Chapter 4433: Spurting Blood Out of Anger (Teaser)

Chapter 4433: Spurting Blood Out of Anger

“Didn’t we agree that since we came together, we’ll leave together too? I can’t possibly have you waiting outside for me, right?”

Chu Feng pushed Long Xiaoxiao away, but the look he directed toward the agitated Long Xiaoxiao remained gentle.

His impression toward Long Xiaoxiao had always been good, and it only improved further after what that had happened earlier.

Chu Feng did play a part in helping Long Xiaoxiao to assimilate the Dragon Vein Source, thus enhancing her talent and potential to a brand new level. Due to that, her mother was saved, and they regained their father’s favor.

However, not everyone in the world knew gratitude.

Take Yin Daifen for example, Chu Feng had helped her during the examination, but not only was she not grateful to him, she even tried to put him down.

Long Xiaoxiao’s actions really formed a stark contrast to that of Yin Daifen’s. She was willing to go the extent of giving up her right to undergo training within the Godwish Palace to him, and she didn’t utter a single word of complaint while doing ...

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