Chapter 4398: A Heavy Price (Teaser)

Chapter 4398: A Heavy Price

“Elder, it’s you?”

Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed in astonishment upon seeing the true appearance of the mysterious expert.

Standing before him was a middle-aged woman who commanded an imposing disposition. He recognized this woman—she was the one who saved him, Wang Yuxian, and the others back when they were trapped in the Soaring Flower Gazebo’s Pill Concoction Pavilion.

She was the good friend of the Lady of Dao Sea.

“Take a look again.”

The middle-aged woman chuckled as her appearance began changing once more. This time, it wasn’t just her face but even her clothes too.

And when she was done transforming, the look of shock in Chu Feng’s eyes grew even deeper.

She had turned into an entirely different person, but despite so, Chu Feng still recognized her....

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