Chapter 4434: Immortal Lake In a Desert (Teaser)

Chapter 4434: Immortal Lake In a Desert

Meanwhile, Yin Daifen, Fu Feiyue, and Yu Yin, who entered the other spirit formation gate, found themselves transported to a place filled with yellow sand too, and they underwent the same lightning punishment as Yu Hong, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi did.

Yu Hong, Bao Yue, and Kui Wudi were fortunate to have Chu Feng around to set up a formation and lessen their pain, but Yin Daifen and the others weren’t so lucky.

They had to tolerate the full brunt of the lightning punishment from the start to the end. The only blessing to them was that the duration was relatively short.

Nevertheless, from how they were gasping for air after the ominous clouds dissipated, it was apparent that they suffered severe damage from the lightning.

To uphold their faces, Yin Daifen and Fu Feiyue immediately got up as soon as the lightning punishment ended.

On the other hand, Yu Yin didn’t even want to crawl up at all. He simply lay on the floor as he swallowed a pill and recuperated from...

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