Chapter 4450: Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments

Chapter 4450: Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments

With this, the curtains were drawn on the battle between Chu Feng and Yu Lie.

But everyone’s heart was still beating fast. They were unable to calm down at all.

This duel was no ordinary duel. The opponent was the highly famed Yu Lie, the prodigy known throughout the entire Holy Light Galaxy!

Everyone had witnessed his means today, and by no means had he gotten weaker over the years. He was still as formidable of an adversary as he was before.

Yet, despite his strength, he was still defeated, and it was an utter defeat at that. It could be said that he had been overwhelmed from the start to the end.

This made everyone realize that an even more formidable prodigy had appeared in the Holy Light Galaxy. A person of such talents would one day challenge the top spot of the Holy Light Galaxy.

In any case, everyone’s expectations for Chu Feng had suddenly blown up.

Even if one were to put aside Chu Feng’s talents, just the fact that he had someone like the lady of Dao Sea backing him, the chances of him triumphing over the Holy Light Clan was indeed really great.

It was just that the crowd had no idea that Chu Feng and the Lady of Dao Sea were just acquainted with one another, and there was nothing more to their relationship. Back then, the Lady of Dao Sea did spare Elder Gongsun in view of Chu Feng’s face, but that was mainly because Chu Feng was going to her disciple a huge favor.

Another thing that the crowd wasn’t aware of was that there were actually another two individuals who had been spectating the fight from the start to the end. 

These two individuals stood high above the sea of clouds in the sky.

One of them was the disciple of the Godwish Godmother, and the other one was a middle-aged lady who commanded an extraordinary aura.

Even though the middle-aged lady was no longer young anymore, she still exuded a ravishing charm that allowed her to twirl men around her finger. It wasn’t hard to imagine just how gorgeous she was when she was younger.

However, what was surprising was that the haughty and eccentric disciple of the Godwish Grandmother was actually acting obediently around this middle-aged lady.

“Chu Feng does have some capabilities. Together with Long Xiaoxiao, they are one of the few more remarkable fellows amongst the younger generation of the Holy Light Galaxy,” the middle-aged lady remarked.

Even though her voice was that of a middle-aged lady, somehow, her tone had an old touch to it.

“Master, you seem to have a very high opinion of Chu Feng?” the old woman asked.

From that, the identity of the middle-aged lady became apparent. She was no other than the famous Godwish Grandmother.

“There are no absolutes when it comes to cultivation. There’s no way of telling the future for certain. Do you think that everyone is like you, blessed with a master looking after you as you grow up?

“Chu Feng has an outstanding talent, and he’s blessed with great luck too. However, he has a temperament that offends others easily. He’ll surely face a great deal of trouble in his journey,” the Godwish Grandmother said.

“Hehe, I know that master dotes on me the most!” the old woman replied with a grin.


Out of the blue, a loud chime sounded from the depths of the earth.

“What’s that sound?”

The sudden noise caught the crowd off-guard. Everyone looked at their feet at a loss, not knowing what to do at all.


The second chime sounded, followed by the third, fourth… 

The chiming of the bells continued without rest.

Not only so, but the sound of the chimes also seemed to be getting closer and closer to where Chu Feng and the others were at.

At the same time, the desert they were standing on also began to tremble along with the chimes.

“What’s going on? Is there something beneath us?”

Realizing that there was something amiss with the situation, the crowd quickly rose into the air. The Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, and the other experts present also quickly formed a barrier with their martial power to protect their people.

They had a feeling that whatever that was concealed beneath them was not to be underestimated, and it could very well pose a great danger to them.

Chu Feng also attempted to use his Heaven’s Eye to take a look at what was beneath, but he was unable to discern anything at all.

“It’s actually appearing at this moment?”

Unlike the confused crowd, the Godwish Grandmother began to tremble in agitation upon seeing this sight.

“Master, what is it?” the old woman asked.

Despite her usual domineering front, at this very moment, she was hiding behind the Godwish Grandmother’s back with fear in her eyes.

She couldn’t be blamed for acting so meekly.

As the chiming of the bells grew closer and closer, a powerful pressure was emanated from the ground. It weighed down on her so heavily that she felt like she was being suffocated.

“Have you forgotten what I have been searching here for so long?” the Godwish Grandmother asked.

“How could I have forgotten about that?” the old woman quickly replied.

But halfway through her words, her expression was already starting to warp in astonishment. She quickly glanced back down on the desert beneath her before exclaiming in delight.

“Master, you mean to say that… that’s the legendary Ancient Era’s Tomb of Armaments?”

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