Chapter 4441: Turning Tables, Again

Chapter 4441: Turning Tables, Again

“Father, you can’t do this! Little benefactor already knew from the start that the Cloudsky Immortal Sect and the Yu Heavenly Clan wouldn’t let this matter rest easily. He didn’t want to come with me. 

“I was the one who told him that the Dragon Clan would protect him and insisted on having him come along with me. If we were to force little benefactor to submit to them and admit his fault, I would really become a huge sinner!” Long Xiaoxiao cried out with a teary voice.

She was really regretting her actions. She shouldn’t have gotten Chu Feng to return with her.

However, there was no way she could turn back time to do everything again. The only thing she could do right now was to plead with her father not to give up Chu Feng.

But at the same time, she knew her father too well. Her father valued the Dragon Clan above all things else, so there was no way he would put the Dragon Clan at stake for Chu Feng.

Chirp chirp!

All of a sudden, a white bird whizzed across the air. It circled above the war chariot of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect for a moment before descending into Zhao Chunqiu’s hands.

The white bird looked extremely lifelike, but in the moment that it fell into Zhao Chunqiu’s hands, it suddenly dissipated into white mist before seeping into Zhao Chunqiu’s palm.

Following that, Zhao Chunqiu’s lips began curling upward to form a gleeful smile.

He turned to look at the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster once more, but this time around, he no longer intended to compromise anymore. A haughty look had returned back to his face.

“I have already given you a chance, but you refused to treasure it. Since that’s the case, our Cloudsky Immortal Sect will not back down anymore. Today, I’ll be taking Chu Feng’s life, and none of you is going to stop me!” Zhao Chunqiu pointed to Chu Feng as he declared proudly.

As he spoke, he finally released the full prowess of his oppressive might, sending waves after waves of powerful energy toward Chu Feng and the others.

“What arrogance! Let’s see if I’ll allow you to touch even a single strand of hair on young friend Chu Feng with me here!”

Seeing how the other party had changed his tune, the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster also stepped forward and stood against Zhao Chunqiu’s hostility firmly. His oppressive might also intensified as well.


In an instant, a powerful hurricane was forming around the area, and the sky seemed to have plunged into darkness.

It felt like the world was just seconds away from being reduced into a living hell by the prowess of the experts gathered here.

“The Monstrous Herd Temple sure talks big. If a fight is what you want, our Cloudsky Immortal Sect is more than willing to play with you!” another voice suddenly spoke up.

It was coming not from Zhao Chunqiu but from the distance. At the same time, the oppressive might of yet another rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator swept in their direction.

Following that, a few dozen figures appeared before everyone’s eyes.

They were from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect, or to be more exact, they were the elders of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

They were few in number compared to the armies that had gathered here, but their sheer presence was stronger than any other group here.

The one leading this group of elders was a short elder who had an unkempt, gray hairdo.

Even though he looked extremely messy, his strength was nothing to joke about. The earlier rank three Martial Exalted level oppressive might had come from him.

More importantly, he was dressed in clothes that were identical to Zhao Chunqiu, revealing his identity as a Supreme Elder of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

As soon as this man appeared, the frowns on the faces of the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief and the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster grew even tighter.

Even the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief had a conflicted look on his face.

They realized that they had been underestimating the prowess of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect all this while. Just the presence of these two Supreme Elders was more than enough to indicate that their sect was a tier stronger than the Dragon Clan, Yu Heavenly Clan, and Monstrous Herd Temple.

At the same time, they also finally understood why Zhao Chunqiu, who had already agreed to compromise a moment ago, would suddenly change his tune.

The earlier white bird most likely served as a courier to inform him that his reinforcement were arriving, and that gave him the confidence to push his way through.

“Chu Feng?”

But all of a sudden, amongst the dozens of elders from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect who had just arrived, a single person uttered in astonishment.


Taking a closer look, Chu Feng was taken aback for a moment before his face broke out in joy.

There was a familiar face amongst the elders of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect, and he was no other than Elder Gongsun.

Elder Gongsun was the person who had gone to the Red-dress Holy Land in representatio nof the Cloudsky Immortal Sect to take Yin Zhuanghong away, as well as the person whom Chu Feng met at the Dao Sea a while ago.

Back then, Elder Gongsun had been captured by the disciples of the Lady of Dao Sea, and he was on the verge of meeting his death. Thanks to Chu Feng, who pleaded on his behalf, he was eventually released and allowed to leave safely. 

“Young friend Chu Feng, what a coincidence! What are you doing here?”

Elder Gongsun had come here with an imposing air, as if he was prepared to slaughter anyone who stood in the way of the Cloudsky Immortal Sect.

However, as soon as he saw Chu Feng, his expression immediately changed. He could hardly conceal the look of agitation on his face at all.

This abrupt situation caused everyone present, be it Yin Daifen, Fu Feiyue, Yu Hong, Yu Yin, Zhao Chunqiu, Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, and the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, completely dumbfounded.

What was going on?

The two of them actually knew each other?

“Elder Gongsun, is this young man the person whom you mentioned earlier?” the gray-haired elder that emanated the oppressive might of a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator asked.

“Yes, Supreme Elder. He’s the one,” Elder Gongsun replied.

A hint of shock flickered across the eyes of the gray-haired elder, and he began to assess Chu Feng once more. At the same time, the fierce look on his face also gave way to a smile.

It was a very amiable smile that was extremely different from the earlier impression he gave off.

If not for the fact that he was seeing it with his own eyes, Chu Feng wouldn’t have believed that it was possible for a person to change his face that quickly.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I am Supreme Elder Liu Chengkong from the Cloudsky Immortal Sect. I’m deeply grateful to you for saving Elder Gongsun back then.”

The gray-haired elder actually clasped his fist and bowed deeply to Chu Feng to express his gratitude.


The lower jaws of everyone slackened upon seeing this sight.

This was especially so for Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue. It was almost as if someone had robbed their sensibility, turning them into fools.

One must know that that was a lofty Supreme Elder of their Cloudsky Immortal Sect!

They were well aware that Liu Chengkong was even higher than Zhao Chunqiu in terms of standing. This was the first time they were seeing Liu Chengkong bowing to a junior so respectfully.

“Elder Liu, what is going on? Do you really know him?” 

At the same time, Zhao Chunqiu realized that something was amiss, and he hurriedly asked.

“That’s not just it. He even saved Elder Gongsun’s life!” Liu Chengkong replied.

“He saved Elder Gongsun’s life? With his cultivation?” 

Zhao Chunqiu found it hard to believe what he was hearing.

“Lord Supreme Elder, there’s no doubt about this matter.”

Elder Gognsun quickly recounted everything that had happened to Zhao Chunqiu. As a result of that, everyone present came to learn of the peculiar relationship that Chu Feng had with the Lady of Dao Sea.

Most of the top brass gathered here knew who the Lady of Dao Sea was, and they were aware of how powerful she was.

Due to that, everyone in the older generation here, including the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, and the Monstrous Herd Temple’s sectmaster, as well as Yin Daifen, Fu Feiyue, Yu Hong, Yu Yin, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi, couldn’t help but look at Chu Feng in another light.

They would have never thought that Chu Feng would actually have such unbelievable connections. He actually had such close relations with that legendary Lady of Dao Sea!

This revelation left deeply complicated looks on the faces of Yin Daifen, Fu Feiyue, Yu Hong, and Yu Yin.

They had looked down Chu Feng all this while because they thought that he was just an insignificant figure coming from a trashy starfield. Yet, all of a sudden, they found out that the other party had connections with people far beyond their imagination.

This made them realize that perhaps, they were just insignificant figures in Chu Feng’s eyes too.

Meanwhile, Zhao Chunqiu also told Liu Chengkong, Elder Gongsun, and the others about everything that had happened inside the Godwish Palace.

As it turned out, Liu Chengkong, Elder Gongsun, and the others only received a message from Zhao Chunqiu informing them of a conflict with the juniors of the other powers. They didn’t know the details of the conflict at all.

Needless to say, the reason why they stomped here so imposingly wasn’t just to deal with a mere junior. More than that, they were trying to show off their prowess.

They had been growing so swiftly in the shadows for so many years in order to make a glorious debut as a top tier power, and with the Yu Heavenly Clan, Dragon Clan, and Monstrous Herd Temple gathered here, there was no better opportunity than this for them to do so. 

If they could stand their ground here, they would be able to reinforce their position in the Holy Light Galaxy.

However, when they realized that the person that stood at the center of this conflict was no other than Chu Feng, they realized that they might have to think twice about their current plan.

“You two dimwits! What are you still standing there in a daze for? Hurry up and apologize to young friend Chu Feng!” Zhao Chunqiu bellowed at Fu Feiyue and Yin Daifen.

“Brother Chu Feng, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know that you were a friend of our Cloudsky Immortal Sect. This is truly what they meant by surging waters flooding the Dragon King’s temple and one’s family failing to recognize one another!” Fu Feiyue stepped forward and said.

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