Chapter 4440: A Tense Atmosphere (Teaser)

Chapter 4440: A Tense Atmosphere

Shortly after the disciple of the Godwish Grandmother left, the surroundings suddenly fell eerily quiet. It was just like the intermittent calm before the storm.


All of a sudden, the space in the surroundings shuddered, and a deafening sonic boom sounded. An incredibly powerful force was racing toward Chu Feng from the sky.

It was an invisible surge of energy, but the force exerted was enough to even tear through air itself.

This was the strength of a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator, the prowess of the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief.

Without speaking any unnecessary words, he made a move on Chu Feng straight away, aiming to claim his life.


In the next moment, however, another equally powerful force burst forth and collided with the attack from the Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, causing powerful shockwaves to ripple into the surroundings.

The sheer force jolted all of the juniors present in the area back.

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had made a move to protect Chu Feng.

“Yu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief, young...

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