Chapter 4447: Soul of Heavenly Lightning

Chapter 4447: Soul of Heavenly Lightning

Yu Lie didn’t back down just because his sword rays had been whittled down by Chu Feng’s gale. He pierced his sword forth once more, and countless green sword rays flew in Chu Feng’s direction once more.

But in the same instant that Yu Lie made his move, Chu Feng also slashed his sword with a cold glint of light.


It was as if Chu Feng’s sword had the power to summon tempests.

With Chu Feng at the center, a ferocious gale burst forth and tore down everything in Chu Feng’s path like an army of millions.

It looked similar to the attack that Chu Feng had used a moment ago, but this time around, there were white flashes of light hidden amidst the gale.

Taking a closer look, one would notice that they were sharp blades of over a thousand meters long, and there were over several hundred of them hidden amidst the gale.

The momentum and force of Chu Feng’s attack far surpassed the sword rays that Yu Lie had released.

“It really is… It really is!!!” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief exclaimed in agitation.

“Father, could it be that you recognize the martial skill little benefactor is using?” Long Xiaoxiao asked out of curiosity.

She could tell that there was something exceptional about the martial skill that Chu Feng was using too.

“This is hall protection treasure of the Frenzied Blade Sect, the overlord of the Holy Light Galaxy’s Frenzied Blade Starfield. It’s the rank four Exalted Taboo, Frenzied Blade Void Slicer!

“However, it’s said that this martial skill can only be executed by someone who has practiced the Frenzied Blade Sect’s Frenzied Blade Technique. Furthermore, the Frenzied Blade Technique can only be practiced by those of ten years of age or below. Anyone beyond ten years of age would no longer be able to grasp the Frenzied Blade Technique anymore.

“No matter how I look at it, it shouldn’t be possible for young friend Chu Feng to be able to use the Frenzied Blade Void Slicer, but it’s really happening right before my eyes!”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief was utterly surprised by what he was seeing. Long Xiaoxiao had never seen such an expression on her father’s face before.

And he wasn’t the only one who was reacting in such a manner. Many of those in the older generation present here were also astonished by this turn of event.

The Purple Meteor Shower was little heard of, so it was hard for others to verify the authenticity of what the elders of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect had said. However, the Frenzied Blade Void Slicer was one of the more renowned techniques of the Holy Light Galaxy.

The Frenzied Blade Sect couldn’t match against powerhouses like the Dragon Clan and Yu Heavenly Clan, but if one were to just look at it in terms of rank four Exalted Taboo Martial Skills, the Frenzied Blade Sect was definitely at the cream of the crop.

Neither the Dragon Clan nor the Yu Heavenly Clan had anything that could stand against the Frenzied Blade Void Slicer.

It was due to its tremendous prowess that the Frenzied Blade Void Slicer was famed throughout the Holy Light Galaxy. Most of those in the older generation were aware of its existence.

However, it was also a known fact that there were very few people who had managed to grasp this technique. In fact, there was no one amongst the juniors who had successfully grasped this technique.

Yet, not only was Chu Feng executing it at this very moment, judging by the prowess of his attack, it was clear that he had mastered it too. 

This was the reason why everyone was so astonished by this matter.

The others might have still doubted Elder Gongsun’s claim that it was impossible for ordinary cultivators to execute the Purple Meteor Storm due to their lack of understanding toward the skill, but the Frenzied Blade Void Slicer was simply too well-known for others to not know about it.

“Could Chu Feng’s talents have really reached such an unbelievable level? Even without training in the fundamental cultivation techniques, he’s still able to execute these special martial skills?”

A tight crease formed on the forehead of the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief as a foreboding premonition struck his heart.

This was especially so after he saw the laborious look on Yu Lie’s face as he struggled to fend against Chu Feng’s attack. It made him realize that he had made the wrong choice to stand against Chu Feng here.

Yu Lie had already lost in the clash of rank three Exalted Taboos, and he wasn’t doing well in the clash of rank four Exalted Taboos either. At this rate, Yu Lie could really fall in danger.

“Yu Lie, don’t get careless. Use your full strength!”

Seeing that the situation was on the verge of turning awry, the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief shouted toward Yu Lie.


And while the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief was saying those words, the gale which Chu Feng had produced had already utterly torn through all of Yu Lie’s sword rays, and it was currently gushing toward Yu Lie himself.

In the clash of rank four Exalted Taboos, it was an utter loss for Yu Lie.


Piercing screams sounded all around as the juniors of the Yu Heavenly Clan closed their eyes in fright. They couldn’t bear to see the sight of Yu Lie falling in defeat.

Only those of the older generation continued watching the fight with grim looks on their faces.

Even though they were fidgeting a little out of worry, there was still hope in their eyes. It was as if they were expecting a miracle to occur.

“Soul of Heavenly Lightning!” Yu Lie suddenly shouted out.

Following that, blue lightning gushed out from his body. It carried such great might that it shattered even the space around him into bits.

The ferocious gale that was racing in Yu Lie’s direction was not spared by the outburst of blue lightning either, and it swiftly dissipated apart.

At the same time, a terrifying aura flowed out from the blue lightning, revealing a strength that was several times stronger than the rank four Exalted Taboo he had used earlier.

“He succeeded! He really succeeded!!!”

“Yu Lie, good job! You are indeed the pride of our Yu Heavenly Clan!”

Looking at the powerful blue lightning, those from the Yu Heavenly Clan shouted in agitation.

And shockingly, these shouts were coming not from the juniors but the elders. They were so agitated that some of them even broke our crying.

Even the eyes of the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had reddened.

From the very start of the battle with Chu Feng, Yu Lie seemed to have fallen in a disadvantageous position. This made them feel incredibly awful inside, especially since they bore great expectations in him.

But despite so, they didn’t panic because they knew that Yu Lie had an ultimate trump card in his hand, which was the blue lightning that he was exerting at the moment.

“A mere junior like Yu Lie actually managed to master it?” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief widened his mouth in astonishment.

“What incredible might. That lad, Yu Lie, really is a force to be reckoned with,” the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster also gave Yu Lie his compliments too.

Even those from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect were awed by the means Yu Lie was displaying.

“Father, is that a rank five Exalted Taboo?”

In contrast to the agitation and excitement shown by the crowd, Long Xiaoxiao turned to the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and asked worriedly.

“Yes. It’s the hall protection treasure of the Yu Heavenly Clan, rank five Exalted Taboo, Soul of Heavenly Lightning! However, it isn’t just any ordinary rank five Exalted Taboo.

“It’s extraordinarily powerful even amongst rank five Exalted Taboos, but as you know, powerful techniques tend to be much harder to master. Based on what I know, the Soul of Heavenly Lightning is one of the most difficult skills to grasp in the Yu Heavenly Clan. Even amongst the elders, there were very few people who were able to use it in a battle.

“In the current Yu Heavenly Clan, only the Clan Chief and several Supreme Elders were able to truly draw out the profoundness of the Soul of Heavenly Lightning,” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief said.

“Profoundness? This martial skill harnesses profoundness within it?” Long Xiaoxiao asked.

There were simply too few martial skills that had deeper profoundness within it.

“That’s right. Due to that, the might it commands is far above that of other rank five Exalted Taboo, very close to reaching that of rank six Exalted Taboos. It’s indubitably the emperor of all rank five Exalted Taboos!

“I never thought that Yu Lie would be able to grasp a martial skill of the tier of Soul of Heavenly Lightning at his age. His talent is truly frightening. The Yu Heavenly Clan is really lucky to have such a prodigy amongst them!” the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief remarked as he stared at Yu Lie intently out of envy.

All of these told Long Xiaoxiao clearly just how formidable the Soul of Heavenly Lightning was, and that only served to deepen the worry on her face.

The stronger Yu Lie’s means were, the more disadvantageous of a position Chu Feng would be.

While the crowd from the Yu Heavenly Clan was getting hyped up over Yu Lie, some of them turned over to look at Chu Feng. There was a taunting look in their eyes, as if they were saying ‘let’s see how you deal with this!’.

It was not without reason why they were so confident in Yu Lie’s victory 

Having grasped the Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Divine Power, Chu Feng was able to raise his cultivation from rank five Utmost Exalted level to rank eight Utmost Exalted level. Without a doubt, this was an incredible feat even for top prodigies of the Holy Light Galaxy.

Unfortunately, even if he was able to raise his cultivation up to match Yu Lie, it didn’t mean that the tier of his martial skills would be able to keep up. 

In truth, there was a threshold in terms of cultivation one had to meet in order to cultivate Exalted Taboos, and the threshold for rank five Exalted Taboo was to reach at least rank six Utmost Exalted level.

And something of the level of the Soul of Heavenly Lightning would require one’s cultivation to at least be at rank seven Utmost Exalted level.

Even someone as talented as Yu Lie was only able to grasp the Soul of Heavenly Lightning when he was already on the verge of reaching rank eight Utmost Exalted level, and even so, his control over it was still very unstable.

This was also the reason why the elders were all so agitated upon seeing the Soul of Heavenly Lightning. Before this, they weren’t sure whether Yu Lie would be able to pull it off properly or not.

On the other hand, Chu Feng, whose real cultivation was only at rank five Utmost Exalted level, wouldn’t even be able to cultivate an ordinary rank five Exalted Taboo, let alone a martial skill as powerful as the Soul of Heavenly Lightning.

Due to this, they were confident that victory was already in Yu Lie’s grasp. Chu Feng’s loss was already decided with this.

“That… What’s that?”

The faces of those from the Yu Heavenly Clan suddenly warped in shock.

“What the hell? That can’t be!!!”

Even the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief was staring at Chu Feng with a look of disbelief.

To their utter bewilderment, streaks of blue lightning were also starting to emanate from Chu Feng’s body. Be it in terms of might or form, they were identical to that of Yu Lie’s.

Without a doubt, that was the hall protection treasure of the Yu Heavenly Clan, Soul of Heavenly Lightning!

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