Chapter 4430: Clearing the Trial (Teaser)

Chapter 4430: Clearing the Trial


Upon seeing the key, Yin Daifen’s face warped in shock. Slowly, her astonishment turned into rage as she glared at Chu Feng with widened eyes.

“That belongs to me! You took away the key I should have received after clearing the trial!” Yin Daifen bellowed at Chu Feng with gritted teeth.

She could tell that the glowing key was the token that she should have received after clearing the trial, so she immediately assumed that it belonged to her, and that Chu Feng had stolen her key away.

“Miss Yin, what are you talking about? I am having trouble trying to comprehend what you are saying. Didn’t you mention that you don’t know where the locations of the trials are? Why are you claiming that you have cleared the trial now?” Chu Feng asked with gleaming eyes.

“Stop feigning ignorance. You’re doing it on purpose! You knew that I lied to you, so you first acted as if you’re...

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