Chapter 4445: Junior Sword God

Chapter 4445: Junior Sword God

“I never thought that there would be such a talented individual in the Holy Light Galaxy.”

Watching as Chu Feng raised his cultivation from rank five Utmost Exalted level to rank eight Utmost Exalted level, Yu Lie couldn’t help but remark in astonishment.

He glanced at Yu Hong and Yu Yin and remarked, “It’s no wonder why the two of them would fall in defeat before him. Even I am no match for him in terms of talent.”

His words caused huge waves to rise in the hearts of those listening.

This was an affirmation coming from the Yu Lie himself!

A person who had once shaken the Holy Light Galaxy with his talents was admitting that he was not on par with Chu Feng?

“Yu Lie, you can’t be thinking of admitting defeat just like that, are you? That would really be a huge pity,” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course not. I’ll give it my all against you. So, Brother Chu Feng, I hope that you won’t look down on me either. You might be talented, but I’m no pushover either.”


As Yu Lie said those words, he whipped out a sword shrouded in flames. It was an Incomplete Exalted Armament.

With this sword in his grasp, his fighting prowess rose significantly.

A blazing flame arced across the air, arriving right before Chu Feng in the blink of an eye.


A metallic reverberation sounded. Yu Lie’s attack had been deflected.

Taking a closer look, the crowd realized that Chu Feng was wielding a sword too. It was also an Incomplete Exalted Armament too.


Chu Feng flicked his wrist and went on the offensive, slashing his sword toward Yu Lie’s neck.

On the other hand, Yu Lie took a step back and tilted slightly to the side to evade the Chu Feng’s slash. At the same time, he pulled his fire sword upward to slash at Chu Feng’s chest.

In response, Chu Feng ducked down before retaliating with yet another slash.

Klang klang klang!

Sparks scattered all around the place. The swords of the two fighters clashed again and again with one another even though their attacks tended to brush by their opponents more often than not.

The two of them didn’t utilize any martial skill or secret arts. With just the sword in their hands, they traded blows with one another.

“Chu Feng is actually fighting against Yu Lie with just a sword in hand? And on top of that, he managed to stand his ground?”

Shocked gasps sounded all around the place.

It wouldn’t have brought about such a reaction if Chu Feng was fighting with anyone else, but that was Yu Lie over there!

Yu Lie was renowned for his swordsmanship. As long as he had a sword in his hand, he was practically unrivaled amongst his peers.

The reason for that was due to a set of sword techniques that Yu Lie obtained out of coincidence.

This sword technique was able to be applied to any weapons. As one’s cultivation rose, the prowess of this sword technique would grow correspondingly too.

Twenty years back, Shengguang Yu was known for his swordsmanship too, but despite so, he was still defeated under Yu Lie’s sword.

Due to that, other than his title as the most talented prodigy in the Holy Light Galaxy, he also had another nickname—Junior Sword God!

Amongst the younger generation, he was the peerless existence in the field of swordsmanship. No one stood a chance against the sword in his hand at all.

His swordsmanship wasn’t just effective against other swords. No matter what weapon his opponent was wielding, as long as he had a sword in his hand, Yu Lie would always emerge victorious.

And yet, Chu Feng was actually managing to rival him. Their fight was so close that it was hard to determine who had the upper hand.

Given so, it was inevitable that the crowd would be surprised.

“Did Brother Yu Lie’s swordsmanship deteriorate? Or did he go easy on Chu Feng?

“How could Chu Feng possibly be an equal to him? What rights did he have? There’s no way this can be true!”

Yu Hong refused to believe what he was seeing before him. He felt that there was another reason behind this, and he bellowed indignantly out of agitation.

“No, Yu Lie’s swordsmanship didn’t deteriorate, and he isn’t going easy on Chu Feng either,” the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief replied.

“Lord Clan Chief, if the two of them are really clashing with their full strength, how can they possibly be in a stalemate for so long?” Yu Hong asked in incomprehension.

“Chu Feng’s swordsmanship is superb… No, to be more exact, it’s his ability to wield his weapon, or in other words, his combat experience. That Chu Feng has a lot of combat experience, and it’s due to that that he’s able to see through a lot of Yu Lie’s move and counter against them. In other words, even if Chu Feng was wielding some other weapon, he would still be able to fight Yu Lie to that extent,” the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief replied.

“He would still be that formidable… even without wielding a sword?”

The crowd from the Yu Heavenly Clan was dumbstruck.

That was a very high compliment that was given to Chu Feng.

Furthermore, it was coming from their Clan Chief himself, such that they had no choice but to believe it.


Speaking up to this point, the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief started falling in deep thought.

“What’s wrong, Lord Clan Chief?”

Yu Hong and Yu Yin weren’t the only ones who wanted to hear the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief view on this matter. Even the elders within the clan had pricked up their ears out of curiosity as well, wanting to know what their Clan Chief had noticed.

“How could someone of the younger generation have so much combat experience? Was he taught by a formidable expert? Or did he spend his life undergoing tribulation after tribulation?”

The Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief remarked as he looked at Chu Feng contemplatively.

This was the first time that someone from the younger generation felt unfathomable to him.



All of a sudden, a cold glint flashed across the air, and blood splattered all around.

Yu Lie, who had been clashing blows with Chu Feng all this while, suddenly retreated in a fluster, stepping out of the combat ring.

And with his retreat, the crowd noticed that there was a sword wound on his cheek. It was very light, but it was indubitably a sword wound.

Yu Lie had actually sustained some injury! Despite being dubbed as the Junior Sword God, he was outdone by another junior in a clash between swords!

And on top of that, his opponent was still completely unharmed!

Yu Lie… actually lost?!?!

“Brother Chu Feng, you have excellent swordsmanship. I have crossed swords with many cultivators, and I have faced sabers, spears, halberds, axes, and all sorts of different weapons, but there was no one in the same generation who could overcome my sword.

“But today, I have lost to you. It was all worth it. Being able to meet a worthy opponent like you, I have not spent my life in vain. Exhilarating! It was truly exhilarating! Hahaha!!!”

Even though Yu Lie had lost in a battle of swordsmanship, he wasn’t upset at all. On the contrary, he burst into laughter.

It could be seen that he thoroughly enjoyed the battle he had with Chu Feng.


But all of a sudden, Yu Lie flicked his wrist, and the flames on his sword suddenly intensified.

At the same time, his eyes also grew far sharper than before.

“But Brother Chu Feng, we haven’t determined a victor for this battle yet. I’ll be bringing out my specialty from now onward.”

As Yu Lie said those words, his body began to burst into flames. It was just that the flame was not red in color but silver.

“Holy heaven! That flame… Could that be Yu Lie’s renowned ultimate technique, rank three Exalted Taboo, Heaven’s Inferno?”

“Is Brother Yu Lie finally getting serious?”

Seeing the changes with Yu Lie, the vexed juniors of the Yu Heavenly Clan suddenly regained their excitement.

Even though Yu Lie was dubbed as the Junior Sword God, everyone in the Yu Heavenly Clan knew that his true prowess was only brought out when he utilized martial skills.

Swordsmanship was just one of his strengths, but his true trump card lay in his martial skills!

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