Chapter 4442: Aweing Everyone (Teaser)

Chapter 4442: Aweing Everyone

“Young master Chu Feng, I know that I, Yin Daifen, has let you down on many counts, but I was really unaware that you have saved Elder Gongsun before. If I had known, I would have surely not acted so disrespectfully to you. I ask you to forgive me for my folly,” Yin Daifen said.

The two of them appeared to be very sincere in their apologies.

However, Chu Feng simply smiled faintly in response, not saying anything at all.

From the first time they met, Chu Feng had already told Yin Daifen that he was acquainted with her elder sister. Yet, how did she treat him?

However, Chu Feng was too used to seeing such hypocrisy that he couldn’t even be bothered to refute them. On the account of Elder Gongsun, he chose to accept their apology.

And with that, the Yu Heavenly Clan was placed in a very awkward position.

It was just a moment ago that the Cloudsky Immortal Sect was standing on their side, giving them the confidence to stand against the Dragon Clan and the Monstrous Herd Temple. 

However, now that the Cloudsky Immortal Sect had changed sides, if the Yu Heavenly Clan still insisted...

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