Chapter 4458: She, Too, Is a Junior

Chapter 4458: She, Too, Is a Junior

“Elder, you’re misunderstanding me. That’s not what I meant,” Chu Feng replied.

“It doesn’t matter what your intention is anymore.”

As the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother spoke, her robes began to flutter, and powerful oppressive might burst forth from her body and bound Chu Feng.

Chu Feng could clearly sense that her oppressive might had already reached Martial Exalted level.

Even though she was only at rank one Martial Exalted level, hardly as strong as Chu Feng thought her out to be, she was still an opponent whom Chu Feng couldn’t hope to defeat with his current prowess.

More importantly, her oppressive might carried a hint of killing intent.

The disciple of the Godwish Grandmother actually intended to kill Chu Feng?

“Elder, y-y-you… What do you mean by this? If you wish to have the Immemorial Hero’s Sword, I can back down from this. There’s no need for you to go this far! We don’t have a grudge with one another at all!” 

Seeing how the circumstances were not to his advantage, Chu Feng quickly pleaded for mercy.

“To be honest, Chu Feng, I have a deep appreciation for you. Not only are you talented, but you also have a good brain sitting in your head too. You are very different from the prodigies that I have seen before. The others rely on the organizations behind them to stand haughtily before the world, but what you count on is your true capabilities. Despite being all alone, you were able to make a place for yourself in the world.

“However, you made a wrong decision today, and that’s to pick this Immemorial Hero’s Sword,” the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother told Chu Feng.

“Elder, like I have said, if you wish to have the Immemorial Hero’s Sword, I can back out of this competition and leave right now without any hesitation,” Chu Feng said anxiously.

“Back out? How are you going to back out? Look at the tombstone. The instructions are already clearly written on it. Now that you have more butterflies than me, there’s no doubt that you’ll be the one who earns the acknowledgment of the Immemorial Hero’s Sword. As long as you’re alive, I won’t stand a chance at all!” the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother hollered.

“Elder, can’t I just leave this place?” Chu Feng asked.

“How are you going to leave this place then? There are no spirit formation gates here… Or are you saying that you intend to leave through there?” 

The disciple of the Godwish Grandmother suddenly turned her gaze toward the blood-red spirit formation gate not too far away.

That was the place where Chu Feng emerged from.

As for the spirit formation gate which the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother had entered by, it had already vanished as soon as she stepped in here. As such, she thought that the only way to leave here was for her to successfully obtain the Hero’s Sword or fail the challenge.

It was only in this moment that she realized that the blood-red spirit formation gate had been there all this while.

Even though it might be possible to get out of this place through it, the aura emanating from the spirit formation gate was simply too terrifying. Even she would be unwilling to step into it.

Given so, would Chu Feng really be willing to return in there?

After all, he was in such a pitiful state after escaping from there.

“Elder, I’ll leave this place using the same spirit formation gate I came from,” Chu Feng said.

“Very well. You chose this on your own accord, I didn’t force you into it. Since you insist on it, you can leave right now. I’ll watch as you leave this place,” the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother said as she freed Chu Feng from her oppressive might.

That being said, she still continued to channel her oppressive might around Chu Feng, forming a massive cage which he couldn’t escape from, limiting where he could head to.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng unhesitatingly headed toward the hellish spirit formation gate, which had been emitting cries of agony all this while.


As soon as Chu Feng stepped in, the air seemed to tremble a little. Following that, the blood-red spirit formation gate disappeared from view.

Only upon seeing this sight did the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“Looks like you fear death too. I just scared you a little, and you immediately ran with your tail between your legs!”

The disciple of the Godwish Grandmother chuckled to herself.

She didn’t intend to really kill Chu Feng. When she said that she bore admiration toward Chu Feng, she wasn’t lying.

She was impressed with Chu Feng’s keen observation. There was no other junior whom she knew of that had eyes as sharp as his, and even she would pale in comparison to him.

And she carried deep respect for those who possessed capabilities greater than her. She was curious as to how far Chu Feng could grow in the future.

But alas, she had to obtain the Immemorial Hero’s Sword by hook or by crook.

Chu Feng was already in an advantageous position compared to her, and she couldn’t allow things to continue in this direction. He had to either die or leave this place, or else she wouldn’t stand a chance at all.

Based on what she had seen thus far, she knew that Chu Feng was an extremely sly individual. If she didn’t scare him a little, he would have never left obediently.

And seeing how her scheme had worked against the sly Chu Feng, she couldn’t help but feel a little gleeful.


But all of a sudden, a brilliant red glow rose in the sky from the horizon.

Noticing that something was amiss, the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother immediately rushed over.

Even though the red glow was very far away from where she was, she could still tell that it was that blood-red spirit formation gate.

“Damn it, I have been duped! No wonder he heeded my orders so obediently!”

The disciple of the Godwish Grandmother stomped her feet furiously upon seeing that sight.

She realized that Chu Feng had not left this place at all. 

Somehow, Chu Feng appeared to have the ability to control the entry and exit locations of the spirit gate formation, and it was through this ability that he transported himself over to another location within this world.

In other words, Chu Feng had not given up on the Immemorial Hero’s Sword.


The world began to tremor.

The silhouette of the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother blurred before vanishing altogether. Carrying her overwhelming oppressive might and her overflowing rage, she flitted swiftly in the direction of where the spirit formation gate was. 

This time around, she wasn’t just going to scare Chu Feng. If she were to get her hands on him, she would make sure to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

The spirit formation gate was opened at the bottom of a mountain. As it turned out, there was a cavern at the bottom of the mountain, and the entrance of the cavern was sealed by a formation.

However, Chu Feng was able to easily pass through the formation and enter the cavern without any trouble.


While it might seem like Chu Feng had been chatting with the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother all this while, in truth, he was simply buying time to take a good look at this world.

And his efforts paid off. He realized that the Hero’s Sword was hidden within this cavern.

“I should be safe now!”

After entering the cavern, Chu Feng glanced at the formation behind him and chuckled to himself.

He knew that only those of the younger generation would be allowed to enter this formation, so he would be safe as long as he was here.

Even though the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother was way stronger than him in terms of cultivation, she wouldn’t be able to do anything about him as long as she couldn’t pass through this formation.

“You scoundrel!”

A furious howl suddenly echoed in the air.

Following that, a silhouette passed right through the formation and into the cavern.

It was no other than the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother!


Upon seeing the other party standing before him, Chu Feng’s mouth opened agape from sheer astonishment. He couldn’t understand what was going on at all.

There was clearly a limitation on this place, such that only juniors were allowed to step into the cavern. So, how did the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother manage to get in here? 

Was she considered a junior too?!

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