Chapter 4412: That’s Just What I’m Hoping For

Chapter 4412: That’s Just What I’m Hoping For

The disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect also noticed the change in the gazes of those around him. This was the exact effect he had expected to create, and he was gleeful that it went according to how he intended.

At the same time, his attitude also became even more haughty and arrogant.

“If you wish to challenge me in terms of world spiritist techniques, you should at least display strength on par with mine. Look a look at yourself and tell if you’re qualified or not,” the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect asked Chu Feng.

His face was beaming with confidence. He was absolutely certain that the young man before him couldn’t have possibly grasped rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation.

As a world spiritist himself, he knew just how hard it was to reach this level.

Even within the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, only a small handful of people within the younger generation had been able to reach this level.


But barely after he said those words, Chu Feng’s spirit power also burst forth like an erupting volcano, forming an oppressive might was also on par with rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivators.

Seeing this turn of events, the disciple of Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was shocked. Even the golden radiance in the sky fluctuated in response to that too, causing the terrifying pressure above to weaken considerably.

Clearly, Chu Feng’s spirit power had surprised both the disciple from the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect and his grandfather.

“I believe that I should be qualified to challenge you, right?” Chu Feng asked.

“Interesting. I am starting to see why you dare to stand up for Yu Ting now. However, even if we’re on the same level, there is still bound to be some discrepancy in our capabilities. I’ll show you today just how big the gap between us is! I’ll accept your challenge!” the disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect said.

In truth, Chu Feng wasn’t surprised by the fact that the disciple had accepted his challenge.

When the other party just arrived, Chu Feng had already noticed the fear within Yu Ting’s eyes, and that made him realize that the other party was no ordinary disciple. So, while Long Xiaoxiao was arguing with the other party, he spoke to Yu Ting via voice transmission to learn more about the other party from her.

Through Yu Ting’s description, Chu Feng was able to get a rough idea of what kind of person the other party was.

This disciple of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was called Li Muzhi, and he was one of the Ten Great Hidden Dragon Disciples within the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Just as the name suggested, ‘Ten Great Hidden Dragon Disciples’ was a title that was bestowed on the ten strongest disciples of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

What was amazing about Li Muzhi was that not only was he one of the Ten Great Hidden Dragon Disciples, he was also one of the rare few who was talented in both cultivation and world spiritist techniques.

On top of that, his grandfather, Li Fengxian, was also an influential figure within the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect too. He was one of the Ten Great Hidden Dragon Elders, wielding authority that was only beneath that of the sectmaster and vice sectmaster.

Most of these were additional details that Yu Ting spoke about. What Chu Feng really asked Yu Ting about was just how skilled Li Muzhi was in terms of world spiritist techniques.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop Li Muzhi with his current cultivation, so he was hoping to find a breakthrough through that and somehow save Yu Ting.

And the answer he received delighted him.

On top of that, based on what Yu Ting said, it appeared that Li Muzhi was an extremely proud individual who liked to show off his prowess. As long as there was a platform for him to boast his world spiritist techniques, one could expect him to leap right into it.

It was with such information that Chu Feng chose to issue this challenge to Li Muzhi, and he felt that this was the best chance he had if he wanted to save Yu Ting.

“If I were to lose, I’ll willingly give my life to you,” Chu Feng said.

“What do you mean by this? Are you pitting your life against me?”

Li Muzhi frowned upon hearing those words. He didn’t think that Chu Feng would make such a proposal.

“No, what I mean is that if I were to lose, I’ll let you deal with me however you want to. However, in return, if I were to win the duel, I hope that you can promise me two things,” Chu Feng said.

“Interesting. Tell me what those two things are then,” Li Muzhi said.

He was curious just what was so important to Chu Feng that he was willing to put his life on the line.

“First, when Yu Ting returns to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, I hope that you won’t make things difficult for her. Second, I have always looked up to the strength of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, so I hope to be able to follow you to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect,” Chu Feng said.


Upon hearing those words, Li Muzhi burst into hearty laughter before he said, “If you’re qualified to join our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, you would have been amongst us by now. Since you aren’t, it only goes to show that your capabilities are lacking. The fact you have grasped the rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation doesn’t change a thing at all.

“As for Yu Ting, she has committed a heinous crime. There’s no way that she can be let off that easily,” Li Muzhi refuted the two requests made by Chu Feng without any hesitation.

But at this very moment, the golden radiance in the sky suddenly fluctuated once again. Following that, an ancient but powerful voice descended from the sky, “You have to rely on your own capabilities to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. We won’t bring you in. 

“As for Yu Ting, she has flouted out sect rules, and the verdict will be decided by our Law Enforcement Hall. However, if you are able to defeat my grandson, I’m willing to speak up on Yu Ting’s behalf to the Law Enforcement Hall to show some leniency.”

Without a doubt, the voice had come from one of the Ten Great Hidden Dragon Elders of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, Li Fengxian.

“Elder, I really wish to pay a visit to the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. Is there no way to go about this?” Chu Feng clasped his fist toward the sky and said.

He knew just how difficult it was to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, so it would be perfect if he could make use of this opportunity to get in.

“Little brat, are you trying to haggle with me? If you aren’t interested in having the duel, we’ll take Yu Ting back with us right now.”

As Li Fengxian said those words, a powerful suction force descended from the sky and onto Yu Ting.

Upon sensing the power descending from the sky, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief heaved a sigh of relief. He was glad that he had made the right choice.

The expert in the sky was indeed far beyond his means to deal with.

On the other hand, seeing this sight, Chu Feng immediately said, “Alright, I’ll accept elder’s suggestion. If I can win the duel, I’ll be counting on you to speak up on Yu Ting’s behalf.”

Right after those words were said, the suction force that was pulling Yu Ting into the sky suddenly dissipated, allowing Yu Ting to move around once more.

However, right after regaining her freedom, Yu Ting immediately turned to Chu Feng and shouted, “Chu Feng, I was the one who has done wrong, and I’m willing to accept my punishment. You mustn’t duel with Senior Li!”

She had her own reasons for stopping Chu Feng.

If Chu Feng could get into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect by defeating Li Muzhi, she wouldn’t stop him. After all, she knew that Chu Feng was intending to enter the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect to save Zi Ling.

However, Li Fengxian had already rejected that condition from Chu Feng.

In other words, Chu Feng was currently putting his life on the line just to save her, and she didn’t think that it would be appropriate for him to do so.

She didn’t think that she was worth Chu Feng going so far for, and she wouldn’t be able to live with it if Chu Feng were to lose and die because of her.

She would have let Zi Ling down if such a thing were to occur.

“Yu Ting, trust me,” Chu Feng turned to look at Yu Ting and said.

“Chu Feng, don’t do it. You can’t. You mustn’t do it! I know that you are skilled in world spiritist techniques, but Senior Li is extremely talented too. His prowess is not to be underestimated!

“I once saw him challenging another person in a battle of world spiritist techniques, and his control of spirit power has reached an incredible level. His skills are far above that of the disciple of the Dao Comprehension Sage Exalted, Lu Jie, and he wouldn’t pale in comparison to you at all!

“Senior Li is a person who gets really serious when it comes to duels. He won’t hold anything back to defeat you!” Yu Ting told Chu Feng through voice transmission, hoping to stop him.

And after hearing what Yu Ting had to say, Chu Feng smiled lightly to himself and responded to Yu Ting through voice transmission with an extremely short message.

“That’s just what I’m hoping for.”

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