Chapter 4478: This is Disastrous (Teaser)

Chapter 4478: This is Disastrous

In the moment that Chu Feng impaled Zhao Batian’s head, the commotion in the surroundings fell into utter silence, such that one could hear a pin drop.

No one had expected Chu Feng to really dare to kill Zhao Batian. After all, he was the person whom Zhao Yuzhuo cared about the most.

Killing Zhao Batian was equivalent to making Zhao Yuzhuo his mortal enemy.

And making a mortal enemy out of Zhao Yuzhuo was no different from offending the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

“How dare a mere ant like you kill my big brother? I’ll rip you into pieces, you insolent trash!” Zhao Yuzhuo flew into a state of rage.

He whipped out a weapon and charged at Chu Feng with great murderous intent.



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