Chapter 4453: Even More Terrifying

Chapter 4453: Even More Terrifying

That woman was eyeing Chu Feng with a bizarre look in her eyes. Her lips were curled up, and her smile looked a little horrifying.

She seemed to be waiting for Chu Feng’s response.

“I give up,” Chu Feng said.

The gaze of the bizarre-looking woman finally changed. Even her horrifying smile had vanished too. She hadn’t expected to hear such a response from Chu Feng.

“What did you say?”

The bizarre-looking woman seemed to be unable to believe what she had just heard from Chu Feng, so she asked him once more.

“Elder, I don’t view myself as a righteous person, and I won’t resort to hurting the innocent for my own interests,” Chu Feng replied.

“There are those amongst them who tried to kill you earlier,” the bizarre-looking woman argued.

These words made Chu Feng a little shocked. The bizarre-looking woman was actually aware of everything that had happened outside all this while.

It looked like she had been observing the situation from the shadows.

However, Chu Feng’s mind was already decided.

“I did have my conflicts with them previously, but we have resolved them,” Chu Feng replied.

“Are you certain that you want to give up?”

The eyes of the bizarre-looking woman were starting to turn hostile. Even her tone was becoming a little threatening.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng remained unwavering in his decision.

“I give up,” Chu Feng insisted.

“Where do you think you are? This is the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments! There are so many treasures before you, but you refuse to take a single one of them. This is a huge insult to this tomb! You may give up, but you’ll have to be punished for your insolence!”

As the bizarre-looking woman spoke, she opened up her hand, and her skin began wriggling. A blood-red worm was actually digging its way out of her palm.

This worm was around the length of a finger, and it was filled with red fur. However, its fur was hard and prickly like thorns. What was even more terrifying was that the worm actually had the face of a human!

The body of a worm but a human face; it looked at Chu Feng with a big grin, revealing the black fangs in its mouth. 

Even Chu Feng couldn’t help but feel deeply repulsed by this sight.

“I’ll give you one more chance. You just have to kill them, and you can take away the treasures here. I’ll let you go even if you take one item away with you. However, if you refuse to take anything at all, you’ll have to suffer the torture of this Blood Worm,” the bizarre-looking woman said.

“Elder, I have a question for you,” Chu Feng asked.

“What is it?” the bizarre-looking woman asked.

“Will this Blood Worm take my life?” Chu Feng asked.

“It won’t, but you’ll suffer the excruciating pain of having your soul gnawed at. You might not die, but you’ll soon be begging me for me to take your life,” the bizarre-looking woman replied.

“I understand.”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng closed his eyes and shouted out loudly, “Elder, come!”


Seeing how Chu Feng was so obstinate, the bizarre-looking woman clenched her jaws tightly together.

“Very well, since you insist on doing this the hard way, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

Out of sheer rage, the bizarre-looking woman flicked her finger lightly, and the Blood Worm in her hand immediately darted into Chu Feng’s body like a sharp sword.


In the next instant, a piercing cry of agony reverberated across this blood-red world.

The bizarre-looking woman hadn’t lied to him at all. The pain of the Blood Worm gnawing at his soul was truly unbearable.

“Lad, if you choose to turn around now, I can retract the Blood Worm and grant you a chance to choose again,” the bizarre-looking woman said.

However, Chu Feng didn’t respond at all, as if he couldn’t hear a thing.

The pain grew more and more intense, and Chu Feng could feel his consciousness drifting further and further away from him.

This seemed to continue on for a very long time, and just as Chu Feng was about to finally back out, his consciousness started returning back to him. At the same time, the excruciating biting pain he felt was starting to vanish.

Everything happened extremely abruptly that Chu Feng suddenly found himself at a loss.

“This is?”

Chu Feng opened his eyes once more, only to find that he was standing outside the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments once more.

He immediately turned to the rock mountain not too far away, only to find that the blood-red door beneath the mountain was tightly shut. On top of that, he realized that Long Xiaoxiao, her parents, Long Busheng, those from the Yu Heavenly Clan, Cloudsky Immortal Sect, and Monstrous Herd Temple were all present too.

They hadn’t been swept away by the chilling gale at all. They were still standing at the exact same positions that Chu Feng remembered before.

But in this instant, most of them had complex looks on their faces. Some of them looked shocked, and there were even a few that were crying. But most commonly of all, they were confused.

“Elder, why are you here too?” 

Someone amidst the crowd suddenly exclaimed.

As it turned out, there was yet another person in the crowd, and that person was no other than the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother.

“Elder, why are you glowing?”

There were a few people amidst the crowd who asked her out of bewilderment.

At this very moment, the old woman was emanating a blood-red glow. It was apparent that something was off about it because the color of the glow was actually identical to the color of the blood-red door of the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments.

However, the old woman didn’t respond to their questions. She simply looked in the direction of the blood-red door at the bottom of the rock mountain, disregarding everyone around her.

“Chu Feng, why is your body glowing red too?” Long Xiaoxiao exclaimed in astonishment.

The crowd quickly turned their gazes over, and just as what Long Xiaoxiao had said, Chu Feng was emanating the same blood-red glow instead.

Chu Feng took a look at himself, and delight gushed into his heart.

It was at this moment that he realized that he had gambled correctly.

“Chi chi chi…” 

Sinister laughter suddenly echoed in the air.

A figure had appeared right before the blood-red door at the bottom of the rock mountain.

This person was no other than the bizarre-looking woman whom Chu Feng saw previously.



Upon seeing this person, the crowd immediately exclaimed in astonishment. There were even a few who bowed down out of deep respect for her.

From the looks of it, it would appear that everyone knew who this bizarre-looking woman was.

Having guessed what had happened, Chu Feng wasn’t surprised by this turn of events.

“Are you confused at the moment?” the bizarre-looking woman asked.

“Elder, what is going on?” someone amidst the crowd asked out of curiosity.

“The scenario that every single one of you went through earlier wasn’t real. It was just an illusion. However, that doesn’t mean that the choice you make is meaningless.

“On the contrary, the choice you made has already determined your life and death. Unfortunately, there are only two people who have chosen correctly, and they are him and her.”

The bizarre-looking woman pointed toward the old woman and Chu Feng.


Listening up to this point, everyone finally understood what was going on. This explained why only Chu Feng and the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother had the blood-red glow around them.

“The two of them are qualified to enter the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments. Meanwhile, the rest of you will be dying here.”

As the bizarre-looking woman spoke, her lips crept up once more to form a smile that was even more terrifying than before.

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