Chapter 4499: Little Fairy

Chapter 4499: Little Fairy

Chu Feng was initially unwilling to allow Song Yun to follow him. 

The reason why he didn’t disguise himself was because he dared not do so. The mysterious person who kidnapped Zhao Hong had threatened him with the lives of Zhao Hong and the Chu Heavenly Clan that he was not to disguise himself in the future.

Chu Feng had no idea why that mysterious person had such a bizarre demand, but in view of the latter’s overwhelming strength and the hostages he had in hand, Chu Feng had no choice but to heed his demand.

Even though he knew that those from the Locksoul Sect would surely seek him out for vengeance, Chu Feng had no choice but to go on with it.

On the other hand, Song Yun could disguise herself, but it went without saying that it would all be meaningless if she were to insist on following Chu Feng. It was unlikely that the disciples of the Locksoul Sect would let her off when she was accompanying Chu Feng.

Yet, who could have thought that Song Yun was a terribly obstinate lass. She refused to listen to Chu Feng, insisting on following him even after Chu Feng told her of the danger she would be putting herself in.

Left with no choice, Chu Feng could only allow her to accompany him.

Stepping out of the exit, Chu Feng and Song Yun found themselves transported over to a seemingly boundless plain to rest. There were many palaces erected on top of this plain, and every single one of these palaces came with their own unique gardens.

Those who had cleared the test were given one of these elaborately designed palaces to rest in.

They were supposed to wait for the time being till the test was finally finished before everyone was transported into the forbidden cultivation ground together.

Chu Feng entered the palace that was assigned to him and took out a bottle that he was just given as a reward for clearing the test—a droplet of Conquerstar Dew.

Without any hesitation, he swallowed the Conquerstar Dew, and he immediately felt a surge of natural energies suffusing his body.

The rumors were indeed true. The Conquerstar Dew did have the ability to increase the talents of those in the younger generation.

However, Chu Feng’s talent was already tremendously strong, so the effects of the Conquerstar Dew ended up being minimal to him. 

Dong dong dong!

All of a sudden, a series of knocks sounded outside. Following that, the voice of a woman sounded.

Chu Feng immediately knew that it was Song Yun.

While that lass was also granted her own palace to rest in, it was obvious that she planned on sticking right next to Chu Feng.

Nevertheless, when Chu Feng opened the doors to let her in, he still couldn’t help but freeze on the spot. The person standing before him was indeed Song Yun, but she looked vastly different from before.

She no longer looked as dirty as she did before. Her skin was as fair as snow, and it reflected a natural glow under the light of the sun. It accentuated her complexion, making it look as if someone had doused her in milk.

While Chu Feng had known from the start that this lass was a beauty, he was still surprised by the sight before him.

This was especially so now that she had changed into a set of clean green robe. With the youthful and vibrant air that came from her, she looked like a mischievous little fairy. 

However, what that left Chu Feng the most shocked wasn’t Song Yun’s beauty but that her appearance had reverted back to its original look.

Chu Feng had used his spirit formation to forcefully alter her appearance, so how did this lass manage to turn it back?

“Hehe, it looks like big brother Chu Feng’s eyes also light up upon seeing a beauty,” Song Yun said with a chuckle.

“Cough cough. Your transformation simply surprised me a little. Why did you make yourself look so dirty when you look so beautiful after washing up?” Chu Feng asked.

“My big sister taught me to do so. She said that all men in this world are lecherous men, so I mustn’t let those stinky men see my true appearance. But of course, big brother Chu Feng is an exception! 

“How is it, big brother Chu Feng? Did your heart pound after seeing me?” Song Yun looked at Chu Feng with her eyes glowing in anticipation.

On the other hand, however, Chu Feng turned around and walked back into his palace as he remarked, “A mere lass who isn’t even fully grown yet. There’s nothing about you that can make my heart pound.”

“Liar! My big sister told me that there’s no man whose heart wouldn’t be moved upon seeing me. Besides, you were staring at me so intently earlier. I can see right through your eyes that you’re moved!” Song Yun exclaimed indignantly as she followed Chu Feng into the palace.

“I was a bit surprised earlier, but more than that, I was curious,” Chu Feng replied.

“Curious? What do you have to be curious about?” Song Yun asked.

Chu Feng closed the door of the palace with a wave of his hand before he turned to Song Yun and asked, “Lass, how did you dispel my spirit formation?”

“Ah, I was still wondering what you’re so curious about. It turns out to be just that! Didn’t I tell you that my big sister has a formidable master? My big sister only has me, so she dotes on me a lot. So, it goes without saying that she would give me plenty of protection treasures so that I can protect myself!

“Big brother Chu Feng’s spirit formation is indeed formidable, but it’s not that hard for me to breach your spirit formation either!” Song Yun replied gleefully.

“If you have such means up your sleeves, why didn’t you retaliate earlier then?” Chu Feng asked.

“I was doing it on purpose. I was seeing if anyone would take pity on me and help me while I’m all dirted up earlier. Just as I was giving up hope, a kind soul really came my way. Big brother Chu Feng, do you think that it’s appropriate for me to betroth myself to you to thank you for saving my life?” Song Yun said as she sneakily stretched her hand forth to hug Chu Feng’s arms.

It was just that before she could succeed, Chu Feng had already walked away, causing her attempt to fall empty.

“You might want to try spinning up a better lie than that. It doesn’t sound very convincing to me,” Chu Feng replied.

“Well, it doesn’t matter that you don’t believe me. All that matters is that I know that you’re a good person. Good people need to be rewarded accordingly, and I, Song Yun, am someone who repays her favors. 

“Here, big brother Chu Feng, I’ll give this to you!” Song Yun said as she passed a gourd over to Chu Feng.

“What’s this?” Chu Feng asked.

“You’ll know once you open it,” Song Yun said with a mysterious smile on her lips.

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng uncorked the gourd, and an enticing aroma immediately whiffed out.

It was soup, a very rich soup made by broiling chicken meat.

While cultivators could survive without food or sleep once they reached a certain level of cultivation, some of their instinctive desires as humans still remained. Delicacies still remained one of the vital aspects of a cultivator’s life.

The aroma that was coming out from the gourd was really appetizing, causing one to subconsciously swallow one’s saliva.

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