forward and embraced Chu Feng, tickling him with her scent.

She tugged on Chu Feng’s arm and looked at her elder sister with a smile, saying, “Big brother Chu Feng, let me introduce to you. This is my big sister, Song Xue’er.”

After seeing how Song Yun treated Shengguang Jin’an earlier, Chu Feng realized that Song Yun didn’t just treat everyone as warmly as she did to him.

“Yun’er, how can you get so close with a man?”

A hand suddenly darted forth and pulled Song Yun away from Chu Feng’s side. It was Song Yun’s eider sister, Song Xue’er.

After pulling Song Yun away, Song Xue’er turned to look at Chu Feng and said a few words that made Chu Feng’s heart shudder, “Chu Feng, it’s one thing for you to seduce others; that’s none of my business. However, I won’t let you off if you dare to seduce my little sister!”

Her tone carried great wariness as she warned Chu Feng.

It was one thing if that was only the case, but it felt like she really recognized Chu Feng. Did they really know one another?

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