Chapter 4452: Unnerved

Chapter 4452: Unnerved

Without any hesitation, Chu Feng quickly headed over to the blood-red door and stepped through it.

There were many treasures present inside the blood-red door, but most of them were weapons. These weapons emanated an aura that revealed their overwhelming prowess.

There were all top-quality Incomplete Exalted Armaments.

Chu Feng thought that he already had plenty of formidable Incomplete Exalted Armaments in his Cosmos Sack, but after seeing the items laid out before him, he realized that the so-called top tier Incomplete Exalted Armament he had were nothing more than a joke.

He never knew that it was possible for someone to forge Incomplete Exalted Armaments so immaculately, and there was plenty of living proof of that laid out right before his eyes at this very moment.

Other than that, there were also several weapons that emanated aura far above that of Incomplete Exalted Armaments.

Without any doubt, those were Exalted Armaments, weapons that only Martial Exalted level cultivators could utilize. Only Exalted Armaments could possibly emit such a powerful aura.

Chu Feng had long heard of just how precious Exalted Armaments were, and he had a feeling that the Exalted Armaments in this place were far stronger than anything he could find anywhere else.

With such a sight before him, how could Chu Feng not feel excited?

These were all priceless treasures!

But as excited Chu Feng was, he wasn’t so dumb as to dash forward to grab those weapons.

It was obvious that there was something really amiss about what was going on before him.

Even though the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the others were blown away by that chilling wind before they could reveal the truth behind the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments, Chu Feng still sharply noticed the terror hidden in their eyes upon recognizing this location.

Without a doubt, the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments wasn’t as simple as it looked on the surface. There was bound to be great danger lurking around.

So, Chu Feng began scanning his surroundings carefully, but he was unable to find anything amiss.

Other than the enticing treasures lying right before him, there were no formations or mechanisms in place which he had to be worried about.

“Did I really luck out this time?” 

Chu Feng was still a little hesitant about the situation, but as the saying went, ‘opportunity comes hand in hand with risk’. Given his personality, even if he was uncertain if there was danger present or not, there was no way he would allow such a golden opportunity slip past his fingers so easily.

So, Chu Feng made his move.

He raised his hand and attempted to pull the weapons scattered around toward him with his martial power.

However, to his surprise, no matter how he tugged at them with his martial power, those weapons simply wouldn’t budge at all. He could clearly feel his martial power holding onto those weapons, but he was unable to pull them to him somehow.

“Forget it, I’ll just give it a try. The worst that can happen in death anyway!” Chu Feng gritted his teeth and walked over.

He had given up trying to pull the weapons over to him since it wasn’t working out, and instead, he was going to grab them with his own hands.

Chu Feng didn’t let his greed get the better of him. He first approached an Incomplete Exalted Armament sword and reached for it.

This sword was a little peculiar. It looked as if it was forged out of wood, but without a doubt, its quality was top-notch. 

Even though any single Incomplete Exalted Armament in here was already stronger than what Chu Feng had, this wooden-like sword was still indubitably one of the most remarkable weapons in here.

While it might have a humble appearance, reminiscent of a child’s toy, its prowess surpassed that of most other Incomplete Exalted Armaments in here.

“It’s indeed a good weapon.”

As Chu Feng wrapped his fingers around the handle of the wooden sword, he suddenly felt an aura coming from the Ancient Era seeping into his body.

This aura was coming directly from the sword itself, and it seemed to be telling Chu Feng just how formidable it was.

However, when Chu Feng attempted to raise the wooden sword, he realized that he couldn’t move it at all. It was extremely bizarre because the wooden sword was simply lying on the top of a heap of weapons, but somehow, it simply wouldn’t move at all.

Chi chi chi… 

All of a sudden, a terrifying cry reminiscent of the howlings of a malicious ghost echoed behind Chu Feng.

Chu Feng felt shudders running down his spine when he heard those sounds. By the time he returned back to his senses, he found that he had goosebumps all over his body.

He turned around to look out of the blood-red door, and he saw a silhouette standing right there.

It was a well-proportioned woman who was dressed skimpily.

She had quite a terrifying appearance as well—ghastly white skin and blood-red eyes.

She looked like a corpse, but at this very instant, she was staring at Chu Feng.

What was even more frightening was that even though she was standing there, Chu Feng couldn’t sense her cultivation or even her presence at all. It was as if she didn’t exist at all.

“If you wish to obtain these items, you need to pay the price.”

Before Chu Feng could say a word, the bizarre-looking woman had already spoken up.


Right after she finished her words, she waved her hand leisurely, and a massive spirit formation gate appeared behind her.

This spirit formation gate was similar to a window. It was possible to see everything happening on the other side from the spirit formation gate.

Chu Feng could see that the world inside the spirit formation gate was yet another blood-red space, and there were many figures in there. Long Xiaoxiao, the Dragon’s Clan Clan Chief, and everyone else who had been swept away by the chilling wind earlier was all inside that blood-red space. 

However, all of them had pained looks on their faces. There was a black shackle binding each of them by their necks, and they were hanging in midair.

However, there was one figure amidst the crowd that Chu Feng didn’t expect to see, and she was no other than the domineering disciple of the Godwish Grandmother.

Just like the others, that old woman was hanging in the midair with a black shackle attached to her neck as she struggled in pain.

“Count how many people there are there, then count the number of treasures there are here,” the bizarre-looking woman told Chu Feng.

“There’s no need for that. They are equal in number. Elder, what do you mean by this?” Chu Feng asked gravely.

Chu Feng had already taken note of the number of people who had entered the Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments with him when he first arrived here, and he had also quickly counted the number of treasures within this place with a single glance when he arrived here.

He knew that everything could possibly be a clue in such a place, so he was leaving no stones unturned.

Initially, he didn’t pay any heed to this matter as the number of treasures was one more than the people around him, but to his surprise, there was one unexpected person amidst the crowd that he didn’t think would be there.

And that was the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother.

With her appearance, the number of treasures and people finally became equal.

Chu Feng immediately realized that something terrible was going to happen.


All of a sudden, the bizarre-looking woman waved her arm, and a black saber flew in Chu Feng’s direction.


Chu Feng didn’t catch the black saber. Instead, he used his martial power to freeze it before him.

“Elder, what do you mean by this?” Chu Feng asked once more.

“Kill a person, and you can take a treasure here away with you. You need not worry. You just have to pierce the black saber toward anyone inside the spirit formation gate, and that person will die.

“They wouldn’t even know how they died, let alone figure out that you’re the culprit. No one will be able to blame you for this. As long as you steel your heart, you can take away all of the treasures in here.

“Ah, and as for her, her, him, him…”

The bizarre-looking woman pointed to Long Xiaoxiao and her parents, Long Busheng, Elder Gongsun, and a few other people.

“These people have special significance to you. If you wish to take away the Exalted Armaments here, you’ll have to kill them. Otherwise, no matter how many people you kill, you won’t be able to take the Exalted Armaments with you.”

Even the bizarre-looking woman was looking at Chu Feng with a smile on her lips, the red glow in her eyes still left Chu Feng feeling extremely unnerved.

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