Chapter 4392: An Unexpected Development (Teaser)

Chapter 4392: An Unexpected Development

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was still inside the ancient castle. After everyone had left, the only ones left in there were him and the Sagacious Grandmaster.

It was at this moment when the box floating in the air finally opened, and the treasure of the tournament fell into Chu Feng’s hands.

It was a compass, an extremely small one. It fitted nicely into Chu Feng’s hands.

It had an exquisite design, and all it took was one glance for Chu Feng to realize that it was extraordinary. Be it its material or the power it harnessed, it would be rare to find an equivalent in the world.

It was indeed a precious treasure, and it could be used to track down treasures and pinpoint the location of ancient remnants.

On top of that, this treasure didn’t require spirit power to activate, so even those who weren’t world spiritists would be able to use this...

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