Chapter 4456: Immemorial Hero’s Sword

Chapter 4456: Immemorial Hero’s Sword

As Chu Feng disappeared within the spirit formation gate, the emotions of the crowd left behind finally rose to the peak.

“Hero… This is the quality of a true hero! All of us here are nothing more than egotistical pricks compared to him!” the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster shouted out loud.

His words were had insulted every single person here, but no one refuted him.

After all, he was criticizing himself as well, and his remarks resonated with the rest of them.

“A young hero indeed. Even those of our generation can’t even hold a candle to him! It has been many years since I rose to prominence in the Holy Light Galaxy, but this is the first time I’m seeing someone as valiant as young friend Chu Feng!” Supreme Elder Zhao Chunqiu of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect spoke impassionedly.

Hearing how so many people were praising Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao, who was pleading with Chu Feng not to save them a moment ago, couldn’t help but feel a little gleeful inside.

After all, it was her man that they were lavishing compliments on.

Long Xiaoxiao’s parents and Long Busheng also had smiles on their faces. They viewed Chu Feng as their pride.

On the other hand, Yin Daifen was feeling deeply uncomfortable hearing all of this. 

She couldn’t help but recall what she did to Chu Feng earlier. She looked upon him with contempt and put him down. She insulted and embarrassed him. She tried to frame him and even take his life.

The differences in their character were so glaringly obvious that she found it hard to face herself.

Even though no one was criticizing her, the sheer guilt she felt made her body slump forward as if a mountain was pressing down on her shoulder.


But right after Chu Feng disappeared into the spirit formation gate, a disdainful harrumph suddenly echoed from within the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments.

It was the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother.

Even though she had chosen to enter the blood-red door in advance, she didn’t proceed too deeply in. From where she was, she was still able to see what was happening outside clearly even though those outside were unable to see her.

She witnessed how Chu Feng declared his decision and entered the spirit gate formation.

“I didn’t think that there would be such a foolish person in the world. He might be talented, but it’s only a matter of time before he dies to his own foolishness. A person of his character doesn’t deserve the blessings of heaven!” 

The disciple of the Godwish Grandmother fully expressed her contempt toward Chu Feng before finally turning her gaze back to her surroundings.

The Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armament that was before her at this very moment was very visibly different from what she saw in the illusion earlier.

In the illusion, she was welcomed with mountains of top-notch treasures as soon as she stepped through the blood-red door, but the real Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armament was, in fact, an empty hall.

The aura of the Ancient Era was extremely strong in there, but that didn’t hinder the hall from falling into a decrepit state. 

No matter how the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother looked around, she was unable to find any treasure at all.

However, she did find dozens of tombstones erected within the hall, and inscribed on each of the tombstones were the image of a weapon and an introduction.

“It really exists?”

After looking around, the gaze of the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother finally fell on one specific tombstone. The image inscribed on this tombstone was an ordinary-looking sword.

However, the words inscribed along with it revealed the impressive background of the sword.

Immemorial Hero’s Sword, an Exalted Armament that was passed down from the Immemorial Era.

It was a short sentence lacking in details, but just the word ‘immemorial’ was more than enough to highlight just how huge of a background the sword had.

“I’ll choose you!” the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother said as she placed her wrinkled hand on the tombstone.


The ground suddenly shuddered as the tombstone began to rise into the air. As it rose higher and higher, the tombstone began to expand in size.

Following that, the tombstone suddenly morphed into a spirit formation gate, which the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother unhesitatingly entered.

As soon as the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother disappeared into the spirit formation gate, the gate immediately dissipated. At the same time, the tombstone also fell back to the ground and reverted back to its original state.

The disciple of the Godwish Grandmother was transported into another world through the spirit formation gate.

This world was reminiscent of nature’s paradise. It had a blue sky filled with clouds, a lush forest embracing the land, and a waterfall flowing vibrantly from a tall mountain. The melodious chirping of birds could be vaguely heard, and the scent of flowers tickled one’s nose.

It was a very different world from the dull Ancient Era’s Tombstone of Armaments.

However, the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother frowned upon seeing the world before her. With a deeply displeased tone, she said, “Is this what they meant by a so-called fortuitous encounter? In the end, I still need to rely on myself for it.”

The key reason why she was so displeased was because shortly after she entered the world, she found 23 paintings floating before her.

These paintings weren’t too large, and every single one of them depicted a single butterfly.

These butterflies were fluttering freely within the paintings, as if they had a life of their own.

However, what that really displeased her was the presence of a tombstone erected before the paintings.

These were the words written on the tombstone:

Only a true hero is worth of wielding the Hero’s Sword. Those who seek to use the Hero’s Sword must earn its acknowledgment.

A world exists in each of the 23 paintings. If a challenger clears the trial within a world, a butterfly will escape from the painting and flutter around the challenger.

The more butterflies a challenger acquire, the greater the chances of receiving the acknowledgment of the Hero’s Sword.

Even though the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother was vexed by the presence of yet another trial, she still quickly chose one of the paintings to enter.


In the next moment, she was pulled into the painting.


Before long, six hours had already passed.

Within six hours, the butterflies in 9 out of the 23 paintings had disappeared. The paintings were still floating in midair, but there was no longer anything depicted on them.


It was at this moment that the tenth painting suddenly trembled, and a figure leaped out from within.

This person was no other than the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother.

There were nine butterflies dancing joyfully around her at the moment.

Shortly after returning, the butterfly in the tenth painting flew out on its own accord and began dancing around her.

However, the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother showed no joy at the sight. Instead, she was gasping desperately for air as she remarked, “It’s getting more and more difficult. I nearly lost my life there!”

There were many bloodied gashes on her body. These gashes looked disorderly and chaotic, making it seem as though they had been inflicted by monsters instead of swords.

After finally catching her breath, the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother raised her gaze to look at the remaining 13 paintings, but she didn’t make a move right away. Instead, her body seemed to instinctively lean back out of deep fear.

She was uncertain whether she should continue challenging the paintings or not.


But at this very moment, dark clouds began creeping in, and a furious storm stirred within this peaceful world.

This abrupt change caught the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother by surprise.

She quickly turned her head around to take a look, only to see a massive object towering at a thousand meters tall appearing in the distance.

It was a blood-red spirit formation gate.

Shrill cries of agony sounded from within the gate, and a terrifying aura lingered around it. It felt like someone had connected the entrance of hell to the living world.

Despite so, the blood-red spirit formation gate didn’t inflict any damage upon this world. Instead, a small figure flew out from within.

This figure was very small, but upon taking a closer look, the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother realized that it was a familiar face.

Chu Feng.

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