Chapter 4501: Dying a Tragic Death

Chapter 4501: Dying a Tragic Death

The Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master started off by saying some pleasantries before talking about the risks they would face entering the forbidden cultivation ground, as well as the rewards they would receive for apprehending the burglars.

However, he didn’t bring the crowd over to the forbidden cultivation ground right away.

“We have a few esteemed guests here with us today. Allow me to introduce them to you.”

As the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master spoke, two figures rose to the sky and headed toward where he was.

They were both youths. 

One of them had a fair complexion and smooth skin, making him look like a playboy scion from a well-off family. The other one had a slightly darker skin tone and an ordinary appearance, the type where no one would spare a second glance if he were standing amidst a crowd.

However, as soon as the two of them made an appearance, a commotion immediately erupted amidst the crowd. The men shouted out cheers whereas the women shrieked in delight.

Discussions regarding these two broke out amidst the crowd.

“Big brother Chu Feng, those two are the talented disciples of the Locksoul Sect that I told you about earlier. They are both personal disciples of the sectmaster of the Locksoul Sect.

“The one with the white face is known as Hun Yong. He’s 99 years old, and his cultivation is at rank seven Utmost Exalted level. As for the one who looks ordinary, he’s even more formidable than that. He’s known as Hun Lei, and despite only being 98 years old, he’s already a rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

“These two fellows are amazingly talented, reputed to be the most prodigious cultivators ever since the founding of the Locksoul Sect. Many people believe that they’ll be able to surpass their master within 300 years and become the strongest experts in the Locksoul Sect,” Song Yun told Chu Feng.

And while Song Yun was introducing the two of them to Chu Feng, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master was practically saying the same things to the crowd as well.

In fact, these two people were so well-known in the Nine Souls Galaxy that there was probably no one present who didn’t know about them other than Chu Feng, making the introduction from the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master unnecessary.

The two of them were simply so talented that many people felt that a sect on the caliber of the Locksoul Sect didn’t deserve to have them.

“And other than Hun Yong and Hun Lei from the Locksoul Sect, we have the honor of hosting another esteemed guest with us here too,” the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master continued speaking.

Right after those words were spoken, another figure rose to the sky, heading over to the side of the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master.

It was also another good-looking young man, but unlike Hun Yong, he had a refined disposition reminiscent of a scholar, making others feel comfortable around him.

Another uproar broke out amidst the crowd following his appearance.

The crowd might not recognize who he was, but they were still able to recognize the token he was carrying. Even Chu Feng’s gaze turned a little grave upon seeing the token.

There were three large words inscribed on the token that hung by the refined young man’s waist—Holy Light Clan.

The young man was someone from the Holy Light Clan, the current overseer of the Holy Light Galaxy!

Chu Feng never thought that he would actually meet someone from the Holy Light Clan here.

“Allow me to introduce him to everyone. This friend that we have here with me is Shengguang Jin’an, a young master from the Holy Light Clan, who is the current overseer of our neighboring galaxy,” the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master told the crowd.

A series of resounding cheers sounded following those words.

Most cultivators in the Nine Souls Galaxy did look down on those from the Holy Light Galaxy, feeling a sense of superiority over them. However, the Holy Light Clan was, after all, the overseer of the Holy Light Galaxy.

The Nine Souls Galaxy might be filled with formidable experts, but there were only that few sects and clans that had the power to stand over the Holy Light Clan.

Due to this, Shengguang Jin’an’s arrival was celebrated with respectful cheers instead of sneers of disdain, bringing on greater fanfare than even that of Hun Yong and Hun Lei.

“Looks like a strong backing really goes a long way.”

Seeing this sight, a faint smile curled onto Chu Feng’s lips.

Coming from the Holy Light Galaxy himself too, Chu Feng didn’t feel all that bad seeing how Shengguang Jin’an was treated with respect here.

After a simple introduction, the Conquerstar Mountain Villa’s Villa Master finally led the crowd over to the forbidden cultivation ground.

In truth, the forbidden cultivation ground was an individual world by itself, rumored to have already existed since the Ancient Era. The burglars that had snuck in there were currently trapped at the very depths of the Immortal Cavern.

It was just that before Chu Feng could step into the forbidden cultivation ground, someone had suddenly stepped forward and blocked his path.

It was the disciples from the Locksoul Sect whom he had chased away earlier. They had brought a couple of stronger disciples from the Locksoul Sect with them this time around. 

Not only so, Chu Feng could also sense Hun Yong and Hun Lei gazing down at them from above. They didn’t head down to confront Chu Feng and Song Yun directly, but the fact that they were loitering around the vicinity showed their intent to back these disciples from the Locksoul Sect up.

If these disciples weren’t able to take care of Chu Feng by themselves, they would step in and deal with Chu Feng.

Despite being surrounded by a crowd, Chu Feng showed no fear at all. There was even a sliver of a smile on his lips.

He had known that these people wouldn’t let this go easily, so he had actually come prepared.

But before Chu Feng could do anything, a figure suddenly darted in front of Chu Feng—Song Yun.

“I’m the one you’re coming for, it has nothing to do with him! Come at me instead!” Song Yun opened up her arms to guard Chu Feng behind her.

“Aiyo, who is this beautiful lass we have with us here? Brat, looks like you’re quite a lucky man, huh? To think that you would have such a beauty standing up for you!

“But don’t you feel pathetic hiding behind a woman? You were so tall and mighty earlier, so why are you acting like a tortoise right now?”

The disciples from earlier on eyed Song Yun as they mocked Chu Feng coldly.

“Are you blind?! I was the one whom you beat up earlier on. He only made a move on you in order to save me. After all, I was the cause of it all. I dare you to come at me instead; don’t make things difficult for him,” Song Yun said.

“It’s you?” 

The disciples of the Locksoul Sect were surprised to hear that.

“Everyone, look at this! The disciples of the Locksoul Sect are shamelessly abusing their power to harass a woman! This is the true colors of the Locksoul Sect!” Song Yun shouted.

Her words had indeed incurred the attention of many people, but none of them stepped forward to help her.

Nevertheless, the looks on the faces of the Locksoul Sect’s disciples turned a little ugly upon hearing that. It was, by no means, flattering to be identified as someone who bullied the weak.

“You nasty lass, stop talking nonsense! I would never hit a woman!” a disciple of the Locksoul Sect shouted at Song Yun, indirectly trying to explain the situation to the crowd.

“What? You dare to do it but dare not admit it?” 

Song Yun wasn’t willing to let the matter rest just like that.

The faces of the disciples who had beaten up Song Yun turned darker and darker by the moment, and they had no idea how they should deal with the situation before them.

“Lass, you better shut your mouth!”

A furious shout suddenly sounded, and the oppressive might of a rank four Utmost Exalted burst forth.

One of the stronger disciples from the Locksoul Sect who had come to lend a helping hand had decided to get involved.

He first used his oppressive might to bind Song Yun before glaring at Chu Feng coldly.

“Lad, you’re the one that we’re looking for. You sure acted haughtily before my juniors earlier on! Let’s see whether you’re able to walk the walk then!”

Right after saying those words, that disciple of the Locksoul Sect channeled his oppressive might toward Chu Feng.

His aim was not just to bind Chu Feng over here. Rather, he was aiming to incapacitate Chu Feng for good.


However, an explosion suddenly sounded at this moment.

Right in between Chu Feng and that Locksoul Sect’s disciple, a furious wind burst forth into the surroundings. Someone had dissipated the oppressive might coming from the Locksoul Sect’s disciple.

It was then that Chu Feng noticed that a woman was standing right before him. Her back was faced toward him, such that he was unable to see her appearance.

However, Song Yun, whose binding had been dispelled after the woman’s appearance, immediately charged forward and leaped into the woman’s embrace, hugging her tightly.

“Big sister, you’re finally here! Those disciples from the Locksoul Sect are really bad things!” Song Yun cried out in indignance.

The woman, on the other hand, stroked Song Yun’s head and consoled her, “Yun’er, don’t cry. Didn’t I tell you before? I’ll make sure that anyone who bullies you will die a horrible death!”

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