Chapter 4400: A Helpless Call For Help (Teaser)

Chapter 4400: A Helpless Call For Help

Chu Feng told them about how he stumbled upon the members of the Soaring Flower Gazebo by luck, and how he stole their treasure and killed their disciples.

He also told them about how he met the Soaring Flower Gazebo’s sectmaster at the city and how he defeated Zhao Xuanhe.

Naturally, he wouldn’t leave out the details about how their seniors, the Eight Immortal Swordswomen of the Dao Sea, about how they initially were very critical of Chu Feng, but, due to the token they had given him, ended up protecting him

And most importantly of all, it was about how when he was in deep danger, the Lady of Dao Sea suddenly descended like a goddess and eradicated everyone from the Soaring Flower Gazebo.

This chain of events had really gripped the disciples of the Dao Sea by their hearts. They had never expected...

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