Chapter 4443: The Greatest Prodigy

Chapter 4443: The Greatest Prodigy

Everyone’s gaze was on Chu Feng at this very moment, and confusion could be seen in their eyes.

Did Chu Feng really not know what kind of person Yu Lie was?

“Young friend Chu Feng, you might not have a good understanding of what kind of person Yu Lie is. I advise you to think twice about fighting him.”

A voice transmission suddenly arrived in Chu Feng’s ears. It was from Elder Gongsun of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

“Elder, I have heard about Yu Lie,” Chu Feng replied.

“You might still be underestimating him. Young friend Chu Feng, he isn’t just the strongest prodigy in the Yu Heavenly Clan. He’s also one of the most talented juniors in the entire Holy Light Galaxy at the moment. He has made his name for more than several decades now, and his strength is really not to be underestimated.

“Back in those years, it was said that there were three great prodigies in the Holy Light Galaxy. Two of them were from the Holy Light Galaxy, and the last one was Yu Heavenly Clan’s Yu Lie. As for the other powers, be it the Dragon Clan, the Monstrous Herd Temple, or even our Cloudsky Immortal Sect, there were no juniors that stood a chance against him at all.

“Yu Lie was already at rank seven Utmost Exalted level twenty years ago, just a step away from reaching rank eight Utmost Exalted level. That year, he met his greatest nemesis back then, the Holy Light Clan’s Shengguang Yu. 

“Shengguang Yu was another prodigy that shared the same fame as him as one of the three great prodigies of the Holy Light Galaxy. Despite only being 73 years old then, he had already reached rank seven Utmost Exalted level. In fact, due to the fame of the Holy Light Clan, his reputation even exceeded that of Yu Lie.

“The two of them clashed with one another in the battle, and ultimately, Yu Lie was the one who emerged victorious. It was just that shortly after that battle, Yu Lie suddenly went into closed-door training.

“Based on our information sources, it appears that the battle between Yu Lie and Shengguang Yu was a scheme by the Holy Light Clan. They were hoping to test Yu Lie’s potential through that battle.

“But when the victor turned out to be Yu Lie, it was inevitable that the Holy Light Clan was deeply displeased. They began viewing Yu Lie as an existence who could potentially threaten the standing of the Holy Light Clan.

“Typically speaking, the Holy Light Clan could have easily assassinated Yu Lie, but instead of that, they chose to poison Yu Lie instead. Ever since then, Yu Lie had been fatally ill. In fact, there were rumors going around that he had already succumbed to his illness and died.

“Of course, these were mostly rumors that our intelligence team heard. We don’t really have concrete evidence of the matter. However, it was a fact that the circumstances surrounding Yu Lie have been peculiar since then, making it the rumors about the Holy Light Clan poisoning Yu Lie likely to be true.

“But even in his weakened state, Yu Lie is still a powerful adversary. He’s definitely not someone whom those of your generation can compete with. Even if his cultivation has stagnated since twenty years ago, making him no longer a match for Shengguang Yu, he’s still not someone who should be underestimated.

“I advise you to think of him as the strongest prodigy in the Holy Light Galaxy and seriously consider whether you’re confident of defeating him or not before coming to a decision. I don’t wish to see you putting yourself in an unfavorable position due to a moment of carelessness.”

Elder Gongsun spoke very quickly. He seemed to be using a special voice transmission method to transfer all of his words over to Chu Feng in a flash.

But instead of instilling fear into Chu Feng, Elder Gongsun’s words only riled up his interest in Yu Lie.

Ever since his battle with Linghu Hongfei back then, Chu Feng had never met a peer who was really a match for him.

While he did encounter plenty of those of his age group whose cultivation was far above that of Linghu Hongfei afterward, most of their fighting prowess did not meet up to their cultivation level. 

To put it in other words, their foundations were not as firm as that of Linghu Hongfei. Most of them relied on medicinal herbs and treasures to forcefully raise their cultivation.

In the same cultivation level, none of them stood a chance against Chu Feng at all.

However, Chu Feng felt that Yu Lie would be different from the rest, or else he would really be letting down his title as the strongest prodigy in the Holy Light Galaxy that he once held.

Brother Chu Feng, are you certain that you wish to have a true fight with me? You really don’t need me to hold back at all?” Yu Lie asked once more to verify Chu Feng’s intention.

He spoke with a tranquil tone. He had none of the self-conceit that Yu Hong and Yu Yin were bloated with.

“Since we’re going to have a fight with one another, let’s have fun doing so. If you are really able to defeat me, not only will I return the Exalted Taboo Martial Skills, I’ll also hand over everything inside the Cosmos Sack,” Chu Feng said.

“Decisive! I’m also interested in trying out Brother Chu Feng’s capabilities too!” Yu Lie said.

As he spoke, he rose from his mount and drifted over to where Chu Feng was.

From the way he carried himself to his tone and his gestures, the air that Yu Lie exuded was truly exceptional. He was not someone whom Yu Hong, Yu Yin, and the others could compete with,

Seeing this, Chu Feng also leaped into the sky and stepped out of the defensive barrier that the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had erected for him.

He and Yu Lie stood at two ends in the sky, facing one another.

“Brother Chu Feng, I will be going all out then.”

As Yu Lie said those words, a burst of lightning appeared on his forehead.


The lightning swiftly morphed into the character ‘Divine’.

It was the Lightning Mark. Yu Lie was also a practitioner of the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

Along with the formation of the Lightning Mark, Yu Lie’s cultivation rose up to rank eight Utmost Exalted level.

“What incredible airs. As expected of Brother Yu Lie!”

Seeing the Lightning Mark on Yu Lie’s forehead and the tremendous aura that he was emanating at the moment, even the proud Yu Hong and Yu Yin couldn’t help but cheer gleefully. They were proud of Yu Lie.

Even though they cultivated the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique too, they knew that their control over it was far beneath that of Yu Lie’s.

If they were to release their Lightning Mark right now, their Lightning Mark would appear dimmer in comparison to Yu Lie’s. This was the suppression on their bloodline. It had nothing to do with their cultivation but their grasp over the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

As such, Yu Hong and Yu Yin quickly turned to look at Chu Feng, hoping to see fear or horror on his face.

But contrary to their expectations, Chu Feng didn’t even reveal the slightest shock or surprise.

“What’s going on with that fellow?”

Chu Feng’s lack of reaction caused the excitement that Yu Hong and Yu Yin felt to dampen significantly, and they couldn’t help but frown in frustration.

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