Chapter 4495: The Moon Immortal Is Here Too?

Chapter 4495: The Moon Immortal Is Here Too?

Meanwhile, Chu Feng, oblivious to everything that had happened after his departure, was just glad that he had managed to escape from the jaws of death.

It was not that Chu Feng was timid and afraid of trouble, but the old man from Saint Valley was simply too high of a hurdle for him to overcome with his current cultivation level. 

However, even after leaving the vicinity of the Whitesky Star River, Chu Feng didn’t rush to leave this starfield. Instead, after ensuring that he was a safe distance away, he searched for a quiet place to settle down at and began to inspect the pearl he had obtained earlier.

Initially, he had only wanted to raise his cultivation as quickly as possible so that he could enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect and see Zi Ling, but the incident he encountered at the hidden place earlier became another source of motivation for him too.

He needed to be strong enough in order to find and help his grandfather and grandmother. It was just that he was still a far distance away from attaining such power. 

“It’s harder to deal with it than I thought…”

Chu Feng sat above the clouds while looking at the pearl in front of him with a helpless look on his face.

The old man from the Saint Valley hadn’t lied to him. There was indeed a huge amount of energy amassed within the pearl, and Chu Feng could sense it clearly.

However, it was proving more difficult than he thought to tap into the power within the pearl. The pearl seemed to be a lifeform of its own, developing sentience despite being a cultivation resource.

It was not impossible to tap into its energy, but one would have to obtain its acknowledgment first. But that in itself was a huge hurdle in itself.

Chu Feng would have to relentlessly channel his energy and aura into the pearl over a long period of time in order to obtain the acknowledgment of the pearl. That being said, he, too, had no idea how long it would take before the pearl finally submitted to him.

It was rather disappointing, but it was at least still acceptable to Chu Feng. At the very least, it was something that was definitely within his reach, just that it would take him some time to assimilate it, unlike a certain Sacred Tree Seed inside his body.

He was still unable to grasp the Sacred Tree Seed till this day, not knowing whether he could tap into his power. Heck, he didn’t even know whether it was a good thing to have it or not! 

Every time he tried to use his bloodline power to assimilate the Sacred Tree Seed, it would immediately try all sorts of things to retaliate and stop him, resulting in Chu Feng’s cultivation to fall instead.

That had been a huge pain in the ass for Chu Feng.

So far, he didn’t have a favorable impression of the Sacred Tree Seed yet. It hadn’t brought him any tangible benefits to date.

“Sigh! The road of cultivation sure is tough!” Chu Feng remarked.

With a deep sigh, he used his spirit power to seal the pearl up so that its power wouldn’t leak out before placing it inside his body.

He couldn’t stow it away in his Cosmos Sack because he had to continuously channel his energy into it, but carrying it with him was a little too dangerous. If cultivators stronger than him were to notice it, they would surely try to snatch the pearl away from his hands.

Hiding it in his body, on the other hand, made it hard to find, thus making it a much safer alternative.

After settling all of this, Chu Feng stood up and prepared to leave the area. 

He had already decided on his next destination—the tournament for juniors that would be held by the Holy Light Clan.

He would be participating in it not to boost his reputation but to obtain the rewards offered by the Holy Light Clan. He was determined to grasp any opportunity to raise his cultivation; that was the only way he thought he could ever catch up with the rest of his family. 

However, it would appear that there were still a few more days to go before the tournament, so Chu Feng decided to make a short stop elsewhere.

And the short stop would be the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm of the Ancestral Martial Starfield. That was where his homeland was, the root of the Chu Heavenly Clan.

It had already been some time since he parted with the Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief and the others at the Purplestar Hall.

Out of concern for their safety, Chu Feng had requested Xianhai Shaoyu to move the Chu Heavenly Clan over to a safer place. Chu Feng knew where this ‘safer place’ was, but he had never gone over to take a look before.

Make no mistake, Chu Feng did have great trust in Xianhai Shaoyu’s competency, but he was the type to feel more assured only after seeing it with his own eyes.

He had some time to spare at the moment anyway, so it would be good to return to take a look.

“That is…”

But just as Chu Feng was about to set off, he suddenly noticed something that made his eyebrows rise up. 

From the southeast direction, there was a group of cultivators that was rushing over in Chu Feng’s direction. Chu Feng was under concealment at the moment, and it seemed like the group of cultivators didn’t notice his presence either. Due to that, they were speaking with one another without any restraints.

However, what that really caught Chu Feng’s attention wasn’t the details of their conversation but a certain painting that was floating along with them.

There were two women in the painting, and Chu Feng recognized the two of them.

They were Su Rou and Su Mei!

Who were Su Rou and Su Mei?

They were extremely important people to Chu Feng, just like Zi Ling. They had gone through life and death situations with one another back at the Nine Provinces Continent of the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm.

“It’s really them! Is Elder Moon Immortal here too?”

There was no way Chu Feng would have failed to recognize his lovers. It was undoubtedly Su Rou and Su Mei!

However, upon confirming that the two women in the painting were Su Mei and Su Rou, the next thing that surfaced in his mind was the Moon Immortal.

The Moon Immortal was someone who had dominated the Ancestral Martial Lower Realm ten thousand years ago, and she had a peculiar relationship with Qing Xuantian.

However, due to peculiar reasons, the Moon Immortal was not able to move around in her own body in the world of cultivators, so she could only borrow the bodies of Su Rou and Su Mei.

The last time Chu Feng met the Moon Immortal was back when he was still on the Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Back then, the Moon Immortal told Chu Feng that she had to borrow Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies to cultivate for a hundred years. A hundred years later, not only would she return Su Rou and Su Mei’s bodies to them, but she would also impart the entirety of her cultivation to them.

Su Mei and Su Rou had accepted the condition.

Even though the Moon Immortal had forcefully taken over Su Rou and Su Mei at the start, the two sisters eventually willingly offered their bodies for her use later on.

The three of them got along very well, reminiscent of master and disciples, as well as fellow friends. For this reason, Chu Feng’s impression of the Moon Immortal was still fairly decent; at the very least, he didn’t bear any hostility toward her.

Chu Feng thought that it would be unlikely for him to meet the Moon Immortal once more as the latter was intending to Qing Xuantian’s whereabouts, but who could have thought that he would actually meet her again here?

This was further verified by how the group of cultivators holding Su Rou and Su Mei’s painting were discussing the two of them and the Moon Immortal.

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