Chapter 4502: Do I Know Her? (Teaser)

Chapter 4502: Do I Know Her?

The words spoken by Song Yun’s elder sister were extremely domineering, such that even Chu Feng could sense the hostility she was giving off.

It was clear that she meant what she said.

However, those words only brought about the laughter of the Locksoul Sect’s disciples.

“It turns out you have a backing, huh? No wonder you dare to act so arrogantly! But lass, it doesn’t seem like your backing is anything incredible. A mere rank four Utmost Exalted level cultivator dares to say such big words… Do you really think that we have no one in our Locksoul Sect?!”

The disciples of the Locksoul Sect sneered at Song Yun’s elder sister.

They were able to get a grasp of the cultivation of Song Yun’s elder sister form the oppressive might she released earlier, and she was only at rank four Utmost Exalted level.


However, Song Yun’s elder sister stood unfazed to the mocking of those from the Locksoul Sect.

“I won’t be letting any of...

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