Chapter 4469: Paying Respects to Master

Chapter 4469: Paying Respects to Master

That voice caused Chu Feng’s heart to shudder. He quickly turned around to take a look, but there was no one there at all.

However, Chu Feng was certain that he had heard someone talking to him a moment ago.

“May I ask who is it that spoke to me earlier? Elder? If you are still there, may I ask you to show yourself?” Chu Feng called out, hoping to summon the person who had spoken earlier.

But other than his own echoes, he didn’t hear anything else.

Chu Feng was reluctant to give up just like this, so he began shouting louder and louder.

His efforts finally paid off and he received a response, but this response made his heart sink.

“You brat, you sure run fast!”

It was the voice of the Black-White Twin Malevolence.

He turned to look at the passageway and saw that the Black-White Twin Malevolence were already standing at the entrance to the hall, blocking Chu Feng’s route of escape.

“How did they get here so quickly?” Chu Feng murmured to himself with a tight frown.

Given how long the passageway was, it shouldn’t be possible for them to get here so quickly.

“Brat, what did you do earlier? It’s because of some treasure you have on you, right? Hand over that treasure to us right now, and the two of us will allow you to leave safely! Otherwise, hehehe…”

The Black-White Twin Malevolence looked at Chu Feng with malicious intentions in their eyes.

“Treasure? Like I have told you earlier, Chu Hanxian is my grandfather. It goes without saying that I can come and go as I like inside my grandfather’s territory! Would I even need a treasure for something like that? Don’t forget. If not for me, you wouldn’t even have been able to come in here!” Chu Feng replied haughtily.

Other than to put on airs and scare them, there was nothing Chu Feng could do about these two old fellows.

“Brat, do you honestly think that those desperate shams of yours can still work on us? Do you take us for fools?” the Black-White Twin Malevolence sneered coldly.

They didn’t believe what Chu Feng said at all.

Hong long long!

But all of a sudden, a loud rumble sounded above them. 

Looking upward, they realized that the copper tiles that formed the ceiling were moving around. Following that, innumerable shadows suddenly leaped down to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, the hall was already filled with thousands of those wolf-head human-body creatures, and they swiftly encircled Chu Feng tightly.

“Brat, you claimed that you’re the master of this place, didn’t you? Prove it then. Escape from these creatures, and we’ll believe you!” 

The Black-White Twin Malevolence gloated at Chu Feng’s plight.


But in the next instant, the thousands of creatures suddenly fell to their knees and clasped their fists. A resounding voice echoed loudly across the hall.

“Paying respects to master!!!”


This sight shocked even Chu Feng himself.

The looks on the faces of the Black-White Twin Malevolence were even more interesting.

What the hell was going on?

Weren’t these creatures attempting to kill that brat earlier?

Why would they suddenly kneel to the ground and call him their master?

Did this mean that he was really the master of this place?


Following that, the thousands of kneeling creatures suddenly got back to their feet, and all at once, they turned their gazes toward the Black-White Twin Malevolence.

“No mercy will be shown to the sinners who offended our master!”

The thousands of creatures released a furious howl simultaneously as they directed their overwhelming killing intent toward the Black-White Twin Malevolence.

“We have this token in our hands! How dare you disrespect us!”

Seeing that the situation was turning awry, the Black-White Twin Malevolence took out their tokens in a fluster and flashed it at the creatures before them.

“No mercy will be shown to the sinners who offended our master!”

But this time, the creatures had no intention to back down at all. Instead, their killing intent only grew even sharper than before. All in unison, they exerted their oppressive might toward the Black-White Twin Malevolence.


There was no way the Black-White Twin Malevolence could possibly stand against that. Just like a dead dog, they were crushed to the floor, unable to move at all. The sheer pressure of the oppressive might caused their bodies to begin cracking apart.

“Young hero, we were wrong! Please let us go!”

The Black-White Twin Malevolence hurriedly pleaded with Chu Feng for mercy. They realized that they had made a fatal mistake—Chu Feng was really the master of this place!

However, Chu Feng didn’t pay any heed to their pleas for mercy. He was still trying to make sense of the current situation.


While Chu Feng was still deep in thoughts, the creatures had already marched up to the Black-White Twin Malevolence. They drew the swords by their waists and hacked it down on the two old men.

Blood splattered all over the place.

By the time Chu Feng finally snapped out of his daze, the Black-White Twin Malevolence were already sprawled in a puddle of blood, not breathing at all. They were dead.

Meanwhile, those creatures sheathed their blade and bowed deeply to Chu Feng before leaping into the air and delving back into the ceiling of the hall.

Even the frightening aura they emanated had disappeared without a trace.

If not for the fact that the corpses of the Black-White Twin Malevolence were still lying before him, he would have found it hard to believe that what he had just gone through a moment ago was real.

Everything happened so quickly that it felt no different from a dream.

Just what in the world was going on?

Earlier, when they were still at the entrance, these creatures tried to kill him. It was through the power of the Divine Deer that Chu Feng managed to escape death.

This time around, he was faced with the same creatures as before, just in greater numbers. There shouldn’t have been any difference at all, but why did they address him as their master this time around?

Could it be that the owner of this hidden place was really his grandfather?

Chu Feng quickly took a look around his surroundings, but there was no one in sight. The hall was completely empty, and there was no one else to be seen other than Chu Feng and the dead Black-White Twin Malevolence.

Chu Feng pondered deeply for a moment more before he began walking over toward the Black-White Twin Malevolence.

Even though these two old men had died, their source energies were still around. 

There was nothing much to be said about their character, but there was no denying that they were formidable cultivators who were even stronger than the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief. It would be a great sin to waste their source energies.

Chu Feng took out a special container to stow their source energies away. He was intending to reserve them for Milady Queen’s cultivation once she awakened.

Following that, Chu Feng turned his attention to their Cosmos Sack.

He felt that given the strength that they had displayed, they were bound to have plenty of decent treasures on them.

So, he picked up their Cosmos Sacks, only to realize that there was a formation cast each of it. It was a formation that prevented anyone else other than the two of them from opening their Cosmos Sacks.

However, due to their deaths, this formation had weakened significantly. It took Chu Feng only a few moments to breach the formation with his spirit power.

In the instant that Chu Feng opened their Cosmos Sacks and peeked at the items they had within, his excitement rose to a peak.

“Those two old things sure are formidable. Who could have thought that they would manage to amass such great wealth!” Chu Feng exclaimed in agitation.

He found Exalted Taboo Martial Skills, medicine, pills, rare treasures, and even cultivation resources in their Cosmos Sacks.

On top of that, there was also a black battle axe and a white scythe. These two weapons emanated a powerful aura that far surpassed that of Incomplete Exalted Armaments.

These were Exalted Armaments!

While these two Exalted Armaments came nowhere close in comparison to the Immemorial Hero’s Sword which he obtained from the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments, they were still formidable weapons in their own rights.

All Exalted Armaments were invaluable treasures in this world. 

It was just a pity that there were some limitations on these two Exalted Armaments that prevented Chu Feng from using them.

Chu Feng’s guess was that he had to be at least at Martial Exalted level in order to be able to utilize the might of these two Exalted Armaments.

Regardless, he still moved all of the treasures in their Cosmos Sacks over to his one. 

While he hadn’t found any treasures in this hidden place yet, the items that he had obtained from the Black-White Twin Malevolence were already enough to make this trip worthwhile.

“This old man has been waiting a long time for you here.”

It was at this moment that a voice sounded from the depths of the hall. This voice sounded similar to the one that had called out to Chu Feng earlier.

Chu Feng turned around without any hesitation, fearing that he would miss the person yet again.

And this time around, he finally managed to come face-to-face with the person who was talking to him.

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