Chapter 4497: A Monster

Chapter 4497: A Monster

Chu Feng didn’t recognize the female cultivator, but there was a particularly familiar aura coming from her.

Out of curiosity, he began to examine her, and he noticed that she was in great pain, not just from the beating but from illness too.

Furthermore, her pained expression looked oddly familiar too.

So, Chu Feng took a closer look at her body and found a familiar black fluid hidden inside her brain. This black fluid seemed to possess a consciousness of its own, and it had already fused together as one with the female cultivator.

It would live as long as the female cultivator lived, and it would die if the female cultivator died.

It was a parasitic lifeform, an extremely terrifying one at that.

Chu Feng recognized this parasite. The grandson of the Blood-devouring Hall’s Hall Master had the same parasite in his body too.

Back then, when Bai Liluo found the parasite, he told Chu Feng that it was a terrifying existence that carried an even more malevolent aura than that of the Black-feathered Specter.

It was a true monster through and through.

If it were to be set free, it would surely go on a massacre.

It was out of consideration of the presence of this monster inside the body of the grandson of the Blood-devouring Hall’s Hall Master that Chu Feng had chosen to let all of them off back then. 

Chu Feng had asked the Blood-devouring Hall’s Hall Master where the parasite had come from, and the latter told him that it was a mysterious organization who had forcefully placed the monster into the head of his grandson. 

The grandson of the Blood-devouring Hall’s Hall Master was originally a highly talented cultivator, but ever since the monster was inserted into his brain, he became a dimwit. From time to time, the monster would act up and cause him to thrash around in pain.

The Blood-devouring Hall’s Hall Master had no idea where the mysterious organization came from or what their goal was, but if one thing was for sure, it was extremely powerful, such that even the Blood-devouring Hall’s Hall Master wasn’t a match for them.

From the actions the mysterious organization had taken thus far, as well as the vile nature of the monster, it was not too difficult to imagine that the mysterious organization was plotting a terrifying scheme from the shadows.

And it was likely that the female cultivator that was getting lynched before him at this very instant was a victim of the mysterious organization.

“Hold it right there!” Chu Feng shouted.

Perhaps it was out of pity for the female cultivator, or maybe he simply couldn’t stand the actions of those men, Chu Feng decided to make an exception and help the female cultivator.

“Oh? A nosey brat wants to butt into our business? Take a good look at who you are dealing with first!”

The men stopped beating the female cultivator when Chu Feng stepped forward and confronted them, but there weren't any hints of terror to be seen on their faces. Instead, they took out their tokens and flashed it toward Chu Feng, showing the two words, ‘Locksoul Sect’, inscribed on them.

Judging by their confident attitude, it would be safe to assume that Locksoul Sect commanded significant power and influence on the Nine Souls Galaxy.

It was just a pity that Chu Feng didn’t recognize it at all—though it was unlikely to make a difference even if he knew about it anyway.

“I won’t make things difficult for you. Let that woman go, and let’s just call it quits.”

Chu Feng’s attitude was already very amiable, especially considering the men standing before him weren’t too strong. Even the strongest of them was only at rank one Utmost Exalted level whereas the others were at Exalted level.

Chu Feng could have dealt with them with ease, and the fact that he didn’t do so was already a huge mercy in itself.

Unfortunately, those men didn’t appreciate the goodwill Chu Feng was showing to them. Instead, the displeasure on their faces deepened.

“Where did this dumb brat come from? How dare you interfere in the business of our Locksoul Sect!” the eyebrows of the rank one Utmost Exalted level cultivator shot up as he spat coldly.

With a loud explosion, he released his oppressive might from his body. He didn’t use any martial skills or weapons, charging right at Chu Feng with just his oppressive might.

Even though the other party’s oppressive might was intangible in nature, the prowess it commanded was no joking matter. The other party was not just planning to teach Chu Feng a lesson over here; if Chu Feng had been weaker than him, Chu Feng could have very well lost his life to that attack.

But it just so happened that Chu Feng’s cultivation was way above his.

The oppressive might surged straight toward Chu Feng, sending his hair flying and robe fluttering amidst a furious wind. Yet, Chu Feng remained unharmed amidst it all.

It was as if he was merely faced with a light breeze.


Seeing how Chu Feng was unfazed by his earlier attack, the complexion of the disciples from the Locksoul Sect turned grim. They realized that they had encountered a particularly tough fellow to deal with.

They had yet to get a clear grasp of Chu Feng’s cultivation yet, but it was certain that the latter’s strength was above theirs.

To their relief, Chu Feng didn’t make a move on them. Instead, he simply said a single word.


This single word sent those disciples of the Locksoul Sect, who were still acting haughtily a moment ago, scrambling frantically toward the exit of the test. All it took was a moment for all of them to disappear from Chu Feng’s sight.

The usual Chu Feng wouldn’t have let them go so easily. Considering how one of their disciples had made an attempt on his life, he would have surely made them pay the price for their action.

It was just that Chu Feng had another purpose here, and that was to save Su Rou and Su Mei. He wanted to avoid any unnecessary complications wherever possible.

As the saying went, revenge was a dish best served cold.

There were plenty of chances for him to get back at them in the future; there was no need to rush into it right now.

After sending away the disciples from the Locksoul Sect, Chu Feng walked up to the female cultivator and took out a pill, intending to help her recuperate from her injuries.

“Thank you, big brother!”

But surprisingly, just as Chu Feng was about to walk over, the female cultivator suddenly sprung up from the ground energetically, as if nothing much had happened earlier.

Her face was cloaked in a layer of dirt, and her clothes were soiled. She seemed like a beggar solely based on her appearance itself.

However, if one were to take a closer look at the female cultivator’s facial features, she was actually quite a beauty herself. She would look stunning if she were to just tidy herself up a little.

Furthermore, she had a pair of soulful eyes that seemed to speak straight to one. By no means did she look like a fool at all.

Was Chu Feng mistaken?

But the female cultivator did have the same monster in her head that plagued the grandson of the Blood-devouring Hall’s Hall Master.


Chu Feng found himself at a loss of words, unsure of what to make of the current situation.

The monster should have eroded the female cultivator’s rationality and turned her into a fool, just like the grandson of the Blood-devouring Hall’s hall Master, but she looked no different from an ordinary person right now.

“Big brother, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? Do you know me?”

The female cultivator blinked her large, spirited eyes as she asked Chu Feng.

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