Chapter 4446: The Prowess of Exalted Taboo (Teaser)

Chapter 4446: The Prowess of Exalted Taboo


As Yu Lie used his rank three Exalted Taboo Heaven’s Inferno, a bizarre sight occurred in the sky. Silvery clouds had appeared out of nowhere and covered the sky.

Heatwaves were emanating from these silver clouds, as if blazing inferno was hidden amidst them.

Looking at these silver clouds, the gaze of the crowd turned a little grave.


All of a sudden, the clouds billowed, and a massive fireball descended from the sky.

This fireball boasted a diameter of over several hundred meters, and it emanated a purple glow. Warping into a purple streak of light, it plummeted from the sky with a frightening momentum.

It was an exceptionally beautiful sight reminiscent of a shooting star, but the aura the fireball emanated instilled...

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