Chapter 4469: Paying Respects to Master (Teaser)

Chapter 4469: Paying Respects to Master

That voice caused Chu Feng’s heart to shudder. He quickly turned around to take a look, but there was no one there at all.

However, Chu Feng was certain that he had heard someone talking to him a moment ago.

“May I ask who is it that spoke to me earlier? Elder? If you are still there, may I ask you to show yourself?” Chu Feng called out, hoping to summon the person who had spoken earlier.

But other than his own echoes, he didn’t hear anything else.

Chu Feng was reluctant to give up just like this, so he began shouting louder and louder.

His efforts finally paid off and he received a response, but this response made his heart sink.

“You brat, you sure run fast!”

It was the voice of the Black-White Twin Malevolence.

He turned to look at the passageway and saw that the Black-White Twin Malevolence were already standing at the entrance to the hall, blocking Chu Feng’s route of...

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